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Strange Sounds In The Sky All Around The World

Do you have an explanation for all of the strange sounds in the sky that have been documented all around the world lately?  Over the past few weeks, Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere have been absolutely buzzing about these strange sounds.  At the moment, they remain a great mystery because nobody can seem to explain them.  Some are calling them “apocalyptic sounds”.  Whatever they are, they are very loud.  Those that have heard the unexplained sounds in the sky compare them to the rumbling of a train, a sonic boom or a trumpet.  In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular theories about these sounds, but the truth is that right now nobody really knows what is going on.  But what we can say is that this is truly a global phenomenon.  Strange sounds in the sky are being recorded literally all over the world and are being uploaded to YouTube at a very rapid pace.  If someone was trying to fake this, it would be quite difficult to get people all over the planet to cooperate.  In some instances, entire communities have heard these sounds.  So it appears as though something is definitely happening.  Perhaps there is a very basic explanation for all of this.  Perhaps there is not.  In any event, the fact that we simply do not know what is going on is rather unsettling.

Some scientists have postulated that these strange sounds in the sky could have been created by “fracking”, rock bursts or the venting of high-pressure gas trapped deep within the Earth.  Any of those things can definitely produce noise, but it seems hard to believe that events such as those are responsible for all of the dozens of incidents that are being recorded all over the planet.

One of the most prominent theories is that earthquakes are causing these strange noises.  Once again, that is certainly possible.  The “Ring of Fire” is becoming much more active and volcanic activity has been rising.  We appear to be moving into a time when the crust of the earth is going to be increasingly unstable.  Many believe that we will soon see some unprecedented earth changes.  So this is definitely a possible explanation.

Another theory is that the strange sounds are being caused by meteor showers.  Meteor showers can definitely produce some very weird sounds, but could they account for all of the widespread incidents all over the globe?  Yes, many believe that meteor showers will become very intense in 2012 and 2013, but it just seems a bit of a stretch to blame all of these strange sounds on meteor showers at this point.

Could these sounds have something to do with changes in the magnetic field of the earth?  That is much more realistic that many people may think.  Some really weird things have been going on with the magnetic field of the earth lately.  This is definitely one area that should be investigated further.

Of course one of the most popular theories is that UFOs are causing these strange sounds.  Some UFO researchers have suggested that many people are not only hearing these strange sounds with their ears, but that they are also staying “in their heads” afterwards.  So could there be a paranormal element to these weird noises?  During most of these events there has not been anything unusual in the sky, but some UFO researchers have suggested that we can’t see the UFOs because the strange sounds are being made by “cloaked ships”.

Yet another very popular theory being floated out there is that these sounds are being created by HAARP or by directed energy weapons.  If this theory was true, it might explain why the sounds are being heard all over the planet.  But the truth is that our knowledge about HAARP and directed energy weapons is fairly limited.  The governments of the world don’t really like to talk about those topics.  So if HAARP or directed energy weapons are causing these strange sounds, they may never tell us about it.

Some are wondering if the fact that we are getting closer to the end of the Mayan calendar has anything to do with this.  Many around the world are predicting some really bad things to happen later on in 2012, and to them these sounds could be an indication that something is starting to happen.

There are a few skeptics out there that have suggested that this could all be a publicity stunt.  In this day and age, that is always possible.  But if that was the case, then it would have to be someone with an incredible amount of resources.  These strange sounds are just not being heard in the United States.  They are literally being heard all over the planet.

Lastly, there are many that are dismissing this entire phenomenon as a giant hoax.  Some people have even gone to great lengths to try to “debunk” some of the videos on YouTube.  But if this was all a hoax, would so many similar reports be coming in from all over the world so quickly?  Could someone really coordinate such a massive hoax on such a wide scale so rapidly?  In the Internet age, that is always possible, but it seems somewhat unlikely.

Most people that have looked into this seem convinced that something is going on.  Many believe that the ultimate explanation for this phenomenon will be natural, and others believe that the ultimate explanation for this phenomenon will be supernatural.  The following is from a recent article posted on Huliq….

