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Giant Wolf Epidemic: Huge Packs Of Giant Canadian Gray Wolves Are Terrifying Idaho Residents

Do you know how to handle giant Canadian gray wolves?  If not, you might want to think twice before moving to rural areas of Idaho, western Montana and western Wyoming.  Back in 1995, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service introduced 35 Canadian gray wolves into central Idaho and the Yellowstone area of Wyoming.  Since then these gray wolves have multiplied and are now roaming in huge packs.  As you can see from the picture, these Canadian gray wolves grow to enormous size.  Unlike the smaller wolves that are native to the area, these giant wolves travel in huge packs.  They have been ravaging farm animals all over the region and they have been attacking humans with increasing frequency.  A single one of these giant wolves can weigh up to 180 pounds.  It is estimated that there are now up to 2000 of these giant wolves roaming the region and they are constantly breeding.  Packs of up to 20 have been spotted.  We now have a very real giant wolf epidemic.  If you see one of these creatures do not approach it.

The following is how Idaho State Representative Phil Hart describes these giant wolves….

Unlike the Idaho Timberwolf (which is now probably extinct having been either wiped out by or assimilated into the Canadian Gray Wolf population) the Canadian Gray Wolf weighs about 140 pounds at maturity. We have some close to 180 pounds running around the state at the moment. The Canadian Gray Wolf runs in packs of up to twenty wolves. For every one animal they kill to eat, these Canadian wolves kill about three more just for the fun of it. The biologists call it “sport-reflex killing” or “lustful killing”. The Canadian Gray Wolf is a killing machine.

Representative Hart says that the giant wolf situation in Idaho is “out of control”.  He is urging that action by taken before more lives and property are destroyed.

The following is a video news report about some recent wolf attacks in the northwest….

The truth is that we are facing a giant wolf epidemic.  These monstrous creatures are terrifying residents of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  If something is not done the attacks on humans are going to get even worse.

Remember, these giant wolves travel in packs.  Facing just one giant wolf like the one pictured below would be a complete and total nightmare for most people.  So what chance would a group of children or a couple of elderly people have against a pack of 20 of these monsters?

If you know anyone that lives in Idaho, Wyoming or Montana please forward this information to them.  These giant predators will attack humans and they will eat humans.  In fact, these killing machines enjoy the act of killing.  They live to hunt.  The larger their packs become the more dangerous to human communities they will be.

So what are residents of Idaho going to do when packs of 40 or 50 of these predators start openly invading small communities?  What is a family supposed to do if a large pack shows up outside a home and won’t leave?  How are parents supposed to feel safe about having their children play outside?

Children are the most vulnerable of all because they are considered to be easy prey.  These giant wolves are as deadly as they are silent.  They can snatch a small child and carry it away before the child even has a chance to scream.  If you live in an area where these giant wolves are known to roam please be very, very careful….

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • Crys

    I just wanted to say this is a good scare piece. These wolves are indeed big, but they don’t run in packs of 40 to 50, threatening people at every turn. I have never heard of a wolf pack that large. The fact is that although these wolves do kill a lot more than they eat, and have taken family pets, they are not quite the threat that some would like to make them out to be.

    That is not to say that they are not capable of attacking humans, or killing them. These particular wolves do not seem to have the fear of people that the native wolves did, probably based on little association with the dangers humans present. I’d be for shooting any that threaten humans, no questions asked.

    There was some fact in this piece, but the majority of it was simply written for the shock value and not to truly inform people. The author appears to have been trying to scare people, more than educate them. Bottom line, there are a few too many wolves here in Idaho, thanks to the college educated idiots that are in charge of the agencies behind the “reintroduction”. Will that change? Not as long as the wolves are federally protected. They need to be kept in check, or they have the potential to become very dangerous. At best, they will use up too much of their own natural food sources and that will result in them dying, in mass numbers, due to starvation and illness. That may already be happening, as rumors fly about a deadly tapeworm epidemic affecting some 62% of Idaho’s wolf population.

  • Gofoitgal

    teddy bears hehe tame ones could make nice BIG fluffy pets

  • Virginia

    That is no picture of a wolf. That whole article was one big scare campaign so that jerks like the guy in the picture can sport kill an endangered species. Wolves do not kill people.

  • John

    Giants wolfs : is it a fake ?

    If not, it’s great !

