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Giant Footprints

Did giants once roam the earth?  Most people are absolutely astounded to learn that, yes, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that giants once existed on this planet.  Sadly, most of this evidence has been suppressed by the “scientific community” because it does not fit in with the evolutionary narrative that we are all supposed to believe.  Any evidence that emerges that threatens the theory of evolution (especially if it supports the Bible) is rapidly “reinterpreted”, hushed up or brushed under the rug.  The reality is that most members of the “scientific community” will simply not even consider any evidence that giants once existed because according to them it “can’t” possibly be true.  Their preconceptions make it impossible for them to consider evidence that is staring them right in the face.  In the rest of this article we will discuss some of the giant footprints that have been found and much of the other evidence for giants that has been found all over the earth.  Try to keep an open mind as you view this evidence.

Let’s start with Goliath’s Footprint in South Africa.  A picture of Goliath’s Footprint can be seen at the top of this article.  This giant footprint is located near the town of Mpaluzi, close to the Swaziland border.  It is approximately four feet long and it is starting to get a lot more publicity around the globe.

The following is video of this amazing footprint.  If you look carefully, you can even see that there were five toes and that the big toe was the largest of the toes.  This video is absolutely amazing….

Evolutionary scientists say that this footprint is somewhere between 200 million and 3 billion years old.

Of course that is complete and total hogwash, but it does lead to an interesting point.

Over the years, a whole host of “human footprints” have been found in rock layers that are supposed to be millions upon millions of years old.

For example, the following comes from an article about the discovery of 70 human footprints in a rock layer that was “supposed” to be 3.6 million years old….

In 1976 famed anthropologist Mary Leaky discovered 70 human footprints in stone in Tanzania known as the Laetoli tracks. Leaky felt they looked like they were made by modern human beings, but that created a problem. The depressions left by our ancestors were in a stratum dated at 3.6 million years. No modern human could have laid down that track since we were not around yet according to evolution.

Since humans were not supposed to have been around back then, obviously that creates a huge problem for evolutionary scientists.

Instead of letting the evidence lead them to conclusions, they take their preconceived theories and try to force the evidence to fit into them.

Getting back to giant footprints, most people simply do realize that they have even been found inside the United States.

For example, the following comes from an article that appeared in the Hayward Semi-Weekly on September 29th 1925….

The footprint, thought to be of prehistoric origin, discovered by James Higgins high on the rock formations of Bushy Peak, is claimed to be duplicated in at least two other spots in Washington Township.

Pioneer residents claim a “footprint” similar to the description given by Higgins of the one on Bushy Peak, only of greater size can be seen on the John Bunting ranch near the Mission San Jose.

This footprint measures nearly eight feet in its length. It is said, and is very deeply embedded In solid rock.

The third mysterious foot mark is said to hare been seen on the Indian Reservation, near the Pleasant Valley road, between Sunol and Pleasanton. This foot-print, like the others, is of immense size and deeply marked on a granite cliff.

This next example comes from an article that appeared in the Oakland Tribune on October 6th, 1926….

The discovery by Professor George D. Louderback of the University of California of depressions resembling the footprints of prehistoric man and animals on a cliff near San Jose about five feet in length, are to present an absolutely new problem to anthropologists.

The prints tally somewhat with similar impressions found at Livermore some months ago, according to Professor Louderback, with the exception that the Livermore finds were about ten feet in length.

In the early part of the 20th century there were even reports of fossilized giants being found in America.  For example, the following comes from an article that appeared in the Postville Herald on November 7th, 1919….

The fossilized remains of a giant measuring 32 feet 10 Inches in height were, according to a report recently discovered by workmen near the little village of Nanacamilpa, State of Vera Cruz.

The natives, who still cling to many of the traditions of their Indian ancestors, declared the giant was related to the gods of their forefathers.

They erected a catafalque in the plaza on which the giant rested in state for many days, covered with flowers and at night carefully guarded. The discovery attracted the attention of scientists here. Manuel Ganomo director of anthropology at the National museum, expects to leave soon for Nanacamilpa to investigate.

So why have most of us never heard of these things before?

Why does the scientific community continue to insist that giants are a fairytale?

Even as late as the 1960s, giant footprints were being discovered in America.  The following comes from an article posted on the website of Bibleland Studios….

In the late 60’s C.N. Doughtery (co-author of Valley of the Giants) moved to the Glen Rose area and began to hear the same stories of the tracks. But these stories included large man tracks. In their book he explains that when asking the locals how big the human tracks were they would slowly spread their hands apart till about the 18-24 inch mark.

Could man once have been 12 feet tall?

