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Is The Dramatic Increase In Volcano Eruptions Happening Because We Are Getting Closer To 2012?

All of a sudden, volcanoes all over the globe have been violently erupting.  In fact, some volcanoes that have been dormant for generations have been springing to life.  So what are we to make of all this?  The truth is that nobody knows for certain why so many volcanoes are suddenly so active.  Could the dramatic increase in volcano eruptions be happening because we are getting closer to 2012?  It is very hard to say.  The truth is that what is going to happen in 2012 is one of the greatest unexplained mysteries of the world.  Fortunately, we only have a couple years to wait until we find out what 2012 is going to hold for us.  Meanwhile, those who are projecting massive earth changes in the year 2012 are pointing to these volcano eruptions as indications that we had better get prepared.  Many believe that as we pass through the galactic plane in 2012 that we will see earth changes that are absolutely unprecedented.  There are even many that believe that the earth will experience a catastrophic pole shift in the year 2012. 

Others point to the dramatic increase in volcano eruptions and earthquakes as a sign that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.  In Matthew 24:7-8, it tells us this about the last days….

“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  All these are the beginning of birth pains.”

Well, the truth is that whatever you believe there is no denying that the level of volcanic activity that we are experiencing right now is absolutely stunning….

*The eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano made headlines all over the globe, and it caused cancellations of thousands of flights in Europe because of the giant ash cloud that it produced.

*Scientists are warning that a second, much larger volcano in Iceland named Katla is showing signs that it may be about to erupt.

*A volcano known as Tungurahua (The “Throat of Fire”) came to life last Friday morning, 130 kilometres southeast of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and exploded continuously through the night.

*Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano, 50 kilometres south of Guatemala City, began erupting on Thursday afternoon.

*U.S. officials said on Monday that the rapid eruption of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean has exhaled a steam and ash cloud in the air and left a trail of debris on the surface of the water near Sarigan Island in the Northern Mariana Islands.

*Costa Rica’s Arenal volcano erupted recently, spewing geysers of lava, ash and toxic gases from its crater and forcing the evacuation of the national park where it is located.

*But it just isn’t volcano eruptions that are increasing.  We all know about the horrific earthquakes that happened in Haiti and Chile, and it is being reported that earthquakes are up 151 percent in 2010. 

The reality is that we are seeing earth changes that are absolutely unprecedented in our lifetimes.

As we get closer to 2012 will these earth changes become even more dramatic?

Hopefully that is not the case, but there is no denying that the earth is starting to tremble.

So let us hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  If all of this shaking keeps happening we could be headed into some very interesting times indeed.

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  • kelly

    i completely agree with everything you mentioned in your article.

    ive been researching nibiru, earth changes, haaarp, etc for the past 7 months and although i havent came up with solid proof of nibiru’s existence, what i have noticed is the amount of volcanic activity and earthquakes that have occured this year alone compared to previous years.

    i personally feel that our planet is gearing up to some sort of cataclysm, wether its cause is coming from our skies, or wether they are manmade(haaarp)im unsure.

    there were 51 earthquakes above 4.9 in the first 4 days of may alone, that to me is very interesting and somewhat frightening, i also believe that with the icelandic volcano eruption the next one to go is katla and if it does the effects could be catastrophic for the nearby countries.

    i live in scotland in the uk, and i know that the ash cloud that would be formed in the event of katla erupting would plunge us into another ice age, there would be famine, our water would be contaminated with the sulphur, disease and death.

    i had a dream last night(june 1st) that there was a massive volcanic eruption, i could put it down to the research ive been doing on the subject but it frightened me.

    i know that i am going to prepare myself and my loved ones for impending disaster, i just hope that other people read up on all of this information that is available to them and do the same for themselves and thier familys.

    thanks for your article it was an interesting read.

  • notstupid

    There are no more volcanic eruptions than usual. Anyone with abrain and an internet connection can easily verify the 50-70 confirmed eruptions every year since data has been collected since the 1960’s. Stop preparing for disaster and start preparing for your future

  • PMRC

    Umm…Volcano eruptions usually come in bunches, not just one here and there. There are hundreds of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes a year, so stop worrying about the future and get on with your life.