    Wolfs can be eating hunters now, very cool news 😀

  • David

    Hmmm…Strange and humongus

  • Reid

    @ Crys No were in this article is it stating that these wolves run in packs of 40 to 50. It says they run in packs of 20 which is indeed true. But in 1995 there were only 35 wolves introduced in Idaho and Yellowstone in packs of 2-3 so you do the math. I will agree the article is a little over the top but it is an issue that needs to be addressed and an issue that will have one result and that is the hunting of them. Which is how we as americans control the population of wild and domestic animals. And @ Virginia I imagine you probably also don’t think Bin Laden had anything to do with killing of American”s either right…

  • DumbedDownAmerica

    You gotta love how people can have the facts right in front of them, and they will deny to their death that it is true. America has become the land of the dumbed downed….. our government loves you.

  • Steve

    It doesn’t take an expert in photo editing to tell that picture is fabricated. Size, energy requirements, quickness and so forth are a trade-off and wolves that size in the cold north could not survive. Evolution is always a compromise. Very large domestic dogs don’t have to hunt for their food and can be bred into freaks, not wolves. This whole piece is an irresponsible piece created to incite people’s emotions.

    Regarding “killing machines,” it is a false metaphor, particularly since most of wolf activity is doing things other than killing. They are fiercely loyal, they have strong family bonds, they limit their reproduction, they create and patrol territories, they play, they coddle their young, they eat much larger numbers of rodents and other ‘pests’ than large animals. If they didn’t know how to kill, and if they did not continue evolving to counteract the evolutionary counter-evolution of their prey for quickness, herding, hiding, horned and hoofed defense, etc. they’d have soon died out. Indeed, even with the capabilities they do have most hunts come up short.

    The problem is that in reintroduction they are confronted by prey populations that have for a century lacked selective pressures from predators, except for humans, who have selected out animals with the best defenses, horns and antlers, and largest size, that is, horns and antlers, as opposed to the weakest ones. This has left populations poorly able to defend themselves from predators who’ve been selected for just the opposite capabilities.

    Domesticates furthermore are raised so all their energy is put into becoming meat, milk and egg producing machines (in this case an apt metaphor) while energy required for producing defensive capabilities are bred out of them since humans are supposed to be putting the energy into doing this themselves (similarly for plant domesticates). American mountain sheep and Indian jungle cattle wouldn’t let a predator come in and harvest them like taking goods off the shelf in a grocery store.

    Most, though certainly not all, modern hunters seem to want this too and resent competing against animals with more skill and perseverance than them, so they demonize them and try to eradicate them instead. Unlike the Native Americans, who studied not just their prey but also the competing predators, for whom they have great respect, they have no interest in learning from them or, for that matter, understanding the habits and ecology of their prey.

  • Robby

    If any animal that large that is known for attacking is around then I say shoot at will. I have 3 kids of my own and would not want animals that huge and that wild to just be roaming around freely. Everyone always likes to disbelief stories on the Internet thinking they are false but apparently the picture shows ray the wolf is larger than a grown man. That people is a threat to anyone. I say bring the wolves down here to Alabama so that we can show people how we solve problems in the south..

  • wolfcure

    As an Idaho resident I have seen this problem growing over the past few years to a proportion that is virtually out of control. In the first place, the “experts” did not even “reintroduce” the correct species of wolf that was indigenous to this area of North America. Therefore………..I, like many others that I have spoken with will use the 3-S method of control if I get the chance. SHOOT, SHOVEL, and SHUT-UP. I don’t care what the law says. Law makers don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground so I will act before I must be forced to react. The government is failing us all in nearly every way and the return of control to the people will begin (for me anyway) with me controlling my immediate surroundings. This includes the wolf population!

  • ally

    if any thing we are the preditors ,, just beacuse we speak english doesnot mean we have the right to believe that we are the more intelligent race or species ,,”oh thats different wierd i know nothing about it lets kill it ” ,, just because they are big does not mean we need to control or kill them human race all acts like we have rights over every liveing thing horrible they are no different than a lion or a bear and we are caging and taming them too if we cant tame them we kill them ? and take some “heroic Triumph”over it not that they atre defensless but niether are we . leave them alone we dont own the planet we share it so you look out for them and theyll look out for you ,, oh dear they guna snatch up your babies ,, well watch your damn kids ,, i have kids too and they are unde great supervision i dont think its right to kill them just because they scare you ,, we dont kill pediphiles or serial killers or mass murderes or molesters ,, oh only few of them because theyre ugly keep em on display in a cage and those are the beings that deserve murder id say if an animal deliberatley goes out of its way to be evil towards you then kill it but its doubtful thats what they are thinking if you had to feed your family and you were desperate you would take someonelses baby wouldnt you cook itt up and eat it murder murder excuses excuses ,, what happend to live and let live ,, only be defensive if being defensive

  • ally

    just because you dont like it does not mean you have rights to own it or control it !