Doughtery walked the river month after month waiting for the right conditions to spot these alleged goliath sized impressions. Two years later his efforts paid off and spotted not one but two giant men tracks. The prints measured 21 and one half inches long and 8 inches across the toes with a seven foot stride from heal to heal. Go ahead and measure across your toes and see what do you get. I have a size 12 EEE foot and it is 4 inches across by 11 inches long. I’m 6’2” tall and my stride from heal to heal is a little over 2 feet with a normal walking gate. If you do the math you will see that a man with 22 inch feet and a 7-foot step would be approximately 12 foot tall!

Some amazing discoveries have been made in other countries as well.  A little over 100 years ago an entire fossilized giant was supposedly found in Ireland.  The following comes from an article about giants on another website….

An article from Strand magazine (December,1895) reprinted in “Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland” by W.G. Wood-Martin mentions this fossilized giant discovered during mining operations in County Antrim, Ireland: “Pre-eminent among the most extraordinary articles ever held by a railway company is the fossilized Irish giant, which is at this moment lying at the London and North-Western Railway Company’s Broad street goods depot, and a photograph of which is reproduced here. . . This monstrous figure is reputed to have been dug up by a Mr. Dyer whilst prospecting for iron ore in County Antrim. The principal measurements are: entire length, 12ft. 2in.; girth of chest, 6ft. 6in.; and length of arms, 4ft. 6in. There are six toes on the right foot. The gross weight is 2 tons 15cwt.; so that it took half a dozen men and a powerful crane to place this article of lost property in position for the Strand magazine artist. Dyer, after showing the giant in Dublin, came to England with his queer find and exhibited it in Liverpool and Manchester at sixpence, sixpence a head, attracting scientific men as well as gaping sightseers”.

Posted below is a picture which is supposed to be of this fossilized giant….

But the evidence for giants is not limited to old discoveries.  As I have written about previously, evidence of giants continues to be found in many areas of the globe.

The photos posted below are of bones from a “giant man” that was discovered near the city of Borjomi, Georgia (not the Georgia in the U.S.) in 1998.  It has been estimated that the “giant man” was about 9 to 10 feet tall and that the skull was about 3 times the size of a normal human skull.

Steve Quayle recently posted these pictures to make a point.  The “accepted version of history” that we all have been taught just does not add up.  There was a whole lot more going on in the ancient world than we were ever allowed to learn.  There are great mysteries about our past that are just now starting to be revealed.

In his recent report, Quayle also mentions a number of other “giant skeleton” discoveries that have been made in Georgia over the last century….

The finding of giants in the Caucasus mountains is nothing new. A Four-meter human skeleton was found by two amateur archaeologist in Georgia near the village of Udabno in the summer of the year 2000, and skeletons of giants were also found at a cave near Gora Kazbek, Georgia in the 1920’s, not to mention the discoveries by Soviet scientists in the 1950’s.

The truth is that there is abundant evidence of ancient giants all over the globe.  The amazing ruins at Baalbek are just one prominent example.  But most people won’t even allow themselves to consider the evidence because it is just “too bizarre”.

But all of this does fit in very well with what we find in the Scriptures.  In the Bible, it tells us that giants lived on earth in the days before the Flood.

Genesis 6:4 says this…..

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

The ancient book of Enoch, which is quoted in the Biblical book of Jude, also claims that giants once existed on earth. In Enoch 6:1-3, it tells us that fallen angels came down to earth, took wives and had children with them….

And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: ‘Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.’

For much more on what the Bible has to say about these giants, please see the following article: “The Truth About UFOs And Aliens

And for much more information about evidence for giants all over the world, check out this information that Steve Quayle has gathered.

So what do all of you think about this evidence that giants once lived on this earth?

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • Phillip Scarlett

    I’ve taken several footprint pictures of giant prints.

  • http://www.19252907008 Dtayls

    Let’s assume 12 foot giants lived and were real. What I cannot accept is that they left their footprints in lava. Granite is an igneous rock formed from cooling lava. Any depressions or outcroppings in granite were left by erosion or mechanical formation. Footprints, giant or otherwise, left in granite aint gonna happen folks, unless they were formed by erosion or something harder than the granite. Footprints in sedimentary rock seem plausible and possible to me. And, yes, I believe the Bible in KJV.

  • http://willowtown.com/promo/quotes.htm waypasthadenough

    The simple minded have to have a simple explanation. Of course ancient ignorant peoples would have called ‘aliens’ ‘angels’ and ‘demons’ because they were ignorant, as are many millions today. We are still in the dark ages… and there are still many mysteries and one set of ‘facts’ does not prove another.

  • Pingback: The Nephilim were on the earth in those days; and also afterward when the sons of God went into the daughters of men. « L.A. Marzulli's Blog()

  • Taylor

    Not all granite is formed from molten rock. Granite Gneiss is formed from layers of sedement that become burried through natural processes and subjected to high pressure and/or heat for a long time…say 200 million to 3 billion years old. Sound familiar.

