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Super Soldiers: Will The U.S. Military Soon Outfit Their Soldiers With Exotic Prosthetics, Mechanical Exoskeletons, Implantable Microchips And Even Edit Their DNA?

The goal of these drugs, prosthetics and exoskeletons would be to give soldiers “superhuman” abilities that they would not otherwise possess.  For example, the ability to effortlessly carry a very heavy weapon into battle would be a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Some of these exoskeletons are absolutely amazing.  Just check out the following video news report which contains footage of a soldier demonstrating a prototype of an exoskeleton…..

But will these changes go too far?  In the pursuit of creating “ultimate killing machines”, will we create monsters who show no hesitation and no remorse when killing other humans?  Will we create beings that are half human/half machine that have no place in society once their battlefield careers are over?

The future is going to be a very strange place, there is for certain.  Let us hope that our military leaders think things out very clearly before implementing these ideas.  Sometimes changes that are thought to be “good” can have very bad, and very unintended, consequences.

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  • Robert

    THIS is a fact!
    Right NOW, here in TEXAS on a U.S. Military Air Force Base, they are training a “SUPER SOLDIER” called the “B.E.A.S.T.”

  • brian

    This is really good, but if you read this, then take this in mind D.A.R.P.A, take your time with it, make the exoskeleton look more human-like, as in the shape, and that is connected to the armor( aking the ehole thing a suit), and add some gel layers that regulate temperature and the metal to make the armor that can basically take on a caliber bullet, and figure out a way for the exoskeleton to react and move alot faster, then you can mix it with a super soldier who had its DNA altered to make him damn strong, probably stronger than the exoskeleton itself that would have its bones to be able to withstand the speed and weight of the armor, that would be smarter because of that chip thing and those also make him able to connect with the AI itself inside his mind when thinking, and that recieves the best military training of all, with years of training basically that would gain him knowledge, experience, and quick thinking that you dont need a chip for, and all those other factors, and all of it put together basically makes ( and not trying to be funny or dumb by wanting some sci-fi fantasy of mines coming to life) a soldier like thos eof the spartan project that you can read of in the book Halo: Fall of Reach, which shows you some of the ideas you have in mind, and you should see it instead of the video games since the games cant show what the main character, a Spartan,(John-117) can really do, i guess its to much and the game screen would moveto fast for the player because of the speed, and it would make the game sincerely too easy no matter the odds(which is another reason why this should be made real, not only the super soldeir ideal and the technological breakthrough, but it can really create man and women who can become hereos basically, for they would be able to do a great deal of good and make a change in the hardest times where nothing can work except military action, and on top of that they would be damn hard to take down.

  • http://mysteriesoftheworld eric

    I think that is intresting, super soldiers being controled by the military. I just thought they were just people making things up.

  • http://www.bayho.com/c/840.html biomed foods

    DARPA is including money for super soldiers with edited DNA and implantable microchips? What? Seriously?

    While the mechnical exoskeletons would sound kinda cool, to be honest, I don’t know if a super soldier would be a good idea, mainly becuase you’d be directly tampering with a person and changing who they are.

  • charles gill

    wait if theirs a such thing as a super soldier if you’ed say it wouldn’t be smart to use robots or ecoskeletens because like the video said what if u get out of the ecoskeleten and someone planting a worm or virus in them which would be making them indestructable robots that no ordinary man or armys can stop like one alone it will take at least an army to stop it but if you ever were able to alter dna into humans makeing thema a super soldier try something new… think about it you guys tryed robotics robot stuff… you tryed steroids and muscle inhancements… but you guys don’t get the main point and solution.. like using the stuff around u like taking a humans body and dna and using it alter it with animals and insect… mix their dna’s to make the super soldier… like take a volunteer of a humans dna mix it with agile and strong and fast like insects and animals… like i’d be glad to take my dna… mix it with cheetahs make me an extremely fast human… use elephants on my wieght make me weight a ton… use eagles for sight and seeing and being able to fly like them…use frog for leaping ability… use gorillas or ants or maybe spiders they’ve got eceoskeletons plus they can lift 10-15 times their body weight plus spiders got web to and so on and so forth you guys have the technology so why don’t you try using the living dna around you not robotics and medicines and steroids that makes no sense… so what i’m saying is start a bio scientific team to make dna stuff alter it like that to make the first real avengers or x-men that would be cool… i’d be glad to be one my names charles i’m only 17 my whole life i’ve dreamed of being like captain america or better superman but thats not going to happen until you guys have scientists study that do research i’d rather be a superhuman to help people and start my own super team maybe get people who truly would love to start a super team people who don’t care and would do anything for the good of man kind like me my names charles gill i was born and raised in lexington kentucky proud to be an amreican but overweight over suffering 17 years old and always gets picked on because of my past life so i’d let you guys study my dna and and alter it i don’t care what it takes this world is getting bad you guys know it rapist killers murderers druglords and noones tryed stopping them but me i’m different i’m stopping the evil until my dying breath.. people can pick on me i don’t care but i will make the world a better place to live…

