Super Soldiers: Will The U.S. Military Soon Outfit Their Soldiers With Exotic Prosthetics, Mechanical Exoskeletons, Implantable Microchips And Even Edit Their DNA?

The goal of these drugs, prosthetics and exoskeletons would be to give soldiers “superhuman” abilities that they would not otherwise possess.  For example, the ability to effortlessly carry a very heavy weapon into battle would be a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Some of these exoskeletons are absolutely amazing.  Just check out the following video news report which contains footage of a soldier demonstrating a prototype of an exoskeleton…..

But will these changes go too far?  In the pursuit of creating “ultimate killing machines”, will we create monsters who show no hesitation and no remorse when killing other humans?  Will we create beings that are half human/half machine that have no place in society once their battlefield careers are over?

The future is going to be a very strange place, there is for certain.  Let us hope that our military leaders think things out very clearly before implementing these ideas.  Sometimes changes that are thought to be “good” can have very bad, and very unintended, consequences.