  • ally

    fkin pathetic “we solve problems by killing because were too dumb to use our damn brain to think about it ,, dont know how to cope or deal “go to school grow up and dont be so selfish we are not the most important species ,

  • Idaho Resident

    You are an absolute IDIOT! if you think this picture was just photoshoped or that wolves do not hunt and kill people!!! I’m dead serious. If I see one I’m killing it! I have a friend of mine that was out bow hunting when a wolf larger than this one charged her. She ran to her 4-wheeler and grabed her pistol. She shot it just before it attacked her. This just happened a couple of days ago. If you do not have to live with these beasts (not “animals” BEASTS!) then you need to SHUT YOUR MOUTH! These wolves are not the native wolves we once had these creatures are Vicious Hunters that used to live in Canada where there are harsh conditions (where they have to bread this way to survive) the ones we had were a fraction of the size with hunting instincts like a bear or mountain lion.
    Want my solution? Have the military come in and wipe ALL of them out. If you want wolves here go get the little onces we once had. Don’t be stupid, if you do not have to deal with them and worry for your life and the lives of your family just to go camping or hunting you have no room to talk!

    An advid sportsmen and Idaho Resident

  • another Idaho resident

    I’m also an Idaho resident. My friends are coming back from hunting trips this fall with all kinds of pictures of wolves. These are big. Very big. They aren’t scared of humans and don’t bother staying way away from people and noise. I’ll be going up with my kids next week. I’m all for not indiscriminately shooting things that aren’t threatening you- but the Canadian Gray Wolves have very little fear of humans, my children are the size of prey for them, and even with great supervision- a pack of wolves can separate my kids from me in a heartbeat unless I’m prepared to shoot to kill them. How many of you have actually watched wolves hunt? This type of wolf should NOT be here. They weren’t created for this ecosystem. They are adversely impacting deer and elk populations, and the ranchers are having problems with them “playing” with livestock. Wolves do “play” rather than only killing when they’re hungry. Don’t kid yourself that they are noble creatures who only kill to survive.

  • rick

    The average wolf taken in last years hunt weighed 95lbs. The Yellowstone wolf project weighs every wolf they capture. The largest ever captured was 141lbs. Wolves are the least risk to humans of any of the large predators in North America. Bear are the number one, Cougars are number two. Domestic dogs kill 20-30 people each year in the U.S. . The greatest risk to hunters is other hunters. The average wolf pack is 6 to 10 wolves.

  • jack

    Until you and your daughter are stocked and hunted in outlaw canyon/middle fork of the powder river in wyoming, the tree hugging idiot factor will sobber up. My plan is to introduce the wolf, the grizzly bear, the mountian lion into metro Portland Ore., Seattle Wa., San Francisco, ect.. This was orginally thier natural habitat at one time. Hey a few out touch liberals may turn up missing; Who cares, It’s the animal instict to kill. Get the hell out thier way. Quit enforcing your uneducated laws on people that now are forced to live with idiot beliefs.

  • lkajdofangda

    ok if you think this is fake like alot of other people had said that they were from canada and they have to be huge. thats also like the giant wild boar that run wild and destroy everything and attack people, pets ect. ok so if there are huge boars why can’t there be huge wolfs that they were made to be that big. no matter what it’s still in their genes to the people that say that they would adjust.

  • Yet Another Idaho Resident


    Please take a look at this article for on the truth of the Re-introduction of the Wolves in the Northwest.


    and this one^ for a few more facts and the photo above.

    I don’t hunt. I’m not against hunting, but I don’t do it. But I do enjoy camping and fishing in Idaho’s beautiful wilderness (wolves and all.) BUT I am afraid even now to go camping or to take my dogs camping so they can run around in the forest for fear that they will be attacked by a pack of wolves that aren’t even hungry. We didn’t push the Canadian Grey Wolf’s numbers down because they never existed here. The Idaho Timberwolf should have been replenished in Idaho. I can’t understand why they would just throw any animal with the name “wolf” in it into an environment it wasn’t meant for. You wouldn’t throw an alligator into a lake in Oregon to keep down the duck population would you?

  • LadyFville

    Please see this link: http://www.huntandtell.com/2009/06/18/huge-wolf/ for story with same pics from 2009 – also note: earlier story claims wolf was taken outside Edson, Alberta….. NOT Idaho…. when will we learn to research internet ‘news’ before getting excited about it??