  • Nicholas

    Well, there is also a lot to take into consideration when you start wanting to create super-soldiers. Especially when you start getting into dna manipulation and splicing. It’s not as easy as taking a radioactive spider and getting bit by it, and bang your spider-man. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. While in theory it is possible. It would take a tremendous amount of trial and error to take a small piece of dna out of another creature and add it to the dna strand of another creature. So you will end up before you get to a human looking product many, many, BAD mutations of things, that quite frankly you may not want running around in the world.On top of that, just because one piece of dna added to the strand of another creatures dna gives you the desired results, does not mean that, that same piece of dna code will work or even give the same result, or have any effect at all on a being or animal of another species. Furthermore, when you start adding code to the dna strand you run the risk of losing other things. Such mental capabilities, I have heard that in mentally challenged children they have one more strand of dna( I forget the scientific word right off the top of my head here guys so bear with me), in there code than in regular people. So, if that is a factual problem with them, what would adding one strand do to a normal person?

    Don’t forget too that some people theorize that the egyptians were already messing around with this stuff, and one story goes that they actually created a bull that was as intelligent as a human, and almost unstoppable. One archeologist believes that he found it’s grave site. Pretty interesting stuff, and a good warning to be careful what it is that your messing with.

    On the flipside of that, if your making them for soldiers that will only serve say four years then you would also have to have away to get rid of it. It wouldn’t do to have a post-traumatic spider-man running the streets drunk….you know what I mean? So you would be looking at people that would never retire from the military and would die in service to there country, long after regular soldiers have done retired and moved on to have children and families, and become productive members of society outside of military service. Super-soldiers would never know that side of life. Unless you could undo what you had done. A lot of moral obligations and thoughts must go into any kind of research like this that proves successful.

  • http://gmail.com poodleface

    is the army creating increased soldiers or potentielly monsters?

  • noeybear

    well i think its really really cool. all they need to do is make sure they can keep the robotic system thing under control. also….why make a robotic exoskeleton thing when you can just make some type of new armor. i think its kinda retarded what they gear our troops with…they should try and make some type of metal that’s some-what light weight and cant be pierced by bullets or explosives that will cover the entire human body. lol seems like we are bringing the games to life 😛 well we all have our own opinions…but i say to hell with it..why not advance when we have the chance? all the other countries are….the design kinda reminds me of halo 😛 well i think we should make some robotic soldiers and/or an exoskeleton suit. also remind me of the super soldiers of wolfenstein the video game 😛 well rock on and keep up the good work. HELP MAKE OUR TROOPS SAFE!

  • noeybear

    oh and another thing i have to add..this is a big thing…i think the us has to stop being so dam nice to other countries that just poop all over us. we should NOT share this technology.(this is all my own opinion. i do not promote or provoke anyone to follow my beliefs.)

  • 99 Zulu

    i myself am a soldier of the u.s. and i would have to say that i would volunteer to be a test subject for this project but at the same time i dont think we’re ready for this kind of advancement in warfare. this is one of those things that will always be up in the air.

  • Ellie

    sounds like the beginning of a zombie movie….

  • jess

    dude were do you get that awsum armor?

