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Canada On The Verge Of Approving Enviropigs - Millions Of Canadians Will Soon Be Eating Mouse/Pig Hybrids

The Canadian government is on the verge of approving the introduction of extremely bizarre genetically modified pigs into the Canadian food supply.  These new mouse/pig hybrids have been dubbed “enviropigs” and are being touted as being much better for the environment.  This new “breed” of Yorkshire pigs was created by scientists in Ontario at the University of Guelph, who spliced in genes from mice to decrease the amount of phosphorus produced in the pigs’ excrement.  So soon millions of Canadians will be eating meat from mouse/pig hybrid creatures and most of them will not even realize it.  It is expected that approval for this new “brand” of pigs will be sought in the United States as well.  But this is hardly the first time that scientists have mixed two kinds of animals together in an attempt to create creatures that will be beneficial for humanity.   

The truth is that scientists around the world are now creating bizarre hybrid “animals” on a regular basis.  Over the past couple of decades the field of genetic modification has made extraordinary advances, and now researchers and scientists seem very eager to exploit these new technologies.

So what kind of weird, mysterious creatures have scientists been creating? 

Well, what would you think of a cat that glows in the dark?

They really exist.

A genetically modified cat named Mr. Green Genes was the very first fluorescent cat created in the United States.  Under an ultraviolet light, Mr. Green Genes puts off a very strange bright green glow.

So perhaps in the future not only can your cat cuddle up to you and keep you warm – it could also serve as a night light.

But U.S. researchers were not even the first ones to do this to cats.  A team of scientists in South Korea had previously created a cat that glows red under ultraviolet light.

Now why in the world would scientists do this kind of a thing?

Well, because they can.

But scientists have created creatures that are even more bizarre than fluorescent cats.

One Canadian company is actually producing spider goats.

Yes, it is true.  A Canadian company known as Nexia has created goats that are genetically modified to be part spider.

The reason for this bizarre genetic modification is to get goats that will produce spider silk protein in their milk.  This spider silk protein is then collected, purified and spun into incredibly strong fibers.

Reportedly, the fibers that are produced are more durable than Kevlar, more flexible than nylon, and stronger than steel.

This substance has industrial and military applications that are apparently extremely valuable.

But when you tell most people that spider goats exist they will just laugh at you.

If that is the response that you get when you tell someone about spider goats, just show them the following video.

The YouTube video posted below contains a television news report that discusses how these spider goats are created and what this company is doing with the spider silk that these spider goats are producing….

So does all of this tampering with the environment disturb you?

After all, at least scientists are not creating human/animal hybrid creatures, right?


The truth is that human/pig hybrid creatures will soon be legally grown inside of the United States.

This is being publicly announced and almost nobody is getting upset about it.

What is being described as a “cutting edge” new program will actually produce pigs with human genes in them.  These hybrid pigs will be “grown” in order to produce organs for transplants into humans.

Does this bother you?

Perhaps it would bother you more if you knew exactly where these pigs are to be grown.

In Missouri.

That’s right – human/pig hybrids are going to be raised right in the middle of the United States.

So is it possible that such creatures could end up in our food supply?


You don’t think they would ever do that to us?

Don’t be so sure.

The FDA has already announced that the offspring of cloned animals could be in our food supply right now and that there is nothing that they can do about it.

Of course they have plenty of time to conduct military style raids of Amish farmers, but apparently they have no time to figure out if our food supply is tainted by cloned animals.

Yes, this is really happening.

In fact, the FDA has said that it is basically a non-issue to them.

Of course most Americans eat tomatoes with roach genes in them and most Americans eat corn with insecticide grown inside of it on a regular basis, so why should we get upset about what is in our meat?

So does any of this seem incredibly evil to you?

It should.

That is because all of this is incredibly evil.

Creating bizarre hybrid creatures is not a new thing.

Did you know that the 3000 year old book of Jasher (a book of ancient history that is quoted in the Biblical books of Joshua and II Samuel) speaks of genetic engineering that was going on in the days of Noah?

It is true.  How they did it remains a great unexplained mystery, but according to ancient sources this is apparently what was going on.

Jasher 4:18 tells us this….

“and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord”

According to the book of Jasher, God was not pleased at all that they were corrupting the wonderful environment that He had created for all of us.

This mixing of animals is also reflected in the ancient book of Enoch.  The book of Enoch is directly quoted by the book of Jude in the New Testament, and it tells us a great deal about what was going on in the world before the Flood.  Enoch 7:14 tells us this….

And they began to sin against birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood.

So apparently they were not only mixing animals together – they were eating them too.

Just like we are starting to do.

But instead of learning the lessons of the past we are making the same mistakes.

We think that we are so “technologically advanced”, but the reality is that we are just indulging in the same foolishness as they did in the ancient world.