As a sign of the times, Google trends notes that the term “strange sounds” as a popular “search” suddenly rose after each recent UFO sighting; while a Jan. 16 report on numerous overseas TV stations stated that a persistent and “strange humming sound” has been reported worldwide; with complaints coming in by the thousands in England, Sweden, Canada, the U.S., Hungary, Denmark, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic and Russia that these “strange noises” are heard out in public, in the environment, and most alarmingly in “people’s heads.”

One thing to keep in mind is that most of these “strange sounds” are being heard in the northern hemisphere.

So does that mean anything?

That is hard to say.  It does seem noteworthy, however.

In any event, watch the videos linked to below and decide for yourself.

The following are 18 recent examples of strange sounds in the sky that have been posted to YouTube from all around the world….

#1 Alberta, Canada

#2 Tennessee

#3 Budapest, Hungary

#4 The Czech Republic

#5 Aalborg, Denmark

#6 Sweden

#7 Costa Rica

#8 Colorado

#9 Another One From Colorado

#10 Virginia

#11 Montreal, Canada

#12 Nottingham, England

#13 Viborg, Denmark

#14 France

#15 Kiev

#16 Ontario, Canada

#17 Manitoba, Canada

#18 Indiana

You can also find “compilation videos” of strange sounds in the sky from all around the world here, here, and here.

The following is one of the very best compilation videos of these strange sounds.  So far, it has been watched nearly a million times on YouTube….

So do you believe that you can explain the strange sounds in the sky all around the world?

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • http://www.BroCope.com Bro Cope

    It really is very simple. The universal constants are changing. The speed of light is changing, and the result is that all elementary particles are changing in size, based on Einsteins equation E=MC2. Since the total energy of the universe is a constant, if C changes, then M changes in the opposite direction to keep E constant.

    The sound that is being heard is generated by the contraction of atoms and the stress created in the earth’s crustal plates as a result. This is the same force that accounts for the upswing in earthquakes and volcanos of late. Expect to see an exponential increase in (1) the sounds, (2) earthquakes, (3) volcanos, (4) sunspot and eruptions on the sun, and (4) extremely severe weather patterns. They are all tied together.

    When someone gets around to re-measuring C, they will find about a 4% increase in it’s speed.

  • lana

    first one i’ve seen from asian region i think


  • Bob Cubley

    I would add to Bro Cope’s description of things by saying that this is also the most likely reason to the “anomaly” in our magnetosphere, which is resulting from the weirdness that’s going on right now with the earth’s core – in the next 1000 years we can expect all kinds of odd stuff – northern lights in odd places and such because the magnetic field is going to flip.

    It is most certainly NOT the end of days or any other religious dogma and the world isn’t going to end in a fiery Armageddon

  • bertha

    earth is in pain..to many ppl on it..

  • bruce

    Chuck Norris must be shaving his beard off.

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  • leakim

    Well, I don’t believe that they’re all fake but there are a looot of fakes out there. have a look at your super compilation above e.g.: the one at 07:10min. is definitely a fake – its exactly the same sound as in the Kiev-Video (including the children’s voices in the backround)…

  • http://www.macbrosplace.com/ MacBros

    Sounds like a skidder ripping up some trees.

  • ddeleeuw

    to bob cubley one thing i just red here already came tru cuz never there was the nothern light close to the netherlands and today on the news they said that it was visible over here in some places. :S

  • https://www.facebook.com/dabigrippa?ref=tn_tnmn MopaRich


  • DJW

    Immanuel Velikovsky covered this same phenomena, refered to as theophany, in his “Worlds in Collision”(pg. 110) published in 1950.

    Most likely something to do with dislocated subterranean strata readjusting itself. Often precedes or accompanies earthquakes.

    It might also emmenate from two large charged globes closing or moving away from one another (music from planets or from stars).

    Excellent book, well worth reading. Velikovsky may have been the greatest unsung researcher to come out of the 20th century.