  • Connor O’donohue

    load of rubish

  • aikta


  • Cassie

    Stop posting stuff that isn’t true on the internet. 2012 is a hoax, the biggest out there. It was made by a few men who wanted media attention, there is no SOLID PROOF. Sure, they say ‘Yes there is scientific evidence.” Well show me, show the world. Show OTHER scientists. But I guess the government will lie anyway. It’s the same with the Judgement day about a month or two ago. I waited all day for the Judgement Day, the day I could see Jesus. Waited all day then I was told it’s a 6 PM. 6 PM came and went and I laughed. I have NEVER seen anything on the news or in news papers saying: “We’re going to die in 2012.” The world ending predictions have been going on since the Aztecs made their calendar when it ended in 2012. Basically it’s because their rotation of days had ended. It’s either climate change or global warming that’s causing these increased volcano eruptions. Get your facts right and stop scaring people to death (literally).

  • rchoetzlein

    Uh, no.. dramatic eruptions are not increasing:

  • Landru III

    I could care less if earth gets it…mankind deserves to be punished, even wiped out for a new race for his evil. The indigo children, star and other super kids will take over. We are obsolete.

  • Octavious

    Cssie,scientific proof is happening around us.Earthquakes are happening much more than usual.As well as storms,volcanic eruptions,tornadoes,hurricanes,and tsunamis.

  • Octavious

    Also Cassie,anyone with a brain knows it was the Mayas who built the calender.

  • http://hotmail.com Abelinda

    I have to say i beleive,the planet how been here for milions of years, it been though thousands of drastic changes and always Evolving.Earth crust displacement is a theory that i believe is a reality, it history is right in front of our eyes it doesn’t have to be written to confirm it’s idenity. though i not sure if really going to happening at the exact time and date 2012, but i do believe mother earth has began the process. Though i do to have a question, why the hell do people get scared when they here this yet when the reality is we as humans help earth by giving it a push by damaging the planet with our waste filling the air, oceans and land? so in the mean time enjoy life while you can and be ready to cross to the after life and welcome you realitves with opens arm and be in peace, because death is only the begning.

  • Trolol

    Caps make your point sound more intelligent.

    Carpe Diem, no one is immortal.

  • josh

    All of this 2012 end of the world stuff is a load of crap. Just because the “aztecs” said so it must be true. So if the aztecs said it will rain chocalate it must be true. If anything the aztects got lazy and stoped making their calander and some idiot got the wrong idea and spread an unreal rumor

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  • Eventstring0101

    The answer is not easily found or explained by general media. Most of the area’s in question have to be compilied into a explainable document generated from experts in each field. So we have ice caps melting at a unbelieveable rate, we have had mining operations at a unbelieveable rate, we have drilling operations for water, oil and gas at a unbelievable rate. These conditions in a short explaintion are causing the Earth’s mantel to start moving at an unbelieveable rate causing the events that are being manifest today. The Earth’s population has never in written history been at the level it is now, this requires more raw materials in order for humans to live. Giant Corporations will at all costs demolish the environment to make a quick dollar. Just the heat alone is causing the ice caps/glaciers to melt, this will destablize the earths mantel. The condition is man made. You will have to turn off your TV’s and cancel your subscription to your local paper and do some serious reading and use you own logic to find out what is really happening. Humans always accept the media’s short answer of current events. I watched an interview of a scientist who said: “If you want to learn something turn of your TV’s”. As for religions and the like: “God is not on the side of Idiots” (History)

  • b.bo816

    In all this research you guys have done, did you ever hear of 121 Tornadoes hitting the same area in ONE night? Face it people, we are so screwed. Brace yourselves. Oh btw you guys might want to do some research on the heating up of the Pacific Rim aka ring of fire. Another good read is The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Check it out. It’s pretty long but way interesting.

  • http://none victor tomas

    OOPS! Just a moment please. For those not aware, the 12/21/2012 predicted event has been changed to: The End of The Mayan Calender and does not present any other implications regarding the close, end, or start of any end of the world. The next day , 22 December starts a new sequence in a calendar.
    In crease in volcanic activities is interesting but far shy of the greatest period of activity on the planet.
    Thinking there are lots of misinformed people. It is really sad people are being so misdirected…Best to sit back, have a brew, watch the birds, and worry about increased taxes….which by the by…taxes make the world worth living in…think about that!

  • thezombieyoda

    i agree with everything that anyone writes, ever! except the stuff I don’t agree with!

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