  • jsdhajn

    I do understand if population control is needed for these animal but there is no reason to eradicate the animal. That is just ignorant.

  • Blah Blah

    Ah a cute puppy or werewolf :)

  • Idahoresident2

    Just to add to the confusion I personally witnessed a pair of Canadians a few days ago just about 100 yds from my barn. They stood and watched me for about 5mins before they decided to “walk” off toward the hills. Very unsetteling but not threatened. Not much different behavior than the coyotees around here.

  • Grumpa

    That is a very interesting picture, can anyone say “Photo Shop”?

  • hi

    canadian wolves are natrually bigger than american wolves and in canada you would have a 200lbs wolf and thats a number is very big for american wolves so these wolves are canadian wolves and its a normal animals just very big for you and there is no wolf breeds live in a pack of 40 so give a shet let these animals live

  • http://yahoo zakiyyah

    that is amazing i wish i could see one of those

  • Homer Dohh

    i live and hunt in north centrel idaho to those nay sayers. come out to the nortfork of the clearwater or better yet the selway in january febuary and help us count the dead lagre game population due to wolf kills. talk to local cattlemen the free range there stock. will have a tent a stove and a heater for you to enjoy nature. as to the 35 wolfs introduced into our area. they seem to not be obaying the natrual order of alfa male & female breeding pair, as does/did the native wolf. please explain how the population has grown to well over 2000. for those of us that truly love the northwest good hunting

  • http://notgot Lucy Kelly

    This may be a real picture, but it would still be humans’ fault for introducing unsuitable creatures into a new environment. Those who did this may be best sacked. As the piece says, they have eliminated or assimilated the native timberwolf. This is SADDENING AND MADDENING!!!!!!! Why couldn’t the timberwolf have been bred up! Animals from colder climates grow larger as this helps the maintenance of a higher body temperature. E.g., the polar bear is the Earth’s largest hunter. With much prey, these larger wolves would grow larger still. If they become numerous enough, food scarcity will reduce their size over time, as their young will have less to eat. Hunters will offer to kill them before this happens, to keep them in food, so they will grow big, and they can keep killing them. Why not capture them, clone timberwolves into them, and then remove them and emplace the timberwolves?!

  • http://notgot Lucy Kelly

    I saw a wildlife documentary about some wolves reintroduced recently into Yellowstone National Park. As it followed the pack’s development, it said the pack, at 30 odd members, was as big as packs get, and they would soon split up. Sure enough, they soon did. The ten odd younger members left the 20 odd older members, and went away to find new territory. Wolf packs have never been known to have more than 30 odd members, and even 20 odd is very rare. I think 10 odd is supposed to be the norm. One hunt cannot satisfy 20 wolves properly, let alone 30, so problems arise. Ten odd works well and feeds them all. I suppose they may find food easy to come by via livestock. If so, blame the fools who introduced them, and use the Canadian wolves to clone the timberwolves back again, as replacements for the Canadian grey wolves. You may need to teach the new timberwolves to fear people, again. Again, blame the humans who introduced the Canadian grey wolf.

  • Tim

    Ahhhhhhh….these are NOT photo shopped pics! Animals look WAY different when dead and held up. And besides….it is being held up in front of the man and he is rearing back. What strikes me about these wolves is the tremendous size of the shoulder and upper leg. People focus on their head and the obvious crushing power of the jaw and teeth. But that huge shoulder size and their running skills are just awesome.All this talk of man eating wolves. Hysteria run wild. Please find me ONE case of a wolf killing a human in the lower 48. Anywhere……anytime. I’ll be awaiting.

  • http://canadianwolves Betty

    My son was in North Dakota hauling crude oil. While the tank was filling he did paper work and then jump out to check on it. Imagine his suprise to find a large canadian wolve sitting there watching him. He jump back in his truck and blew the air horn to scare it off and three more came from the other side of the truck. He said they were as tall as the tires on the semi and weren’t scared at all by any loud sounds he made. They just sat in a row outside the lights of the truck and stared. Not a friendly stare either. Is it really a felony to shoot them? Do we just wait until they attack and then say OK maybe they are vicious and we should protect ourselves. My son said he felt very much like he was being hunted.

  • jdot

    Um, when will “we” quit playing God? We’ve already invented someone else for this position, let him have it. It’s man’s fault for interfering and introducing a foreign species into the territory. I agree – Bad Idea. So the solution is to CLONE the original inhabitants (somehow utilizing the invasive species) and reintroduce them? REALLY? When do “we” quit playing GOD? That’s nature’s role.

  • Admin

    Great comment Betty!