  • MAPS

    Could someone make a map of the places these sounds have been heard with a TIMELINE? And post it on YOU TUBE please?

    HIGHLIGHTING locations and connecting the dots.
    It all may show a center of origin…

  • RPea777

    http://seektress.com/ssounds.htm a map with the locations on it.

  • jeannette

    could it be all the governments building something underground so they are protected if dec 2012 becomes a reality …. its just that it sounds like digging, grinding equipment to me and if they are all doing it at the same time to make one kind of shelter then thats why we are hearing it all over the world cause they are all tunneling to get to eachother …. just my thoughts anyway

  • http://facebook Lesley Branks

    Get ready people they are arriving.

  • Holly

    I libe in Amarillo, Texas. Although I did not personally hear it, we had strange sounds last night, around 10 pm, CST.

  • Holly

    *live, that is.

  • Holly

    We had a local radio deejay capture in on his phone. To me, it sounded like monks…or snoring? So hard to explain!

  • Jon

    Whales and dolphins are doing these sounds strange as it may seem. They energize water clouds to listen to us. In a way it is the whales and the dolphins trying to communicate with us and especially listen. If you look at all those videos you’ll notice there is water clouds. Open your mind to the truth and listen to heart.

  • Lisa

    This is really bad!!! Ive been hearing these strange noises for quite some time over the last couple years, and they have gotten worce. I feel this deep sence of negative energy when I hear these wird sounds. They are usually unatural in nature, and almost sound like a giant grinding aluminum wheel churning deep within the earths crust. I also hear explosives, and sonic type booms comeing from the earth as well. Something bad is going on, and it is quite frightning!!!

    The worst part is the government is not our friend. This is truely frightning to say the least!!!

  • John

    These sound are from the movie war of the world

  • Shae

    Lisa & Holly,
    I agree with yall! I haven’t heard the sound in my town yet, but when it happened in Amarillo last week, my son also heard it in North Dakota too! Then there was a really bad energy in the air. I heard various videos online and they all send chills up my spine. Did you see the video of that large sinkhole in Russia that has these noises coming out of it too??

  • John

    You all have to go to nutty bin

  • Shabd
  • http://www.worldwideconspiracy.co.uk Jonni

    Our website got this video sent to us over the weekend.


  • http:vicsesoterica.com Bill Thomas

    Wednesday, February 8th, 2,012.

    Men of Planet Earth(and those of the rib), hear me if ya will:-

    I am an amateur scientist. I think I know what is causing these strange sounds. Despite my humourous opening, what I have to say is MOST GRAVELY serious! So eyes down – LOOKING!!

    The noise IS The Last Trump(et).

    It is(I am pretty sure)caused by The Earth’s WOBBLE – which peaks every 6,500 years. On Dec.21st, 2,012.(Within a year.) Procucing Centrifugal Force. Which is HEAVING the entire Earth UPWARDS. Causing earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, Extreme heat, and cold, sink-holes,cracks in the ground – and now these weird noises. Around The Ring of Fire, or near to it. Centred opposite The Hawaian Islands.(I have plotted the positions on map – straight band around centre of world. AND on a globe of The Earth. Time line seems to be SEQUENTIAL, moving clockwise around The Rim of Fire.

    The sound we hear, world wide,is REAL. It is caused by the Earth’s crust STRETCHING. Making all the rocks STRETCH. Producing a dreadful cacophany of sound WORLD WIDE.

    It is the heralding noise of The Acopalyse. Peaking within a year or two.

    EXPECT nine tenths of ALL life and structures upon The Earth to be DESTROYED, horrifically.

    Poseidon,in Atlantic Ocean, wrongly called Atlantis(Antarctica was Atlantis!), was the last time that The Wobble peaked. It is THE END OF THIS AGE.(Not of The World.)

    Expect noise to get worse and distaster increase exponentially, producing a polar shift.

    FOUR cataclysmws will occur. 1. First caused by Earth’s Wobble peaking. 2. Sedond CATACLYSM caused by NIBIRU(Planet X) – now approaching us FAST.