So what is so wrong with genetic modification?

The truth is that once you let the genie out of the bottle you can’t put it back in.

We have found that out with genetically modified crops.  Natural strains can literally be bred into extinction once strains of genetically modified crops become widespread enough. 

We may think that we are improving the environment through our reckless experimentation, but what if our best efforts go horribly, horribly wrong?

The unintended consequences of our reckless genetic meddling may be far worse than any of us ever imagined.

The reality is that God said not to mix plants and animals together like this.

But we are doing it anyway.

Hopefully we are not completely destroying the one and only earth that we have in the process.

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  • RH

    Because obviously the Bible should dictate exactly what we do in our modern era and its writers knew exactly about DNA and GMO’s!

  • http://electrodes.wordpress.com Loup Kibiloki

    Very good article. Chilling.
    There’s a war, an ongoing war against human genes.
    What you describe is part of it. Good to remind us that it was going on too in a remote past. Like cycles of destruction. Allow me to provide the following link:

    Waging Total War against Planet Earth and Human Genes: nuclear radiation weapons and Uranium 238 (DU).

  • OB

    @RH – What does the bible have to do with adulterating our food supply with mutant freaks whose long term health effects are untested?

  • KK

    Hey, what is that picture of? Is that really an animal??

  • pnguine

    Oh how ironic – the first comment from someone who probably could benefit from a little hybrid gene splicing of their own – like with an intelligent animal.

  • sean

    The bible is a psychological drama depicting states of mind and their ability to influence perceptual reality – so looking at those biblical quotes do not refer to people literally genetically engineering animals (obviously). From a psychological perspective the “birds, beasts, reptiles, and fish” would be akin to the 5 senses and their mixing to “provoke the lord” (“lord” being awareness of being, what you accept & believe as real) essentially refers to someone who blindly accepts that what their 5 senses show them as dictating circumstantial reality (they see no relation between their mental states and its ability to orchestrate reality), and the “eating” of these animals (5 senses) refers to the person observing events happening in this circumstantial external reality and believing that these are forces happening independent of their individual selves. In the psychological definition, “sin” means to believe and accept as true something even though it is not desired, and forgiveness of sin refers to believing that something to instead be what you desire, regardless of what appearances (your external senses) show. I advise anybody interested in more detail on psychological detailing of the meaning of the bible (and how to utilize it to manifest desired reality) to read up on NEVILLE GODDARD.

  • Gnuyocir

    Anyone with half a brain knows this is “Wrong” Even if you can justify that this may be beneficial to mankind you cant ignore the opposite possibility of dire consequences to the planets genetics, so why take the chance of messing up something that’s already perfect (Our Planets Eco System) to make better armor for “War” (BAD)
    or for food that looks like your cousin john.
    “Human arrogance shows no bounds”

  • lfs

    As disturbing as this is, consider the fact that – to maximize profits – once organs are harvested from the enviropigs, the meat will be sold for human consumption, making all who eat it to a greater or lesser degree, cannibals.

  • lfs

    Correction to earlier post:

    As disturbing as this is, consider the fact that – to maximize profits – once organs are harvested from the human/pig hybrids, the meat will be sold for human consumption, making all who eat it to a greater or lesser degree, cannibals.

  • Serious?

    This article was hilarious. Wait, my wife is saying you guys honestly believe this. I think… I think my faith in humanity died a little.

  • Jeremy

    What is sad, is the people that just now think its a new thing. Wake up smell the hybrids, this is not new been happening for years.

    The outcome of this is not a good thing BTW

  • Santa


    Much of all this is real xcept the little pigglet-human photoshop art pic someone decided to stick in there.

    However, the spider-goat never saw the light of day, and the enviropig in reality, is just a pig with different saliva, which is still pending approval. It does NOT look like cousin Ivy. It looks like and takes a bath in it’s own crap just like a normal pig.

    @sean nicely written

  • kramer


    lol at the mousepig and pigman, you sound like a delusional oaf

  • Al Gore

    Believe! Believe! Manbearpig exists and is out to destroy the world!

  • PMRC

    and this, is why I do not eat meat.

  • Simon H

    Firstly, as a vegetarian anyway, I have to take the view that if you’re happy about eating other animals, many of which have been proven to have at least basic intelligence (much like your kids), you don’t really have much “shock” room. It’s a farce how many people are happy to shove them down their gullets, but wouldn’t want to do the dirty work themselves.

    Secondly, as far as genetic work is concerned, I’d take the view that there is room for some good in it. Survivability of our species is down to chance, the same as so many others. Our species has been shown to change over the millenia. Some variations have become extint in the process.

    Conditions may not remain as they are indefinately. If we have the opportunity to see that intelligent life goes on, perhaps some good will come of it. Be they amphibious, flying, resistant to UV, with exoskeletons, or not even vaguely recognisable.

