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Giant Wolf Epidemic: Huge Packs Of Giant Canadian Gray Wolves Are Terrifying Idaho Residents

Do you know how to handle giant Canadian gray wolves?  If not, you might want to think twice before moving to rural areas of Idaho, western Montana and western Wyoming.  Back in 1995, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service introduced 35 Canadian gray wolves into central Idaho and the Yellowstone area of Wyoming.  Since then these gray wolves have multiplied and are now roaming in huge packs.  As you can see from the picture, these Canadian gray wolves grow to enormous size.  Unlike the smaller wolves that are native to the area, these giant wolves travel in huge packs.  They have been ravaging farm animals all over the region and they have been attacking humans with increasing frequency.  A single one of these giant wolves can weigh up to 180 pounds.  It is estimated that there are now up to 2000 of these giant wolves roaming the region and they are constantly breeding.  Packs of up to 20 have been spotted.  We now have a very real giant wolf epidemic.  If you see one of these creatures do not approach it.

The following is how Idaho State Representative Phil Hart describes these giant wolves….

Unlike the Idaho Timberwolf (which is now probably extinct having been either wiped out by or assimilated into the Canadian Gray Wolf population) the Canadian Gray Wolf weighs about 140 pounds at maturity. We have some close to 180 pounds running around the state at the moment. The Canadian Gray Wolf runs in packs of up to twenty wolves. For every one animal they kill to eat, these Canadian wolves kill about three more just for the fun of it. The biologists call it “sport-reflex killing” or “lustful killing”. The Canadian Gray Wolf is a killing machine.

Representative Hart says that the giant wolf situation in Idaho is “out of control”.  He is urging that action by taken before more lives and property are destroyed.

The following is a video news report about some recent wolf attacks in the northwest….

The truth is that we are facing a giant wolf epidemic.  These monstrous creatures are terrifying residents of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  If something is not done the attacks on humans are going to get even worse.

Remember, these giant wolves travel in packs.  Facing just one giant wolf like the one pictured below would be a complete and total nightmare for most people.  So what chance would a group of children or a couple of elderly people have against a pack of 20 of these monsters?

If you know anyone that lives in Idaho, Wyoming or Montana please forward this information to them.  These giant predators will attack humans and they will eat humans.  In fact, these killing machines enjoy the act of killing.  They live to hunt.  The larger their packs become the more dangerous to human communities they will be.

So what are residents of Idaho going to do when packs of 40 or 50 of these predators start openly invading small communities?  What is a family supposed to do if a large pack shows up outside a home and won’t leave?  How are parents supposed to feel safe about having their children play outside?

Children are the most vulnerable of all because they are considered to be easy prey.  These giant wolves are as deadly as they are silent.  They can snatch a small child and carry it away before the child even has a chance to scream.  If you live in an area where these giant wolves are known to roam please be very, very careful….

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • Justin

    People truly have no sense of history. To all of you saying this story is bullshit; why is it that cultures all around the world, from the Norse in Scandinavia, to the Ainu in Japan, to the Chilcotin in Alaska fear the wolf? Why are there so many historical accounts of wolf attacks on people? Were they just made up as propaganda? Not likely. The reason why is because before the advent of firearms, humans were a much easier target for wolves than most animals. We couldn’t run as fast as deer, we weren’t nearly as agile as rabbits, nor did we possess any claws or antlers to discourage such attacks.

    From the historical record:

    “In Scotland, during the reign of James VI, wolves were considered such a threat to travelers that special houses called spittals were erected on highways for protection. In France alone, historical records indicate that between the years 1580-1830, 3,069 people were killed by wolves, 1,857 of which were non-rabid. Italian records indicate that between the 15th-19th centuries, 440 people were killed by wolves in central Padania. In Imperial Russia, 161 people were recorded to have been killed by wolves in the year 1871, alone. During the First World War, starving wolves had amassed in great numbers in Kaunas, Vilnius and Minsk and began attacking Imperial Russian and Imperial German fighting forces, causing the two fighting armies to form a temporary truce to fight off the animals”.

    And even as recent as WWII:

    “After the fall of the Soviet Union, those within the new administration discovered documents indicating that a number of wolf attacks had occurred in villages on the Eastern Front during WWII. This information was apparently suppressed by the Soviet authorities in order to hide the consequences of the mass confiscation of firearms during the war”.