    3. Third cataclysm could be caused by The Galactic Alignment.

    4. And the fourth “cataclysm” – by the RE-ACTION by humans and animals to The Age of Aquarius.

    ALL four cataclysms centred on December 21st, 2,012. First cataclysm to start some this this(2,012.A.D.) year. And proceed some years.

    Followed by Ice Era.

    Then comes ICE AGE. Lasting hundreds of years. Back to The Stone Age,etc!!


    Get GOOD portable giant PRIMUS stoves!!


    I jest thee NOT!!

    Escape down North Geographical Pole!

    Or take your chances with mass landing aliens soon(to evacuate best half)!!


    Now ya know!!

    Vic.(My Webee name.)Ah.


    Chuck Norris is shaving off his beard!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  • Shav

    Heard it today. Filmed it a little bit. Got some pretty okay footage. It’s definitely worrisome, but if something is going on, there’s not a lot we can do about it unfortunately.

  • Mindy Hoerter

    The intrigue and implications (good or bad) have brought us all to this website, searching for more information on these strange noises. While my intuitions tell me these noises are real (although I am sure half are staged now to get attention – real mature by the way), I’d like to debunk a lot of these ‘theories’.

    First of all, unless you’re a physicist, rocket scientist, geologist or some other ‘ist’ that’s dedicated their whole lives to study, please do not try to sound scientific, especially if your post is laden with misspellings and grammatical mistakes. I don’t believe anything coming from someone’s mouth that is less intelligent, sorry.

    Now to debunk certain specific theories. If you do believe in some of these theories still, I’d like to interest you in some sea monkeys….

    1. Galactic alignment – this happens quite literally ALL the time and will not be responsible for the end of us, nor the noises. If so, the noises would’ve been happening all the damn time. Yes, there will be a galactic alignment around Dec 21st, 2012, but no different than the one that happened Dec 2011, Dec 2010 and so on.

    2. Nibiru (Planet X). This simply does NOT exist. Period. Nibiru is a culmination of conspiracy theories and a misinterpretation of the Planet X term coined by atronomers numerous years ago to explain a yet undiscovered gravitational pull on Neptune and Uranus. Planet X DOES have a name – Pluto. Read some books and do research before you instill false fears in people. There is no planet zooming towards us….if there was, I’m sure we would’ve heard something about it by now. Scientists and government officials also care about their OWN lives so news that sensational would’ve leaked by now. Seriously….would you like to buy some sea monkeys?

    3. Magnetic pole shifts. The strange noises could very well be caused by this. I don’t think much of anything bad would come of this, other than us having to buy new compasses and perhaps a little more weather than we are used to. If humans could survive the ice age how many years ago, I’m sure we could now. Not to say the magnetic pole shift will cause an ice age, but I am no more of a meteorologist than a rocket scientist, so I’m not claiming anything or trying to freak people out.

    4. Aliens. OK aliens coming here would just be freaking cool, so don’t freak out about this potentially being true. If they wanted to kill us, they would’ve by now, like when we carried spears and grunted, versus today when we have stealth bombers and nukes. If anything, extraterrestrials are probably benevolent and we could potentially learn and evolve a lot if they do show themselves. I think it would be amazing….kinda hope that the strange noises are that, to be honest!!!!

    5. Prophecies. Mayan, Nostradamus, etc….come on, really? For one, I don’t recall any information about Nostradamus’ prophecies about 2012 until like two months ago. For another, the Mayan calendar counting down to Dec 21, 2012 is just that; a calendar counting down. It’s akin to the countdown for New Years, and guess what happens when that happens? Yes, a new year. Don’t believe in the hype…..seriously.

    I’d like to conclude with this: if the world is ending, what can we do about it? Just live your lives. Plus also, perhaps in order to avoid this ‘prophecy’, perhaps we somehow initiate something that DOES end the world? As a wise man once said ‘in the event to avoid one’s destiny, one chooses to meet it’.

