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Strange Sounds In The Sky All Around The World

Do you have an explanation for all of the strange sounds in the sky that have been documented all around the world lately?  Over the past few weeks, Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere have been absolutely buzzing about these strange sounds.  At the moment, they remain a great mystery because nobody can seem to explain them.  Some are calling them “apocalyptic sounds”.  Whatever they are, they are very loud.  Those that have heard the unexplained sounds in the sky compare them to the rumbling of a train, a sonic boom or a trumpet.  In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular theories about these sounds, but the truth is that right now nobody really knows what is going on.  But what we can say is that this is truly a global phenomenon.  Strange sounds in the sky are being recorded literally all over the world and are being uploaded to YouTube at a very rapid pace.  If someone was trying to fake this, it would be quite difficult to get people all over the planet to cooperate.  In some instances, entire communities have heard these sounds.  So it appears as though something is definitely happening.  Perhaps there is a very basic explanation for all of this.  Perhaps there is not.  In any event, the fact that we simply do not know what is going on is rather unsettling.

Some scientists have postulated that these strange sounds in the sky could have been created by “fracking”, rock bursts or the venting of high-pressure gas trapped deep within the Earth.  Any of those things can definitely produce noise, but it seems hard to believe that events such as those are responsible for all of the dozens of incidents that are being recorded all over the planet.

One of the most prominent theories is that earthquakes are causing these strange noises.  Once again, that is certainly possible.  The “Ring of Fire” is becoming much more active and volcanic activity has been rising.  We appear to be moving into a time when the crust of the earth is going to be increasingly unstable.  Many believe that we will soon see some unprecedented earth changes.  So this is definitely a possible explanation.

Another theory is that the strange sounds are being caused by meteor showers.  Meteor showers can definitely produce some very weird sounds, but could they account for all of the widespread incidents all over the globe?  Yes, many believe that meteor showers will become very intense in 2012 and 2013, but it just seems a bit of a stretch to blame all of these strange sounds on meteor showers at this point.

Could these sounds have something to do with changes in the magnetic field of the earth?  That is much more realistic that many people may think.  Some really weird things have been going on with the magnetic field of the earth lately.  This is definitely one area that should be investigated further.

Of course one of the most popular theories is that UFOs are causing these strange sounds.  Some UFO researchers have suggested that many people are not only hearing these strange sounds with their ears, but that they are also staying “in their heads” afterwards.  So could there be a paranormal element to these weird noises?  During most of these events there has not been anything unusual in the sky, but some UFO researchers have suggested that we can’t see the UFOs because the strange sounds are being made by “cloaked ships”.

Yet another very popular theory being floated out there is that these sounds are being created by HAARP or by directed energy weapons.  If this theory was true, it might explain why the sounds are being heard all over the planet.  But the truth is that our knowledge about HAARP and directed energy weapons is fairly limited.  The governments of the world don’t really like to talk about those topics.  So if HAARP or directed energy weapons are causing these strange sounds, they may never tell us about it.

Some are wondering if the fact that we are getting closer to the end of the Mayan calendar has anything to do with this.  Many around the world are predicting some really bad things to happen later on in 2012, and to them these sounds could be an indication that something is starting to happen.

There are a few skeptics out there that have suggested that this could all be a publicity stunt.  In this day and age, that is always possible.  But if that was the case, then it would have to be someone with an incredible amount of resources.  These strange sounds are just not being heard in the United States.  They are literally being heard all over the planet.

Lastly, there are many that are dismissing this entire phenomenon as a giant hoax.  Some people have even gone to great lengths to try to “debunk” some of the videos on YouTube.  But if this was all a hoax, would so many similar reports be coming in from all over the world so quickly?  Could someone really coordinate such a massive hoax on such a wide scale so rapidly?  In the Internet age, that is always possible, but it seems somewhat unlikely.

Most people that have looked into this seem convinced that something is going on.  Many believe that the ultimate explanation for this phenomenon will be natural, and others believe that the ultimate explanation for this phenomenon will be supernatural.  The following is from a recent article posted on Huliq….