    Of course to accept a life so foreign to us, people might have to get a little more used to their own place in the animal world, and the way they currently respond to it.

  • Lulu

    Am I the only one curious as to how this mating will occur?

  • Karmen

    Leviticus 18:23 forbids mankind from having sexual relations with an animal. This is what they are doing in a lab tampering around with the human reproductive and animal reproductive material–all under the semblance of science.

    Now if someone wants to criticize those who prefer to take biblical advice go ahead. The Scriptures were written for those people who want to follow the God of the Bible and these laws have been used for the protection of the citizens of the world for thousands of years even those who did not consider themselves believers.

    Many of these scientists are as eccentric as the mad scientist that created Frankenstein which we are all familiar with. These stories were considered science fiction, but apparently it no longer science fiction. Perhaps the stories were never science fiction, but the exposé of what goes on behind the closed doors of some of the secret laboratories.

    These mad leaders of corporations, countries, scientists. etc., appear to want to eliminate the human race because genetically altered food whether from a fruit, grains, plants, are not compatible for human consumption. The cellular composition of the genetically engineered food is not designed for humans. Who is it designed for?

    Organic food and plants are medicine for our physical bodies. Many times we get well with herbal remedies and a good diet instead of having complicated surgery. Mankind always gets sick with the alteration and chemical engineering of the food supply.

    My conclusion is that mixing animal and human genes will only create problems that the world is not ready for. Are we to be the guinea pigs for food not yet proven to benefit us?

  • http://www.extrememercy.org Matthew

    Hello people. Wake up. The Book of Jasher and the Book of Enoch are NOT in the Bible.

  • Katarina

    All scripture aside (which I think was unnecessarily mentioned in the article) it is disgusting to think that humans are toying with genetics in such an extreme manner. The only thing that made me question this article’s credibility was the image of the pig/human hybrid creature and the supposed Bible quotes that are not actually in the Bible to begin with. Regardless, I think it is imperative that we pay attention to, and stand up against the potentially harmful “advances” in genetic engineering.

  • http://www.google.ca/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&q=human+pig+hybrid&oq=human+pig&aq=2&aqi=g4g-s1g5&aql=&gs_sm=c&gs_upl=47665l52734l0l57815l9l9l0l1l1l0l321l2190l2-6. Ken

    go ahead and google anything and draw your own conclusions..

  • maryellen marucci

    Its all about profit and control. Maybe back then as now the need for robots to do the work that the slaves started to refuse to do because they were human and could remember and think and organize. With robots they can eliminate the need to feed great armies to control them. With genetically engineered substitutes for robots, they do not have to make new ones, they just let them reproduce, and they can feed the meat of the useless ones to their children and to us. OUch…it is getting to sound like Soylent green!

    I believe that what is currently going on is more knowable than corrupted translations of books where we have kn knowledge of the authors intent or background. Books that have gone through purges and book burnings and when the printing press became the controller of what was printed so much left out and some put in.

    So what do you know now, and how do you kow it. I am very interested in following the information that is about the current situation that is in this article. religion, politics and finances put aside until the facts are known and then let us follow the money, especially since the military is the recipient of the silk while we might be forced to eat its meat!

  • Diana

    One word: SICK!

  • http://www.heenamodi.com Heena Modi

    Is there no better use of money, resources, time and life?
    I don’t get it. :(

  • samantha

    wow is all i can say really eating pig/human hybrids? isent that canablosim. i am all fro cloning and cross breading like plants how cool would it be to have a razzberry mixed with a lime? but once it goes to people thats not cool, what if the pig/human thing is intelgent and has thoughts and feelings and is evan able to porcess information as we can i would not be confortable eating that.

  • Nemo

    That picture of the “pig-human hybrid” looks like something out of a Patricia Piccinini sculpture. She is know for her “The Young Family” sculpture, which showcases similar beings: a sow-human creature and a litter of her young.
    The “hybrid” photo itself looks like a sculpture to me, and believe me, I’ve been in a fair share of art classes and been to a fair share of art shows.

  • bunny1

    A revelation might be that if the food supply dwindles there will be war for food and water. and eventually the human species as it is at that time may demise in the uptake of another being that they themselves have produced – or we may simply die off because of lack of food. Another revelation might be that we need to clone food – now is that the same as changing the DNA – I don’t think so –
    I CHOOSE NOT TO EAT MEAT but they still mess around with the vegetable and fruit kingdom. Where can I go to sustain my body in a healthy way? I guess I’ll try my own backyard – eggs for protein, veggies and fruit from heirloom seeds. I just might be able to survive all this ridiculous genetic engineering that just costs us a lot of money and ultimately degeneration of our bodies!!!

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