    Perhaps eventually we will find out what is causing the strange noises and it’ll be really interesting or perhaps not interesting at all. Or maybe it was all staged for like some stupid movie, like Cloverfield 2. Blah.

  • rc

    We heard a loud wailing sound that continued for fifteen minutes in Sydney. i thought it very strange at the time and went out onto the roof to locate what direction it was coming from. It got louder as if passing overhead but i saw nothing then it faded out.. it sounded like a metallic wailing. the animals were clearly reacting to it.
    It was high in pitch, identical to the one recorded in Northern Ireland. I was slightly disturbed by it actually. I did not think more of it, until i came across the world reports by chance.

    Strange days indeed!

  • porkbelly

    Its all a big HOAX, they are using clips (some original and some are modified) from the movie with Tom Cruise War of the Worlds !!!!

  • David

    Why arn’t more people from the houses and apartments out in the streets to look up at the sky and wonder about the sounds?

  • Jewels

    I heard similar sounds to the videos on youtube this morning in Calgary, Alberta, Canada around 3:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.
    I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up around 3:30 a.m. and turned the t.v. off, and that’s heard the noises. It didn’t sound like anything I have ever heard before in the city, or anywhere for that matter. Was too freaked out to go outside and listen, or to think of recording the sounds (which seemed right above me). Went to my bedroom and listened there. I could hear them clearly – they seemed almost mechanical and drawn-out (too me sounded like a “Cloverfield Monster” or something similar, enraged haha). Kept listening for approx. a half hour – 45 minutes until I fell asleep.

  • Jewels

    David, I wondered the same, and peeked briefly outside to see if there were other apartment lights on/people looking outside. That’s what freaked me out the most – was I the only one hearing this? That’s why I locked myself in my bedroom, as I wasn’t sure if it was paranormal and actually in MY apartment or what?!

  • Steph

    I don’t ever write on any of these blogs but I this whole thing has me worried. I have never heard the sound myself and was told about this from my brother (who has never heard it either). We started to search and look at some of the videos online and I thought it was very frightening. I am catholic but not a strong believer of this that or the other simply because I don’t know what to believe. If I ever heard this I think I would become even more fearful. By what the sound actually sounds like, I think it sounds like a trumpet too and it doesn’t sound very welcoming. I wish we had an answer but I do believe part of our population will be whipped out at some point. The reason for this is simple based on the population growth that we have seen in the past ten years we are starting to exceed the amount of life that should be on the planet. THink about all the “food” we have made in fast foos restaurants that aren’t actually real food at all. Its junk, take Mc Donalds for example. And I live in Canada, specifically in the province of Ontario and the amount of land that is being taken away annually is frightening, its all gone for homes, stores, and entertainment. THat land is never coming back and we are still continuing to grow in our communities. If the world started to become unbalanced and get rid of people I wouldn’t be surprised and I think our governments all know it too. If they had any play in these events that happen we’re all dead. At one point we were looking at things of mass distruction in a university course. I can’t remember all the details because it was so long ago but the government was thinking or was in the process of making weather machines, and all other kinds of things. We are trying to play God, and its not natural. Ultimately we are killing ourselves.

  • Ania

    I’m from Peru and i didnt’t hear it .________.

  • @neodissedent

    So do you believe that you can explain the strange sounds in the sky all around the world?

    Yes I do.
    These are nothing new!
    I’ve heard these sounds throughout my life – since the 70’s. I have probably heard every variation.

    Sucking, scraping, trumpets, dongs,
    rumbles, whistles, whines and gongs.
    No B/S 😉
    These noises are 100% genuine, even if some of the videos have been faked.

    I first recorded some of these noises in the early 80’s.
    Though because of the ignorance and denial that I had faced ever since, I’m happy to let the panic rise. 😛
    Yes, it is explainable with physics.
    Yes, it is a portent of bad things to come.
    I hope you can get by without technology, if humankind doesn’t annihilate itself. First with Fukushima (no it’s not over!) Second with nuclear weapons (just look at the world posturing. Show me a country that isn’t on the brink of civil war and I’ll show you a benevolent dictatorship! Answer of the rich is to take us to war and with all the Fukushima fallout, someone will probably say “What the Hell.” Nuclear War!)