  • challen

    i agree with jdot, we should quite trying to play god, we have absolutly no right to try to mess with what was here before us! People should just LEAVE THEM ALONE! they were here first.

  • Lily

    OMG…. I live in Rathdrum, ID. In fact, all of my family lives in Idaho. One of my sets of grandparents lives on the side of a mountain in Lenore, ID. These have been spotted on that mountain. A retired elderly man killed one of these wolves found in his front yard in St. Maries. This is crazy. I am 13 and have lived in Idaho all my life. Crazy…

  • http://unexplainedsterisoftheworld.com yup

    that wolf would look great on my wall in my house.

  • http://unexplainedmysteriesoftheworld.com cody

    I live in one of the most populated places in idaho that have wolves and i have seen my fair share and seen more than couple of wolf kills here. I have lived here for my whole life witch is 18 years and tell you the truth they are getting to the point were they are getting over populated, and endangering other species in idaho. With hunters running them around and with these big dogs chasing them all over the state they never get a break. It has gotten to the point even the fish and game wants to get ride of these animals or at least control the population of these dogs a lot better. Also the people that dont believe that picture is real it is. There has been more than 1 killed in idaho that big we have freinds that know the guy in the picture, and freinds that live up in timberline that has killed them that big.

  • Minnesota

    Carry a gun when you go walking. If they are outside your home and won’t leave shoot them it’s really not that big of a deal. This is so scripted to scare.

  • Stephanie

    Scare tactics and propaganda… stop encroaching into wild animals territory and you won’t have a problem. We need to learn to live with nature, not try to control it. WE have the choice of where we go… they hunt for survival.

    What a crock this article is.

  • elle

    Any animal can kill…..especially a very large wild species looking for food! My son was killed by a so called domestic (DOG)! So exageration or not…..it can happen!

  • bleever

    yes they are big, that big. its no joke. yes they eat meat. whatever meat they can kill. yes they will attack humans if the givernment will not allow us to defend ourselves. yes its ok to kill them. No they are not endangered. yes, you would be scared spitless if you were walking alone in the wilderness and you encountered a large pack of hungry wolves. yes, you would be safer if you had a large caliber sidearm, and knew how to use it. Yes, you could save your own life or the life of a loved one, and then go back to tree hugging, if that makes you feel good.

  • Jess

    So I know this story is pretty old. But what I want to know is how exactly is it the Wolves fault for doing exactly what is in their nature? WE moved into their territory. WE were the ones that almost depleted their food sources. Yes I understand that the Canadian Grays were introduced into the area. But why were they? Because we has already almost depleted the wolf population in these areas.

    If they attack should we shoot them? Absolutely. Should we as a people actively go out into THEIR habitat and hunt them? NO.

    While some people may disagree I look at it this way. Are we really going to do to these animals what we do to our own kind? Push them out and force them to live elsewhere? Kill them until they are all but extinct? Oh wait. Thats what we do isnt it? We did it with the Indians. The Germans tried to do it with the Jewish. And if you cant relate it then you are seriously misguided.

    When will we realise that we have no say so in what happens in nature? This isnt out land. This isnt our place. We invaded upon these animals. Not the other way around.

  • Jess

    have not has*

  • Amused in UT

    What I find amusing is that A) People think these are faked. B) That people think we should quit playing “God” and C) That people think we should leave them alone.

    A) There are too many accounts for these wolves to NOT be real. Have they hurt people? I have no idea, but when a domesticated dog is in your yard, do you let it sit there if it isn’t yours? No. If you are on the street and a dog scares you or your kids, what do you do? Also, how many people have heard a story about a domesticated dog killing a child? Sorry, if I was in an area where these dogs were, I’d be shooting first and asking for forgiveness later.

    B) Playing God… By moving animals here or there is what I am asuming people meant. If we stop doing that, we are letting animals that are getting low in population become extinct right? (See Idaho wolf) If you don’t move other species in, won’t the animal rights people have a problem with us letting the one species die out? Who do es please? So either we DO move in other animals or we don’t. The way I see it, it is natural selection… (God’s way of things FYI)If one breed dies out, so be it. And since we were put here as well as the wolves an other animals, and we are on top of the chain, well… you get where I am going there.

    C) As for leaving them alone… I love animals. I love seeing animals in the wild. Poachers and people that kill animals senselessly should be shot in my opinion. As people, we know better. We should also know that once we enter the “wild”, we are NOT in our domain. If you don’t want a wolf or another predator to have you for lunch, take a large caliber firearm with you and make sure you know how to use it. Common sense people..

