Giant Wolf Epidemic: Huge Packs Of Giant Canadian Gray Wolves Are Terrifying Idaho Residents

Do you know how to handle giant Canadian gray wolves?  If not, you might want to think twice before moving to rural areas of Idaho, western Montana and western Wyoming.  Back in 1995, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service introduced 35 Canadian gray wolves into central Idaho and the Yellowstone area of Wyoming.  Since then these gray wolves have multiplied and are now roaming in huge packs.  As you can see from the picture, these Canadian gray wolves grow to enormous size.  Unlike the smaller wolves that are native to the area, these giant wolves travel in huge packs.  They have been ravaging farm animals all over the region and they have been attacking humans with increasing frequency.  A single one of these giant wolves can weigh up to 180 pounds.  It is estimated that there are now up to 2000 of these giant wolves roaming the region and they are constantly breeding.  Packs of up to 20 have been spotted.  We now have a very real giant wolf epidemic.  If you see one of these creatures do not approach it.

The following is how Idaho State Representative Phil Hart describes these giant wolves….

Unlike the Idaho Timberwolf (which is now probably extinct having been either wiped out by or assimilated into the Canadian Gray Wolf population) the Canadian Gray Wolf weighs about 140 pounds at maturity. We have some close to 180 pounds running around the state at the moment. The Canadian Gray Wolf runs in packs of up to twenty wolves. For every one animal they kill to eat, these Canadian wolves kill about three more just for the fun of it. The biologists call it “sport-reflex killing” or “lustful killing”. The Canadian Gray Wolf is a killing machine.

Representative Hart says that the giant wolf situation in Idaho is “out of control”.  He is urging that action by taken before more lives and property are destroyed.

The following is a video news report about some recent wolf attacks in the northwest….

The truth is that we are facing a giant wolf epidemic.  These monstrous creatures are terrifying residents of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  If something is not done the attacks on humans are going to get even worse.

Remember, these giant wolves travel in packs.  Facing just one giant wolf like the one pictured below would be a complete and total nightmare for most people.  So what chance would a group of children or a couple of elderly people have against a pack of 20 of these monsters?

If you know anyone that lives in Idaho, Wyoming or Montana please forward this information to them.  These giant predators will attack humans and they will eat humans.  In fact, these killing machines enjoy the act of killing.  They live to hunt.  The larger their packs become the more dangerous to human communities they will be.

So what are residents of Idaho going to do when packs of 40 or 50 of these predators start openly invading small communities?  What is a family supposed to do if a large pack shows up outside a home and won’t leave?  How are parents supposed to feel safe about having their children play outside?

Children are the most vulnerable of all because they are considered to be easy prey.  These giant wolves are as deadly as they are silent.  They can snatch a small child and carry it away before the child even has a chance to scream.  If you live in an area where these giant wolves are known to roam please be very, very careful….

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