    I’ve even heard these sky noises sound exactly like Dr. Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S. Wait until someone manages to capture that one on video. That one will really freak EVERYONE out.
    I repeat these sounds are genuine and I do have an explanation, but I’m delighted to keep you all in the dark.

  • Vickie S.

    I am a sound editor for films and what I glean from these videos is the lack of surprise from anyone filming these! If I heard something like that in real life, I would be saying “************! What is that?!” Even the video with the forest service guys – they don’t even react to it! Why would people be filming skies etc. The Budapest one has no reactions from the people around and they’re in a major city. Some of the sounds sound like it’s been done on a synthesizer. But then again, my niece and her husband heard it in So. California that same week, though I didn’t hear anything and we’re not too far away from each other. And believe me, I hear everything!

  • Dennice Moss

    Today I was in my back yard in Houston Texas and I heard the odd noises, they sound just like the youtube videos I have watched. My daughter was with me and she too heard the noise. I heard them around 10:30 A.M. and then again around 3:00 P.M. I don’t know what to make of it.

  • Roger

    I heard it last week in Michigan for a couple minutes. To all of you who say “It’s a Hoax!”, I guess just wait until you hear it for yourself. Maybe then it will finally hit you. hehehe

  • Carolann

    A friend who works in Fort McMurray Canada called me two days ago while he was visiting his family on his day off, he told me he was hearing the same strange sounds that have been reported around the world but it lasted most the day not minutes. In that area they have been hearing it frequently. I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada and as of yet have never heard any noises here or heard anyone here that has.

  • Zoe Louise

    I live in a village called Mytholmroyd in the north of England. I arrived home last night, from a night out and started to get ready for bed in the bathroom, it was 03:35am. I heard a loud, low air raid siren, stretched out, which changed to an almost tubular sound again low pitched. I have had tinnitus for years so assumed it was this, especially as I’d been in a club! And it felt very loud “in my head” the sound dimmed and I went to bed. I would have not thought about it again but in the morning my boyfriend, who was asleep when I got home, asked me if I heard a weird noise because he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming. He described it just the same but thought he saw lights through the gap in the curtains. I saw none. It’s only because he heard it too that I’m posting this. Any thoughts welcome.

  • Ben I

    Just heard these noises approx. 17 miles north of Boston MA between the hours of 1&2 est. can I just say that these noises literally made me get out of bed and open my window. I thought the world was ending. I have not looked at any you tube videos nor have I tried investigating it beyond this site, this was the craziest thing I have ever heard. It was a few different frequencies of varying pitches almost like a very metallic grinding noise played through a trumpet. Also not saying its connected but there was a jet sound like I have never heard before too and there was a extremely low flying plane I spotted that’s extremely unusual for this area. The sound from the “jet” was a more aerodynamic sound like you could tell it wasn’t just your average 747 flying over head. It was more fast sounding as well. Nevertheless I have some sound recording equipment I’m setting up so I can hear this again and help out……. The vibes I’m getting are crazy too.

  • California Mike

    Whoever listens to a whole lot of these, not just a few, can’t deny there is something supernatural happening here. It’s a stretch to think this is a hoax – sorry-
    There is a real sense of menace in many of them;
    a sense of loss in some, and an unmistakable sense of warning. Most all have a heavy emotion-evoking
    agenda, I think. None are feel-good.
    Overall, these sounds just seem to want to stop people in their tracks and FEEL the emotions within themselves that the sounds evoke.
    However they make you feel, try to stay with that feeling and bravely step into it. Is it fear?
    If so go deeply into it; remember it’s just an emotion, but force yourself to really feel it and go as deeply into it as it takes for you to find out exactly what it is that you’re afraid of.
    In this way you will find yourself making sense of and confronting many many facets of your fear-based life, and now it is time to feel deeply all our fears.
    It’s the best thing we can do for our souls…