  • nico

    I live in NE KY near the famous Campbell Mtn Kettles. these are huge stone bowls w/ lids that a half-dozen big men cannot move. Also, down the Ohio river a few miles in Augusta there have been a number of skeletons excavated(in peoples backyards!)in excess of 8 Ft. Go to Steve Quayle’s website, click on “Giants and Ancient History”. If you then click on “N America” and scroll down to “Giants and Ancient North American Warfare”. This reading suggests a pre-Ice Age origin and that their remnants were extant up to perhaps 1000 B.C. in the Ohio River Valley. Red hair, double set of teeth(upper & lower),6 digits(toes & fingers),8,9,even 12 Ft specimens have been unearthed. Men of renown, indeed!

  • Vince S

    I once read the accounts on the expedition of Hernan Cortez, the conquistador who discovered Mexico and written by one of his followers, Bernal Diaz del Castillo. There, why they marched through the jungle, they discovered also bones that belonged to an extinct race of giants, what perplexed Cortez. I found the passage back.

    “They (the natives of Mexico) said their ancestors had told them that very tall men and women with huge bones had once dwelt among them, but because they were a very bad people with wicked customs they had fought against them and killed them, and those of them who remained had died off. And to show us how big these giants had been they brought us the leg bone of one, which was very thick and the height of an ordinary sized man, and that was a leg-bone from the hip to the knee. I measured myself against it and it was as tall as i am, though i am of a reasonable height. They brought other pieces of bone of the same kind, but they were rotten and eaten away by the soil. We were astonished by the sight of these bones and felt certain there must have been giants in that land. … “

  • http://unexplainedmysteriesoftheworld.com/archives/the-alien-in-brazil-does-this-video-prove-that-aliens-exist Iz

    It’s repulsive but, as far as I can tell, true about the scientists. I watch the history channel and things like it a lot. For example, if someone found some big huge new animal or something and took it in for DNA analisis thing, they would compare it to the closest thing and as far as they know, it would be it. A new species of giant cow would be a simple elaphant. I myself am a beliver. I try to look at the fact and don’t put my head down if I am wrong. This footprint looks real enough, even if it was forged it’s still most certain that some type or huge up walking animal existed. Or even an unclassified, side casted existing animal. Who knows. I mean, dinosaurs were HUGE. Who says there can’t be giant, ancient monkeys? Ha? Omg, now there is a cartoon monkey running around squishing dinos in my head, LOL. Ok, well I most defenantly agree that it is real, even if it is forged I still have facts on my side!

  • Louis Occhilupo

    This footprint is fabricated. You can see by the outcropping at the top which forms what looks like toes, and down the right side. The material is a different shade similiar to coquina, which could have been the material used here. The original finding in the granite which had eroded and took the form of a resemblence of a human heel upon looking at the stone in its original form. But, the top part of the foot is clearly fabricated. The footprint in the size shown would be from a human 10 times the size of a man 6ft tall. Dtayls said it best ‘Granite is an igneous rock formed from cooling lava. Any depressions or outcroppings in granite were left by erosion or mechanical formation.’ Add the human element to natural erosion, and there ya have it – a giant footprint. I guess their tourist attraction gimmick didn’t work out after all.

  • Tony K

    Most people don’t want to believe the Bible because then they have to accept Heaven to gain, hell to avoid. Bottom line: Bible is truth! Period. Bible said there was giants, then there was giants.

  • Chris K

    “Looking carefully” requires me to forget basic math apparently because there are four toes , not five as the author states .

    Secondly , why is a giant walking horizontal to the ground ?

    Thirdly , why is there only one “footprint” ?

    Fourthly , if there were actually giant humans walking around , why didn’t they bother to build anything , leave remains of any kind , or even have skeletons ? Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago and we seem to have no problem digging them up .

    Fifthly , what do you suppose these giant humans were eating ? Tree tops ? Think they were picking berries or subsisting on lions dumb enough to stick around when a giant got near ? And if they were hunters , they were tool makers . Tool makers that didn’t make or use any tools ?

    Sixthly , from an anatomical point of view , giant humans are impossible . At least , if they existed (and they didn’t) there is a threshold beyond which a human body as we know it simply cannot function . It’s not simply a matter of growing bigger … you need different kinds of bones , lungs , muscles , etc. to stay alive at that size . If they had existed , they certainly wouldn’t have looked very ‘human’ .

    Seventh , explain how you can’t believe in evolution yet can believe that such “giant humans” managed to EVOLVE into us . Or perhaps it was two evolutionary branches from a common ancestor ? Either way , evolution was involved .

    You guys are your own worst enemies . If you really want to insist that this is genuine example of giant humans (which , as a matter of easily-tested fact , it cannot be) then you have to also believe in evolution . Not that any of you can “keep an open mind” long enough to let that sink in but whatever . The only thing that worries me is that you guys have children .