As a sign of the times, Google trends notes that the term “strange sounds” as a popular “search” suddenly rose after each recent UFO sighting; while a Jan. 16 report on numerous overseas TV stations stated that a persistent and “strange humming sound” has been reported worldwide; with complaints coming in by the thousands in England, Sweden, Canada, the U.S., Hungary, Denmark, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic and Russia that these “strange noises” are heard out in public, in the environment, and most alarmingly in “people’s heads.”

One thing to keep in mind is that most of these “strange sounds” are being heard in the northern hemisphere.

So does that mean anything?

That is hard to say.  It does seem noteworthy, however.

In any event, watch the videos linked to below and decide for yourself.

The following are 18 recent examples of strange sounds in the sky that have been posted to YouTube from all around the world….

#1 Alberta, Canada

#2 Tennessee

#3 Budapest, Hungary

#4 The Czech Republic

#5 Aalborg, Denmark

#6 Sweden

#7 Costa Rica

#8 Colorado

#9 Another One From Colorado

#10 Virginia

#11 Montreal, Canada

#12 Nottingham, England

#13 Viborg, Denmark

#14 France

#15 Kiev

#16 Ontario, Canada

#17 Manitoba, Canada

#18 Indiana

You can also find “compilation videos” of strange sounds in the sky from all around the world here, here, and here.

The following is one of the very best compilation videos of these strange sounds.  So far, it has been watched nearly a million times on YouTube….

So do you believe that you can explain the strange sounds in the sky all around the world?

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • Marleny

    A mi me late a algo extraterrestre y si no lo vemos porque estan camuflados no hay otra explicacion lo que me molesta es porque no lo dicen, ya debe estarse investigando lo saben y no lo comunican

  • http://www.blogspot.com M. Dianne

    End times:
    As a biblical scholar, I can vouch that there is great possibility of what the Bible has predicted in the Old Testament. I’m afraid others can’t truly make this claim until they allow their eyes to fall on the following Scriptures which, including the coming of a Messiah that has fulfilled itself by texts. There are soooooooo many, but this one seems to hit the rough!

  • Jim

    Yeah, I heard loud,rapid,stacotto booms here in Tampa florida about 2 months ago at 9:00 PM.My neighbor,an 85 year old man came out of his home and said,..”What the hell is that,I have never heard anything like it.” lasted about 10 minutes then abruptly stopped. Listening to all the reports worldwide, I wonder if we may be in for a major tectonic event.

  • Jim

    You hear some folks sying that these are just normal sounds,easily explained. Well,I’m goin on 70 yrs ols and have been all over the world,and i have never heard anything like what we heard a couple of months ago here near tampa. It may be natural in origin,but extremely rare in occurance.The more I cogitate on it, the more it seems likely a tectonic shift is eminent.Let the good times roll.(:

  • Harvey

    To those who hear this sound you are the ones!!! Choose your faith!! You are the ones who will be aloud into the gates of heaven god is speaking out to u and telling u to prepare your self read the book of revelations you will know in time what your needed to do. Choose the right path

  • David W

    Honestly, if true, everyone should accept the salvation of Jesus Christ while they still have a chance to do so. While the sounds may eventually be proven a hoax, Jesus is no hoax and is Lord.

  • not crazy

    It’s our own satilights

  • http://none Staeciey

    He is in Lancaster New York 14086 right now.

    His name is John and he is from Scotland.

    He has 10 Chinese jets that need to land in China and he cant land them. So he is flying back and forth. He has a problem.

    He is spinning on the moon and the sun so he is making all those noices all over the world. That is my opinion. Reported it to FAA and they do not beleive me. Said I am imagining the noices.
    They called the manager at my apartment and said no one is their and I have a problem.

    He is above RADAR so he is hard to find.
    He is a mentalist. You know what they can do.
    E-mailed Nasa. Do not know if they check it out.
    He can go higher into space then NASA.
    I think he is the cause of the bad weather.
    My opinion?