    And here’s the why:

    “A hypothesis as to why wolves in Eurasia historically acted more aggressively toward humans than in North America is that in the past, Old World wolf hunting was mostly an activity for the nobility, whereas American wolf hunts were partaken by ordinary citizens, nearly all of them possessing firearms. This difference could have caused American wolves to be more fearful of humans, making them less willing to venture into settled areas. Oral histories of Native American tribes indicate they were attacked by wolves on occasion, before the arrival of European settlers. An old Nunamiut hunter, in an interview with author Barry Lopez, said that wolves used to attack his people, until the introduction of firearms, at which point the attacks ceased”.

    From India:

    “Traditionally, Hindus have refrained from killing even man-eating wolves, due to the superstition that even one drop of wolf blood spilled could result in a bad harvest. During a 2-year period (1996-1997) in Uttar Pradesh, wolves killed or seriously injured 74 humans, mostly children under the age of 10. The attacks were well documented by wolf authorities. One of the worst cases ever recorded occurred in 1878 in British India. During a one year period, 624 people were killed by man-eating wolves. A series of guidelines on avoidance of wolf attacks were written by Yadvendradev V. Jhala and Dinesh Kumar Sharma, both of the Wildlife Institute of India”…

    But, as you can see, they’ve continued in India, whereas in America they have not. I wonder why that is?

    So, all you really have to do is open up a history book to see that wolves do indeed attack people. Modern Americans have been spoiled by the efforts of their forefathers to drive the wolf from their communities, so much so they think wolves are completely harmless, as if predation isn’t central to their nature. Or, they somehow think of people as higher on food chain. But people, especially unarmed people, are animals just the same as rabbits or elks. A wolf doesn’t see a human and think, “Uh oh. There’s a human, created in the image of god. I better not attack him”. They see an animal and either think “it’s food”, or “it’s a threat”. And, guns* are responsible for the latter thinking.

    *disclaimer: I’m not a hunter, nor do I even own a gun, but I do have enough sense to recognize a threat for what it is.

  • John McCue

    Wild creatures of all kinds are threatened by humans because humans invade almost every habitat. I am pessimistic about the future of wild predators in particular because they compete with humans and animals that compete with humans always lose.

  • NaturalSelection

    I’m all for NATURAL selection. If you’re stupid enough to put your children at risk in THEIR territory and put yourself at risk to be harmed, you 100% deserve your kids and yourself to be killed. You have a choice. Live in a city, or live in wolf country, although sadly evolution has made the wolf more timid than all of this fake conjecture about wolf savagery and for all your hooping and hollering about how wolves are bold, savage killers frankly you won’t see them. They won’t get near you due to the idiocy that runs amuck in Idaho, Canada, and of course Alaska. One STINT of a wolf that threatens will mean a dead wolf and wolves KNOW this. So all your CRYING about the savage hippies getting their say is falling on deaf ears because there IS no problem.

    Most of you rednecks get to shoot and kill to your heart’s content so what are you bitching about now? That you can’t shoot more and that big mean looking wolf (that would look great on your mantle) is not legal to shoot? Most of the OMG WOLVES ARE BAD are just Palin knockoffs who expect to OWN nature not coexist with it. They believe nature should bend to human’s will as the bible says so (so of course that’s the way they think EVERYONE should be – sarcasm). And they expect to reap all of the fruits nature has born to the point of abuse. These are the same imbeciles who believe in ignoramuses that believed the world was flat. So YES Historically people thought wolves were bad but that was also the same time people weren’t as gifted in intellect as they are now. For the people in india being killed by man eating wolves, well they’re children and we all know small children and dogs fall prey to wolves and big cats. But that’s aside the point.

    Wanting to shoot at first sight, swearing by the bible, wanting every single white tail deer for themselves and believing ANY predator (especially a wolf) that poses ANY threat to their animals is the modus operandi of the typical, bonafide redneck. And the fact these poor excuses for human beings are breeding faster than the intellectuals is a sure sign that the majority will eventually kill out ALL natural animal life in America.