  • Andros

    I live in El Paso TX, the first time I saw a video about this i thought it was clearly a hoax, but since i started to see so many videos in so many different places through out the globe i really started to believe it, i even found a video recorded in Juarez Mexico, I couldn’t believe i didn’t hear it when it happened. And then some other co-workers said it happened again last Saturday around 3 pm, again i didn’t catch it, but as much as I’m really concerned about them, i wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a worldwide publicity stunt for some movie, or a coordinated worldwide trick made up from some religious cult to make everybody crazy this 2012. My common sense tells me that this world naturally has its recycling periods every now and then, and there sure are natural forces we do not understand (proof of this is that still in this time, with all our technological advances, tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes come totally unpredicted and we still can’t do anything about them.), in any case, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared with water, food, and other important supplies just in case. Make sure to have a safe place for you and the people you care about.

  • Manbungo

    Hahahh you guys think it is real!!!!!! it is a promotion for clover field THE END. do not belive me? google it.

  • shadoe hoover

    the world is ending..

  • Tim

    “Some of you are close, some of you are far and many of you are in trouble…”

  • Tim

    “Some of you are close, some of you are far and many of you are in trouble…” author unknown Asimov science fiction magazine.
    Or it could just be the wind :)

  • tom

    Man So creepy noises. I experienced this creepy noises back in CA and believe me, u don’t wanna experience this… The curious thing is every-time I hear the creepy noise the floor starting shake. I don’t think is something relate to Mother Nature or magnetic waves. Sound like something is coming to this plane far far away and they are announcing their coming to all living thing in Earth.

  • Dorothy
  • Hemanth Rao

    This is quite natural when a charged particle travels from one to another place. It reacts with air and thus makes noise. Nothing to worry about that. Lets set the superstitions aside. Its the beauty of the nature :)

    As per my research, the west countries would face these kind of strange things further till 2014

  • Colinnd

    I was sceptical until my spouse & I heard unexplainable noises last night. I can only describe them as cyclical but not rhythmic; akin to a drawn out trumpeting/hooting alpine horn-sounding v. long notes-not as low pitched, almost like the echo-y sound of a traily bike in the distance even (which it wasn’t for definite). Came & went in a S/SW direction. Whether from ground or sky was not discernable. Quite probable to have rational reason, but so far none. Rural SW England.

  • AfriCaN

    Why dont these things ever happen in anywhere in africa??? For us here in africa these things seem all to be nonsense but hey who knows what’s going rite…the world’s a mystery…

  • Latebar71

    Gabriel’s trumpet. Now is the time. Give your soul to the Lord. Amen.

  • PB Zama

    No matter if you heard the sound or not, but I tell you this Jesus is coming soon and be prepare for this second coming.

  • sam

    i am in the north east part of china,sometime last week i heard a really loud and deep noise not your typical thunderclap but it had a constant frequency and it sounded like a moan,i rushed to turn off my laptop because i was afraid of an electric storm,and when i looked outside my window the sky was clear.

  • http://html lili

    First heard this noise in Dec. 2009, small mid-central Indiana town. I was upstairs reading in my room, one evening, when I kept hearing this unearthly sound, I did react almost immediately with panic. There was such a forlorn, moaning sound to it. I ran down stairs and asked my husband was that thunder, he thought not. So, he, I and my grandson converged on our front porch and stared at the heavens. The night was moonless and cloudy, very cold, no chance of rain. The noise at times sounded like thunder, but sounded more like a metal door beating or scraping against concrete. The sound would come down in crashing waves, almost as if there was a huge plane, up there hovering, but we saw nothing. After 30 minutes, silence. I just knew it was not right, never got any answers until recently. If you hear the sound, you’ll never forget it, as it altars your sense of well being.