  • J.P. Bonhomme

    I have to laugh at these “experts” that claim this pic is photoshopped or that wolves don’t get that big. I guess they feel that if THEY’VE never seen one they can’t exist. They actually get bigger than that one in the picture which certainly does match the size of a 180 lb man. Go back to playing your x-boxes you city slickers. As a matter of fact, stay out of the bush before you get attacked by a mythical jackrabbit or a fabled weasel

  • Dan

    I researched the pros and cons of wolf re-inroduction in the 1990’s for a college project althought at the time i was all for it, I was asked to present an ANTI-reintroduction report and quickly found out that the reasons why this was a bad idea. I researched heavily the effects on farmers, wildlife and humans and even made some speculations as to teh dangers to people pets, farm animals etc. Today, those speculations that I presented read as the fact sheet as Canadian Wolves have been proven to be a menace to the people of Idaho alone. Wolves are a beautiful, dignified extraordianry species in tehir hoem range of Canada, but do not fit in Idaho. I am all for irradication by any means neccesary. Remove all hunting regulations and have open season on them, or bring in the military to destroy them. We f’ed up the program and should be responsibel for fixing it. The wolf advocates are ignoring the science.

  • http://hotmail.com lola

    these wolves are real. i have researched all about it know the whole story. you cant deny that which is in front of you. the govener of Idaho did an experiment to “relocate” them to see what would happen to “reintroduce them” to the flurishing enviorment. he said in quotes..”Th experimant is over and done know we have to deal with the problem.” in my opion he is a stupid idiot. On top of that after the “experiment” was over an done we have to kill them all to make sure they dont kill us. there have already been 40 attacks in the last 3 Months! out of that only 4 survived! I love wolves soo much and it makes my heart scream to the fate they face. their sorrowful fate….

  • jimmy

    wtf wolves do to eat ppl and anyone who thinks otherwise is either really naive or stupid

  • top of the chain

    Steve,Ally and whoever else is an activist. Go let your children feed the pretty wolves. This will make a man out if you Steve. Or at least stop you from contaminating America with your fruity children. And take the homo Jimmy with you.

  • Minnesota Matt

    I think most of you folks are more likely to get hit by a truck than killed by a wolf. This, like most media has something of a situational exaggeration to it…gets the sheep people all worked up. Ive spent a whole lot of time in the woods of western Wyoming and I am certain there are wolves. I am also certain they do the best they can to steer clear of the 2 legged crazies in the woods.

  • alaska

    Some of you may or may not remember the wolf killing here 3 years back now I believe. A female teacher in a remote area was going for her daily morning jog with her earphones in listening to her music when a small pack of wolves predatory instinct kicked in and they attacked her,killed her and devoured her.
    I at a trailhead last year on my moosehunt when one of the Fist and Game officers that was at that scene stopped to check my liscence. We got on the subject of wolf hunting and some peoples views of it and he said if anybody against “predator control” seen the aftermath of the attack they would change there views. He did say this was only the second human “killing” recorded in modern history….. not attack mind you.
    In 2009 I flew138 miles west from an already remote area up here and got landed on a small lake and left for 9 days on a caribou hunt. This particular area had a limit of 20 wolves per person,on the fly out my partner and I thought how is that number possible?
    10 minutes after the Beaver on floats was in the air and gone they just started appearring around camp as we were setting up. If not for the rule of having to wait untill the next day to hunt after being in the air my gun barrel would have been hot right then.
    your always going to have people who know nothing what they read or heard criticizing thing such as wolf hunting but I could care less what they think….. THEY SIMPLY DON’T KNOW!
    There was 50-60 wolves in this valley all paired up into seperate packs of 6 or so on average. At all hours of the day there was tipping and howling,only stopping on a couple foggy mornings.
    For those that don’t know caribou follow the same migratory route year after year coming into this particular valley from the north. Well 11 caribou came in on our 9 day hunt and every one of them was played with by the wolves. It was remarkable watching them bearding them around,separating cows and thee calfs,running alongside them slashing at there flanks untill the caribou are tripping on 20 feet of there own entrails before falling down. Every last one was left untouched after going down with wolves walking right by the kills every morning with waterfowl in there mouths for the pups on the way back to the dens.
    Wolves simply kill for fun,no doubt about it. I work with a few guys from Idaho up on the North Slope and from what I hear that area is getting seriously over run with wolves and needs attention. There is such a thing as pedator control and wolf populations especially explode FAST.
    When we were picked up at the lake and got in the air on the way home I asked the pilot to swing wide to the north where our caribou should be coming in from. Sure enough there was about 2000 bottle necked up afraid to come through…. Im sure the wolves had alot of fun within the next couple days….well except the ones we took home as pets. They actually make wonderful pets,there quiet,understand the command “play dead” and look beautiful on the wall!

