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Our Top Scientists Are Now Telling Us That Life Once Lived On Mars, That We Can Predict The Future And That Time Travel Is Possible?

Once upon a time, the only people who seemed to be talking about life on Mars, predicting the future and time travel were science fiction fanatics and the mentally unstable.  But today, our top scientists are actually telling us that all of these things are real.  Things that once appeared to be great unexplained mysteries are seemingly opening up to the world of science.  Or maybe our top scientists are becoming mentally unstable.  One way or the other, things that were once forbidden to talk about in the scientific community are becoming headline news.  In fact some of the top scientists of the world are saying things that are literally mind blowing.  Just consider some of the things that our top scientists have been telling us lately…. 

*NASA scientists recently declared that Mars “once was, and maybe still is, home to life”.  Of course the “life” they are talking about is not little green men, but this is still a stunning development.

*Google has invested in a startup company that claims to be able to predict the future.  Perhaps they could send some stock tips our way if they are feeling extra generous.

*Famed scientist Stephen Hawking actually believes that the Large Hadron Collider could potentially be used to build a time machine.  In fact, Hawking claims that humans might one day be able to use time travel to skip generations into the future.

Would you actually want to see how your great, great, great, great grandchildren turned out?

It is interesting to think about at least.

So what do you think?

Have NASA, Google and Stephen Hawking totally gone off their rockers or are they on to something?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

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  • http://predictiontracking.com/ jay douglas

    The Big If-is-If there’s (sufficient)water on Mars then life is possible.

  • http://LittlePebblesAcademy.blogspot.com Little Pebbles Academy

    Little Pebbles Academy Said:
    A good idea would be to repopulate Mars with Mom’s & Dad’s with at least 5 children so that life would become a reality in their futures. Also, planting millions of trees, shrubs, all forms of plant life for future oxigen supply & make it unlawfull to cut trees.

  • Tony Moral

    If I decided to ditch out on my wife and kids and travel into the future to see how my great great great great grandkids were doing….my bet is that they wouldn’t exist….

  • http://LittlePebblesAcademy.blogspot.com Little Pebbles Academy

    Actually, we can see the future already!
    We have HISTORY to help us, & the way this world is going, isn’t too hard to “see” the future.
    I saw on the Discovery Ch. last night about WAR’S, & the commontary said, we dont learn from our mistakes, that we keep repeating them over & over. Makes seeing the future easy, dont you think?

  • PMRC

    maybe all these are possible but i see it hard to travel to the future when there is no one to recieve us there, if you know what i mean

  • xccell

    Let’s think about it from a different angle. What if the UFO’s are actually us from the future trying to prevent something catastrophic that will eventually unfold?

  • http://aavezpasha.weebly.com Aavez Pasha

    i think its possible and the question is that can we plant trees on mars.if we can then on day people from earth can live there.
    and as far as time travelling and future seeing is concerned,time travelling is other matter but we can see future without machines.

  • Michail Angelo

    God created human (flesh) to be on earth, angles in spirit to be in heaven (unknown location to human), if there is really UFO or life in Mars we could have been knowing it already because living creatures from Mars (as our neighbor) is already doing the same way as we do. I would conclude that at this time there is no solid proof of extraterrestrial life & time travel. I believe the best thing our top scientist would do (realistically) is to focus on our planet earth and find ways how it won’t be destroyed by the inhabitants. How we can control our exploding population, how we can cure the exploding type of diseases, how we can unite the nations to achieve peace, how we can solve the mystery of our genes so that we can extend our life for more than 900 years like (Adam & Eve)… there are thousands of problems that threatens human race existence… We need to make our life first on earth stable enough before we can look into the outer space beyond our solar system. I believe we must pray.. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore (Isaiah 2:4), He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Rev 21:4. Amen

  • http://unexplainedmysteriesoftheworld.com guzump gool

    WHAT ON EARTH! are these scientists crazy????LIKE WHAT ON EARTH, how are we supposed to see in the future, what happened to these people, we’ren’t they like, the smart ones back in the day??????????

  • Kidus

    If time trvale is possible,there will be visitors who claim that they are from the future, and come to the presnet time that we are now.

  • Leaseramas

    Seriouslyy we will never be able to see into time the bible says so

  • http://hotmail.com Abelinda

    I find this Absolutely Fascinating! but really we been discovering the possibilities for decades now and dam it i want my flying car! lol kidding aside, i strongly beleive if scientists had proper funding they would have been able to prove MOST of they’re therioes, find a cure, etc.

  • Cyanide

    theres no such thing as time. Aliens are probably an advanced higher up race of humans, and as for seeing into the future, i havent thought of that too much, because you dont need it as the future is wild yet unchangable

  • http://Nonsuch Ramblingaroundtheweb

    Hows this for an interesting spectulative conclusion to civilization at various site
    about the earth:

    Every so many thousand years, say five thousand two hundred and fifty years, or based on a site calendar in the Mayan district, the cyclic position of the the planet Venus, an alien race appears and harvest the population of the earth for slaves. The flit about the planet and collect the fit humans for slaves. The rest are collected for additional food supplies.
    Those humans which are missed carry on and in few thousand years the Aliens return and the cycle is repeated.
    Oh the in humanity of it all.
    To the aliens we might be on the same level of intelligence as we consider the cows, pig, and chickens.
    Get use to it

  • http://Nonsuch Ramblingaroundtheweb

    But God will protect us.
    What if the aliens are the Gods we worship?
    The earth is the stockyard and we are like the cattle waiting for slaughter.
    We with our superior attitude are fooling ourselves into thinking we are equal to God.
    God will protect us!
    For slaughter.
    We are doomed!
    12-21-2012 is the round up day. We will be collected for the great Bar-B-Que!
    Happans every five thousand or so years. You are lucky if you are over looked and will remain to repopulate the earth for the their arrival in another five thousand years .

  • damsmack

    the author mixed up hawkings words. he meant that using a collider. we can see how the universe began (hence the birth of the time machine theory). such is the concept of the big bang theory. that the universe began from a single black hole point known as the singularity and the collision of all the particles within exploded into what the universe is now. anyways…saw this a few hours ago on history channel asia. the universe : season 6 episode: god and the universe.

  • internetcynic

    Lets just get this clear. Traveling into the future is perfectly possibly in theory under the current known laws of physics, due to the local time dilation effects of speed. Traveling into the past seems to be unlikely to be achievable , because theres several laws of physics in the way, the most insurmountable be that the arrow of time, as determined by entropy, cannot be violated on a macroscopic scale, and not to mention the problem of paradoxes (meeting yourself) and feedback (particles travelling in a time loop round a time portal, this violates all sorts of physical laws).

  • Chandar

    As the belief that Time Travel “may not be possible” is getting stronger, now the scientists believe that time travel to “future” may be possible. This crushes the doubt as to why people from the future did not visit us. However, it is difficult to say that TT is definitely not possible. Perhaps people from the future would have visited us without identifying themselves; or they may in another dimension not visible to our eyes; or they would have visited some other century in the past.

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