  • http://SkepticalObserver Eugene Victor

    I find the predictions of earthly distruction based on the so called unexplained events a total fabrication of panic: As the sounds, earthquakes, and volcanic activities are undoubtably a normal sequence of plate tectonics and due to the fact humans have a limited life span, we are experincing normal cyclic activity. Interesting that so many inexperienced observers are perdicting distructive terminations.
    Where those are interested people; they should settle down and forget the observational perdictions of ignorant want to bes.
    The earth is not about to be terminated, there are no death stars/planets,ultra Supervortexual events, alignments, etc. Everything is within the norm. If you are interested in superabnormal unexplained fantastical suthsayers perdictions and gobblygook then enjoy. Those interested in truth should relax and accept that there will be normal mantle adjustments and activities.
    Think we are living in a very interesting period.
    I will continue reading my book, keeping the bird feeder filled, and enjoying my coffee as the sun raises. Bless and keep you all

  • http://iSnark.ak4mc.us/ McGehee

    I’ve completely missed this until I stumbled on a Youtube video this morning. If I ever heard anything like that I probably would have assumed it was a train passing by or something (though I would expect to hear the train’s horn as well; there are at-grade crossings within a couple miles of my house).

    I’m pretty sure no one’s fracking in metro Atlanta though…

  • http://SceptableObservations Sceptable Sam

    Remember the Taos Hum? In the south eastern corner of the San Luis Valley, Colorado/New Mexico that would be in an Area South East of Alamosa,Colorado. People in the area reported strange subsurface sounds. Then there were speculations of the government drilling tunnels underground From Los Alamos to Dulce, and various other susposed sites in the area. The government was collecting the greys and transporting them to specially prepared underground place in northern New Mexico/Southern Colorado.

  • Angel

    if you pay attention to what’s going on around the world in concert with these events? returning to the original source of knowledge and do your homework you’ll see that 2016 the wheels of Ezekiel return & part the veil of heaven..creating portal which Christ & His armada return thru to conquer earth and retrieve His people. The horns being heard are the Trumpets of Revelations!

  • Tyler Wood

    Remember the theory dinosaurs were wiped off the earth by Meteors? well It said about meteor showers. The earth Is shifting off it’s axis aligning with The “milky way” and so fourth. However worldwide? yes meteor shower can happen all over if, A big meteor like the dinosaur age, perhaps it had been smashed to many pieces in friction thus, Showering the earth. And Caused over the years? IT would all depend on how it broken apart the first piece is just now crossing us causing worsening noises. Bigger the louder the smaller the more fierce. Just think about how the skies are all dark lately. Truly The earth is ending it’s self the magnetic field has been ripped and increasing, As said in the einstein post above. it is causing attention we don’t want. The “Green people” as some people would say, They warned you to take care of this earth. that also probably isn’t the cause. But however Do not doubt the disasters that the weather is going to predict.

  • http://N/A Ed Dean

    I live on a farm in the central part of Wisconsin. I do not hear anything except my own animals. Seems most if not all videos are from the city. Perhaps it is just sound bouncing off of all those buildings you have. If I heard it my self out in the middle of the woods or open country that is one thing BUT in the city ?

  • Me

    it’s the Locust preparing there invasion om E-day

  • Shantay Grago

    I think it’s a thermal or humidity sensor (the coil in the back) but it’s not a mirror, the two soldered objects to the left are light sensors (cadmium sulphide cells?) when the little barrier turns more of one or the other is exposed to the LED giving the angle

  • Brian

    A low frequency sound is being reported in Co. Kerry in Ireland. Locals describe it as similar to a diesel engine left idling and not everyone can hear it.

    Personally I think it’s a fleet of alien ships getting into position a la “Signs” or “Independence Day”. So make sure you are near water or Will Smith 😉

  • katia

    nice story!!!

  • Angelia B

    I believe we heard it in AR. But cannot say for sure. We live 40 or so miles from the nearest train but we heard what sounded like a train blaring it’s horn. So I am not sure what it make of it.

  • Fjack

    Heard loud like metal banging in sky at 4 am in madera, ca this morning lasted for an hour.. When I looked onto YouTube the sound I heard matched the sound that the people in Colorado captured..

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