    Too much for your small brains to process?
    If you LIKE the wild, if you WANT the wild to continue to exist, and if you WANT to live in the wild, then live WITH it not AGAINST it. Don’t be a pansy and expect the wild to offer you tea and crumpets so that you can line your wall with monster sized hauls like a 160lb timber wolf whose only sin was to live and hunt near a human who CHOSE to live close to it.

  • francesca

    First of all, anyone whoever doesn’t see that that picture is clearly photoshopped is either blind or a complete idiot. As someone who is an animal behavioralist specializing in large carnivores in Colorado, specifically, Gray Wolves and Mountain Lions, with two master’s degrees in Animal Behavior and Wildlife Biology I can honestly say these claims being made are total bullshit. If people did their research they too would see this. This article has an agenda and that agenda is to scare people in favor of their views about wolves.
    Secondly, if the population of people wasn’t so high, you would never have to encounter them. But people stupidly continue to breed like rabbits despite the fact that we are running out of resources. It is a crime to continue to have so many children today. The wolves are not the epidemic, we are. You say these wolves are invading your area, but what about all the areas belonging to others that humans have invaded for years? WE have killed for no legitimate reasons: sport, revenge, anger, war, territory, land. Humans have caused more destruction than any other living thing. This country is more theirs than it is ours. Wolves and wildlife inhabited North America long before settlers did. We came and destroyed the natural environment, causing them and other animals to starve and lose their habitat, forcing their numbers to dwindle. They have also been hunted and killed mercilessly and without reason, other than “they’re on our land.” But you are upset when you foolishly think that they kill for no reason when the same has been done to them. And to say that they do this is completely false and a flat out lie. There is not a single animal that kills for sport, other than man. The reason why domestic cats and sometimes dogs kill animals and leave their bodies is because they are already being fed by people. They are already well fed and so they don’t hunt for their own food, but they still have their instincts to hunt and kill. So when they see a small animal like a squirrel or animal run in front of them, naturally they chase after it to kill it. But once they do, they leave it there because they’re just not hungry or tasty kibbles are waiting for them in a silver dish in their cozy home. Wolves are not the killing machines, humans are. The action that is sometimes, although rarely in the wild, done by wolves and other carnivores is called ‘surplus killing.’ Surplus killing is when a carnivore kills more prey in one instance than can be consumed immediately. This happens when a carnivore seizes the opportunity to kill more prey than it otherwise would. Usually this is the case with livestock. Before modern farming, humans predominantly hunted for food, meaning all their meat came from the wild. The animals they hunted knew to run from danger. When farming developed, livestock lost many of their natural instincts, often including natural fear of predators. When a pack of wolves attacks a deer or elk in the wild, the rest of the deer or elk flee. However, when a cow or sheep is attacked, often the others just stop and stare in curiosity, confusion, or shock, or they just move too slow. Wolves take advantage of this and kill the onlookers. This may be more meat than they could presently eat at the moment but that does not mean it goes to waste. Carnivores very often save food for later. In the wild, animals have no idea where their next meal is coming from, so if they have the opportunity to save food for later, they will. So the dead animals lying around are usually what the wolves or other carnivores like cougars, bobcats, or coyotes are saving for a later time. Sometimes the reason for an abandoned dead animal could also be that another animal scared them away from their feed and they just haven’t returned yet. A wolf attacking another person is very rare, they are timid animals, and are certainly NOT savage killers. I think, maybe they should multiply more and control the rapidly increasing human population. After all, survival of the fittest is just another part of the never-ending circle of life. Like another commenter said, you’re the one who chose to live there, if you don’t like what comes with it then leave because they certainly won’t. If you blindly walk through wolf territory thinking you should be safe then I hope those wolves will tear you to shreds. You are no different than a deer or moose doing the same thing. In the eyes of mother nature, we all become free game. Humans are the root of all problems, we have overpopulated so much that soon we will not have the resources to sustain ourselves and we continue to destroy those resources that remain. We need to go back to our roots and live more simplistically. There was a time when man and nature peacefully coexisted.

  • isaac

    well its just another asnimal that was made for one thing surviving its not evil or anything so get your redneck head out of your ass

  • BrandyShale

    I see the human haters are out in full force!!–the wolf shown is from the same area they illegally transplanted ours from. He weighed 280 lbs and is the new world record and you people want us to live with them??? Pound sand-We are killing every one we see!