  • Ymgraine

    I think this is hysterical.. People don’t know what to do with a DIRE WOLF. Here’s the solution: stop going into their territory, messing with their food chains, and oh maybe making them have niothing to hunt but your children with the cvast tracts of territory you. the general consumer, selfishly waste!!


    SOrry but you had to know someday mother nature would whoop our asses.. and if it’s a hoax…My felicitations to the perp!!!!

  • Colton

    Hmm, despite the fact that they were brought into that area by humans It’s quite understandable that these wolves are doing this. Maybe it’s cause the have no where to live ? Ever think of that? We destroy the habitat of animals to be replaced with houses and neighborhoods but we get upset that they start taking back their land and habitat. Us humans are no different, with our slaughter of all the wolves and coyotes. Nature will always run its course to equilibrium of the ecosystem no matter how hard we try to get rid of nature.

  • Colton

    Also, I just saw The Grey today with Liam Nelson I think it is and this article just made my mind run wild..but I also know fact from outright fiction. I can’t even imagine what the “general population” will think if they do the same

  • slexi&annie

    o my gosh we saw the grey too… great movie… but this article blows our minds to wow its just crazy!!! wow

  • mac mcgovern

    These wolves are not native to Idaho. They were not re-introduced but introduced. It’s an experiment gone wrong. If anyone thinks the picture was photoshopped I can show more but I don’t have permission to send the link. These wolves are just as big as the one shown and they will kill for fun.

  • Dearha Freewings

    Ignorance in this article is absurd. Ignorance that generates only ignorance and unfounded fear. The man is ridiculous.

  • jesse

    ppuuuhhlleeeeeze, that wolf in the picture would weigh much more than a measly 180 lbs….

  • BlueTyphoid
  • Kerrick

    Att Ymgraine:

    Your lucky they dont have the intelligence to figure it out.. bc they dont care about environment or who lives where. Typical leftist crap. If you argue that then right along with that we are included in this enviornment territory routine. Cull em. If Im there then I guess it belongs to me naturally too right? I mean thats the law of mother nature right? If you justify that its ok for a pack of wolves to hunt down us then well likely so its ok to cull them right? You people … you kill your own arguments with lack of common sense.

  • Mike

    I live on a small ranch in rural Idaho, not far from Moscow or Lewiston. I work in the woods and have seen first hand what these wolves can do. I’ve seen them in the wild and they are very large and dangerous. We used to take summer pack trips with our horses and mules into the back country. We haven’t done that in about 3 years now because of these wolves. The Timber Wolf was a much different animal, smaller and less aggressive, and not much of a problem. I hunted elk and deer for a long time and have not done that either for many years now. In fact, the only tag I buy these days is a wolf tag. The simple fact is that these wolves, that were never natives of Idaho, are wiping out our elk and deer at an alarming rate. When the resourses are depleted they will simply turn to our livestock and kill them. They will not leave, they are here to stay and need to be killed.

  • http://yahoo rose halloway

    guy, you are overeating. wolves are not that dangerous. my people have lived with them for generations. it’s your fear that puts you against them.

  • http://ocportalwebsites.com Brian Hay

    I posted with facebook a while back and stop in once in a while when I get a notification of a like or reply on that post to see what’s new.

    As I was reading through I decided to join the conversation down here this time and reply with a thought I had.

    How is it that these wolves have been here in Canada for….ever and never really been a problem for us? Did they gain 50+ pounds and transform into blood thirsty monsters on their way there?….Or is that something that happened after they got there?

  • Gggggggjg

    Get kangals if you want dogs as they were bread to defend people from wolves and even lions and bears!!!!!! They have twice the jaw pressure of a large wolf (between about 700 to 800 pounds per square inch of jaw pressure) and are extremely protective of the family and they’re weight varies between 110 – 145 lbs for males and 90 – 120 lbs for females they also stand 30 – 32 inches (77 – 86 cm) tall for males and 28 – 30 inches (72 – 77 cm) tall for females

    Hope this will have helped any american friends worrying

  • Ravi

    I Like Wolves & also Like Giant wolves
    & wana become a Giant Wolf. I inspire with The Movie “Twilight New Moon” & Thats the reason that I Love Wolves