  • jm

    I listened to a dozen youtube segments of this phenom. Each one was nearly stupifying in its shock and awe aspect. I mentally made a note to myself that major news entities would be “all over it” in a hurry. Instead, from that sorry group we have gotten silence, and not so much as an admission of ignorance from them … which may be a scarier proposition than the sounds.

    I’m no scientist, but I have an interest in Tesla, earth resonance, and such things as that. If someone pointed a gun to my head and said “give us some explanation for this,” then I may put forth that someone has perfected Tesla’s machine – the blueprints for which Tesla took to his grave. The big problem that needed to be solved, one that some say Tesla did solve, was how to effectively couple to the earth, utilizing earth’s natural resonance in order to tranmit great quantities of power. The sounds are driven by great quantities of power. This is obvious. The power seems to be very of a low frequency, and so could be composed of the harmonics of earth’s natural resonance (8 hertz).

    I listened to the segments from various countries, and some were somewhat natural sounding. Others were artificial sounding, and contained musical notes of a kind that I could concieve twelve year old boys with fancy toys might compose in order to be “scary”. It was probably a test, not of the equipment, but of people’s response to it.

  • stephen

    This sounds like the shofar. a horn made from a rams horn used to sound a warning in ancient times. It appears the warnings are being sounded from heaven. the events described in the book of revelation are about to come true. Is there any safe place. The only place is to be reconciled back to God. He created us all. Gave us the miraculous gift of life. We have all broken his commandments. “the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life thru Jesus Christ the lord.” read the gospels in the bible. Read revelation. ” all who call upon the name of the lord (JEsus) will be saved. Jesus will return as he promised. He came the first time also as promised 2000 years ago. He will come again as promised as reigning king over all the people of the earth. There will be peace, true peace at that time.

  • uyk7

    Has anyone checked for earthquake activity within, say, a month of when the sound was heard? Excluding the ‘trumpet’ sound, could the other sounds precede earthquake activity?

  • Teri


  • Mescie

    Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Judgement Day is near. Save yourselves and get baptized and saved…

  • Eileen Heil

    add quarkertown, PA to the list we heard it last year, had no clue what it was, but it was definately scary& freaky!

  • Eileen Heil

    maybe you should listen to the one where the news team covering the tampa florida ballgame, then decide whether or not they are “keeping silent”..

  • Deborah

    Amen and Amen. Please world wake up. We have our Creator God who gave his only son to. go to the cross in our place. And He was risen on the third day so we may be with him for eternity. How can some not believe in. our creator. Just know we all. are spirit beings living in a human body. But as soon as Jesus comes back we will be given an immortal. body.And guess. what ,we will be with him and what a Wonderful. Eternity that is going to be. May I suggest a movie to all that doubt Jesus is for real. Get the movie; The Burning Hell.

  • mammamia48

    Rumbling noises, metal banging, God is doing this! Yay God! Btw…all is in place here, thought it was lids on dumpsters, but no, theyre all in place. Been making sure as i am the only one around here that. Checks these things out. Im outside more than inside

  • Kate

    They all sounded different, some sound like a T Rex roaring, others like a train or a spaceship. I dont see any logic thinking that is an angel with a trumpet, first of all, because everything in the book of revelation is in metaphor, you are very stupid if you think its all literal and second if theres an actual Heaven, its not in in our atmosphere its not even in our universe, the sounds seems to come from the atmosphere. Maybe they are trying new strong weapons, its all i can think of.

  • Robert Clark

    Magnetic pole reversal causing issues with the earths plates and audible noises as it is in the process.

    Eventually massive quake activity will ensue and perhaps government agencies are already aware of what is about to occur and are not actually prepping for things like Jade Helm to take over the USA via Marshall Law .. but rather are preparing for the chaos that will ensure when several fault lines and dormant volcanoes begin to become highly active due to this reversal all at once.

    Just a possible scenario…it would also explain the DHS and other Fed Agencies prepping via ammo and dried foods etc.etc.. they know about it and we don’t and obviously they can’t inform the public and start a panic.

  • Michael

    I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not from God. Not yet anyway. You’ll know Gods Trumpet when you hear it.

  • Michael

    These are sounds from another source of beings, not God.

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