  • ed

    …Its obvious to me, that after reading the above posts… the greater the formal education… the less common sense… i have seen this over and over again. someone please explain this phenomenon …

  • Wolf

    People please hear me… Wolves hate dogs and will kill them if given the chance… As terrifying an ordeal it was for the woman in this video… Those wolves where never after YOU… So don’t flatter yourselves… The wolves where after your dogs though… And it’s not because it’s easy food… Wolves just don’t like dogs… The whole problem is people… Finding the last of the beautiful untouched places in Canada and America and claiming it!! Like what gives YOU the right?? Maybe you are paying for your arrogance!! The wolf like the aboriginal where here long before you, and until these facts are respected and known… Then I don’t think life is going to get any better for you or your dogs!!

  • Comesee

    Yes, that is a Mackenzie Valley wolf but it was not shot in Idaho, but in Drayton Valley Alberta and according to a hhunting magazine it weighed 197 pounds. The above pic of the huge wolf is photoshopped. Here’s the link in which the photoshopped pic is on the left and the original is on the right and is much clearer http://wac.450f.edgecastcdn.net/80450F/kezj.com/files/2011/11/620_wolf.jpg The wolf was big, but not the biggest ever.The wolf has a strange bump (fifth paw????) on his chest on the photoshopped pic and is slightly bigger. The original photo is much clearer and the man is more easily seen behind the wolf. The wolf was not 230 pounds either, despite what the internet says.

  • como

    Read carefully:
    Wolves RARELY attack people. Not generally. But also note that I didn’t say NEVER

  • Rick

    The average adult wolf, in the Western United States, weighs 80lbs. . The heaviest wolf ever captured in the lower 48 states, weighed 143 lbs. on a full stomach. This was in Yellowstone. The heaviest wolf in the world weighed 175. It was shot in Alaska. It also had just eaten. Wolves don’t eat every day. They can consume as much as 20lbs. . Wolves are less risk to man than any large carnivore. In fact ungulates attack humans more than wolves. There has been no wolf attack on a human in the lower 48 states in recorded history.

  • Rick

    Wolves in the west weigh 80lbs. on average. The heaviest wolf captured in the lower 48 states weighed 143.lbs. on a full stomach . Wolves are the least threat to man of any larges carnivore. Ungulates attack humans more than wolves do. The wolf issue is political. Idaho’s elk population has remained consistent at around 100,000. since before wolf reintroduction to now.

  • Rupert Chappelle

    Can they send a pack to Congress?

  • Timmy

    This is clearly an example of nephilium having genetically cross bred timber wolves and dire wolves off planet and reintroducing them to North America. It is our duty as members of the human race to counter this new threat by transplanting tiger colonies from India to reduce the population

  • jaidenthevet

    yall kill wolfs!!!!!! :( i belive every animal does not suppose to die i would risk my life for any animal and how would you like a wolf to kill you
    wolf are very smart if you keep attacking there kind they will attack you

  • The Truth

    This is the only post on here from an author that actually knows what he is talking about. Well done

  • T

    Wolves have 1500 psi of jaw pressure. look it up

  • Darren

    Bullshit author, bullshit story giving rednecks an excuse to get out there and kill stuff. And the people that agree with or believe this bullshit need their heads examined. No truth whatsoever in this story. The “author” should be ashamed that he has written a piece full of lies.

  • venualevu

    Hm, we live in a coyote infested area where attacks by coyotes on children are well documented – no fatalities thankfully but obvious pre hunting behaviors from them prior to the attacks which witnesses key into real quick as we have not lost that predator/prey instinct. Ya the pic is an embellishment but size is of no consequence for a hungry apex predator in its natural environment. I don’t have your degrees but I have spent hundreds of hours in the wilderness as a backcountry ranger where I had observation as my teacher 24/7.

  • Nora Ephraim

    First, you better check your Canadian neighbors who live with this breed of wolf. They have attacked people there. Second, these wolves spree kill. They don’t eat what they kill. They wiped out a whole heard of sheep in McCall Idaho a few years back so don’t tell me how docile and non invasive this breed of wolf is. They are NOT timber wolves. They are Mackenzie Valley wolves are are twice the size as the native timber wolves. They have wiped out the elk and moose in Idaho. These are the same breed as Russian wolves and you need to read up on them and stop listening to propaganda!

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