  • revolution

    I belive they have already done it and much more. the people in power to choose are no human beings who think about humanity at all. i find it very scary that most of the comments on here are positive reaction? realy u would want an unhuman thing living in yo town coz even if they manage to kill them as we know in history minority gets up and start a revolution. and theyd come back in town looking for fun i dont know what woman would be ready to give it up like that.
    Its amazing and scary how a gouvernement can msltrate lie and lie and lie to their ppl n they still take the shit with a smile on their face. What they r doin is preparing for this war they will start sooner or later as usual… and this one will involve the ppl… they will give u millions of reasons why u should have a chip under ur skin n theyll make it impossible for u to buy or sell anything without that chip all money n data will b electronic. how fun is that? i miss the people who thaught twice before jumping into things. but how could u think that far when they r thinking for u already mission brainwash which started 1984 is a full succes. The youth is at its most imoral level and the sensibility is almost gone… soon ppl soon…
    I believe they might not only take already alive beings but will create them so they can make sure g i joe gets his time to play.
    And by that time ghere wont b any familys anyway u will order ur baby like u order coffe. and you will constantly be in fear mode.
    have u ever watched a few police brutality vids they dont discriminate anymore they beat up everybody… n that is JUST the police . whatchu think armys do? for example they had a mission in kenya few years back where they had to rape ppl meaning kids teacher father mother everybody. and you clap for ehm when they come home not knowing what kind of monster they became. if you understand war u will c its a dirrty game of money and power and there is a reason y america has such bad reputations around the world. even in country u woulndt think of like i was in switzerland for the last few years n if there are things sprayed on the wall u could almost bet one of them says “fuck the us“ or “ shitty amis“ (no offense ) … instead of sticking for ur nation like a little puppet do some research first n see why yall are hated.
    dont forget you are the people if anything goes wrong u will have to lay in a bed they made. coz i cant remember when the last time bigboyz(havypoliticians) got hurt even in “natural katastrophie“ they seem to know where not to be.
    and since they baught that weather control thing from russia years ago i bet they have 2.0version now(haarp) so now reducing earths population (including america) wont be that hard.

    May all of you wake up and get ready for a revolution … we need it

    i kinda went far with but yall have fun thinking do as much thinking as possible before they take that ability completely away.

  • Robert E Callahan

    Welcome to the party. This will be the next step in human evolution. Imagine our consciousness housed in an ageless, indestructible body.

  • newt

    how do you get chosen to be trained I am up for it

  • Shilo

    If this is what they show us now you can be certain the real technology is 15 years further advanced.

    PS – Newt. “how do you get chosen to be trained I am up for it” Short answer, if you are on the internet asking this question good chance you have missed the boat buddy.

  • Sal

    If you wish to know the roots of it all look into the Roman Catholic Papacy. Rome is the originator of the “industrial military complex”. The white Pope and the “black” pope are the controllers of the entire world. Every freemason organization and secret agencies like the Mossad, CIA, KGB, MI5, MI6, etc, obeys the Jesuit Papacy.

    Under the guise of being a religious institution they are in fact a corporate military institution. Look into the lectures of Prof. Walter Veith for more detail.

  • ImJustIce

    God help us all…

  • Puny Humans


  • Some Guy

    Well, if they need volunteers, I’m game. I was thinking of joining the Canadian military anyway, and even though this is currently an American project, Harper is putting a lot more money towards the military and whatever the U.S. conjures up Canada would probably be quick to co-opt it.

  • bio-gunner

    this is so good but me as a guy who likes tech like ths it would be so powerful i think they ould just need a failsafe to pull the plug if they think of truning but yet again the armour would be useful in combat proplems when the only way out is to go though a strom of bullets would be good but also their would be no use for solider cause they could do a single ops without sweating but my opinion is promot this with the enemy getting smarter every time we have a war we need this for the upper hand

  • damsmack

    I live in the future. and in my future, there is no soldier like good exo-shielded soldier with magneto-energized shields that can slow down a bullet travelling at hundreds of feet-per-second by expanding a dust cloud of metal akin to a steel cocoon. add the armor with an extra limb/s. be it a scorpion tail or an extra pair of shiva arms. and rambo will look like a sissy when encountering one of our soldiers.

  • http://-- michael 756

    80’s is very new. yeah this technology is still in development.

  • Darcey Starling

    I think you should do what they do in halo and movies with sci fi in them that would be just better than thinking up crazy things.

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