  • Sponge Bob

    What chance to wolves have against a fat man with a gun? not very much. Some humans killed wolves by the thousands because it is was some peoples understood right to get rid of anything that competes against man. Some who came to North America killed off the game and got rid of most of the forests. These same people learned to crap in most of the rivers and killed off the earlier peoples who used the same resources yet left a whole lot of everything which later people desired in the process of becoming an individual. Who really is the beast. The last time I looked man hunts for fun, for hate and for the trophy to to define power and self. Not showing any conscience or empathy when dealing with others is part of what defines a sociopath. The other behavior that migth place man in this very human catigory is to kill while not showing any empathy or conscience for the life taken. Generally the term is used when looking at a person interaction with another person. If animals were given rights or were considered to possess a soul then what defines the interaction between people whould also define mans actions to other living things. The Nazis were good at killing without emotion and one should look at the trophies they took and hung on the wall. Both human and animal. In the Christian faith god made all the creatures which he also happened to save on the ark. By the way he also saved the wolf. Maybe someone needs to tell god that his plan was wrong. His creations were flawed and possessed no souls. That way only man should remain. What a waste.

  • Dr. Phillip Harrow

    Well, based on what I learned from Julie of the Wolves, what you have to do is spend a lot of time with the wolves, easing your way into their pack by crawling on your hands and knees and copying the way they communicate with each other. If you do this, repeatedly over a couple of weeks, you will eventually become a part of their pack and they will not attack you. This is a sure fire, wolf attack prevention method.

    If you live in Idaho, Wyoming or Montana, and feel that you are in danger of these giant wolfs, then I would suggest using this method over the next couple of weeks, and repeat if necessary.

  • Vivienne

    Im doing a research on gray wolves (not Mackenzie Wolves, i just chanced upon this article), and after reading the comments, i feel very confused.
    ok, so firstly, someone has established that the photo has been photoshopped to make the wolf look slightly wider… which i agree with her.
    next, i saw someones comment about governments testing on animals and they inserted some weird thing into these wolves and that these are mutated wolves? Sounds a bit far-fetched… but possible.
    Then another guy pointed out a good point, why is it that these wolves cause no problem to the canadians, but seem to cause a lot of problem in the Montana/Idaho/Wyoming state? Yeah, that i want to know.
    So anyone?

  • Hendrik Kiliaan

    While working on barren ground caribou in Canada, I observed joy or play killing by wolves on caribou calves. Calves were killed but not fed upon, When faced with an abundance of easy prey most predators will kill excessively.
    Regarding humans, there is no shortage of incidents in Canada where wolves have trailed people( JUST CHECKING YOU OUT AS A POTENTIAL) and were scared off by shots being fired.
    3-5 years ago during the winter one man was killed by a pack of wolves in Canada.
    As recent as WW2 large packs of wolves (yes more then 40 per pack) made a very fine living with filet a la German or Russian round steak.
    Why not, it is there it is easy to get and taste good enough? Most wolves will indeed run when they sight or spot you. It is just that sometimes they have not read the book of how wolves are supposed to act around people. Then under a winning set of conditions for the wolf, homo sapiens suddenly becomes interesting as a prey.
    They get familiar with the prey on a regular basis,they lose their instinctive fear of people, the person may be vulnerable(injured, the wolf is hungry, well what more is needed for a predator?
    Northern trappers have disappeared without a trace, fellow trappers looking for them often wrote them off to bears or wolves. I hate to be crawling around with a broken leg in good bear and wolf country. One of the two will do you sooner or later. Never pigeon hole wildlife behaviour.

  • bob wenslydale

    please read this, its very important. Theyll obviosly attack you if you gang up on them or piss them off. just stay out the way and your fine. give them there own land and theyll keep to themselves and not cause trouble. The last thing they want is a ton of hillbillys shooting at them. They deserve the same rights as us. You cant defeat them so just live with them like you do with eachother instead of fighting this long horrible war with them give them peace and theyll give you peace. The reason there causing trouble is because they have no rights and nothing to work with. you scratch their backs and they’ll scatch yours is the phrace i was looking for. its simple.We need to work together to fight wolf hatred.I see your point hendrik but is it any worse than what humans do. such as making bears walk on hot burning coals in circuses for our amusment[ THEY DO ACTUALLY DO IT] or sending one innocent race and not the others into gas chambers to die? humans can do far worse damage then wolves can. humans have changed the world for the worst and what have wolves done? kept the dear population down so they don’t destroy all the plants with there wreklesness. They kept to there simple way of life and kept out of the way of doing damage to the earth. The wolves keep everything in balance. So i repeat, rise up against wolf hatred. if you agree with me please send a comment saying so.

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