  • http://kltministries.com Keith

    First, if you watch television and have seen living hybrids such as a Tygon or a Liger then you know its possible that weird things happen when two species mate that are not meant to. Thats why we have the custom of waving our hands at a distance because back then that was how you could tell who was approaching you by counting their fingers.

    Second, rocks move and nature shifts. Even better, even today people spray paint onto building odd stuff to say, “I was here.”

    Third, have you ever walked in mud or snow and managed to get only one foot in the soft soil or snow? Of course! It aint like the owner of the track thought one day we would be discussing it.

    Fourth and fifth,history shows that they devoured lands and crops and when that was gone,even humans. They were takers not farmers or givers but they could hunt. Do some research other than this chat line and dig it up.Also, there are numerous bones left, once again research. They have found these huge skeletons all over the planet even in places where fancy special effects dont exist.

    Sixth, Once again do your homework.These were hybrids. Years ago we said that a cat the size of a horse was impossible until they bred a lion and a tiger. Do your research. They didnt look too human as the ancient records say.They were horrible to see and listen to. Every old tribe knew of and wrote about the tall people who lived among them. They even had wars against them.

    Seventh, LOL…they didnt evolve into us. They died out and we were already here. How do you think ancient man wrote about them and drew picturs of them on cave walls? They co-existed with them, they didnt evolve into them. There is no evolution and they will never find the missing link. The missing link man is looking for to tell him where he came from has a name and his name is Jesus. His foot print is in the Bible. His DNA in the communion. Go to church and get a sample.

  • Ashley Banks

    No bible is true in it’s entirety.

  • shewolf

    Why are you all fighting about this stuff it’s so stupid to fight about and I’m only 13 but people please just stop your only adding to the problems of the world and is it really that important on who’s right about this y’all are acting like little babys

  • wolfgirl

    Ok ok I don’t want to start a fight but I believe in the bible and all that but I think the bible is only telling the life and death of God’s son but that’s just my opinion on it

  • Ashley Banks

    Well yeah, it could well be true, then again it might not. That’s why I don’t believe in any stories unless I see true factual information.. I mean anyone can write a story, and the people writing the bible lived thousands of years ago with a lot less technology and intelligence.. I mean, they could have been misinterpreting aliens as gods.. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched, just a thought. Personally I believe in evolution, if anything (god) did create the universe we live in then they also created evolution and all of the physics that interact with our lives. So I’m not saying there isn’t a god, I’m saying there might be, but there is no evidence to prove that.

  • http://www.snatchproof.org Wendy Daves Selvig

    I know you posted this five years ago, but let me answer you. I have been to this site and have my own photos. I have touched this footprint and felt the hardened granite that once was lava or mud and how it squished up between the toes. And there ARE for sure 5 toes, possibly 6. The print is so deep that when you take the picture from any angle at all you lose that last toe. But I got a photo straight on that shows the 6th toe. I felt the arch as well. It is a footprint. 2. Nobody believes this giant was walking horizontal to the ground. This rock is at the top of a burial mound and has been placed there, possibly the as a grave stone. Thirdly, if it is a grave marker, only one footprint is needed. There is a handprint around the corner, I don’t know why nobody has shown this. If it is not a grave marker, the giant’s stride would have been quite large. There is no more rock above this footprint, that rock where the next print would be is gone. Fourthly, Michael Tellinger has found the mumified finger of one of these giants, I have the photo..here is a link to it:http://attack-dinosaur-movie.weebly.com/blog/nephilim-skeletons-smithsonian. And, if you believe in the Biblical account, (which I know you do not), a great flood wiped them out… so there might not be much left to bury. However, there are bones that have been found. Here is an article with photos of another mumified finger: http://thetruthwins.com/archives/has-an-ancient-giant-handprint-been-found-in-a-cave-in-nevada
    Fifthly and Sixthly, the book of Enoch reports that the Giants consumed everything in the land…and were a problem to the humans. They were cannibals and ate humans too. They were part fallen angel, part human…so different DNA. That is the story. Seventhly, I don’t know anyone (Christian or not) who believe giants evolved into us. Giants were wiped out because they were Nephilim – DNA of fallen angels and human cross breeding.

    Giants were not giant humans.
    Don’t believe they evolved into anything.
    I do have an open mind.
    If you want to open your mind a little bit more towards Giants, visit this site: http://www.genesis6giants.com/

  • http://www.snatchproof.org Wendy Daves Selvig

    I was there and showed a rock from the ground under the footprint to a geologist who confirmed it was granite, but he said he had never seen anything like it. Things could have been different that long ago….just saying. Atmosphere was different, and Bible says they were Nephilim, which had DNA of angels and of men. He might have been able to walk on lava just fine.

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