Mark Taylor Prophesied That There Would Be A “Red Tsunami”. Mark Taylor Was Wrong And Mark Taylor Is A False Prophet.

The truth about Mark Taylor has finally been exposed.  Over the past two years, “fireman prophet” Mark Taylor has been catapulted to international fame for supposedly “prophesying” that Donald Trump would become president.  And once Trump actually won, millions of people were convinced that Taylor had actually gotten a message from God.  A book was quickly published and a major movie about his “prophecy” has just been released.  But Taylor’s “prophetic word” was actually a failed prophecy that Trump would become president in 2012.  By Taylor’s own admission, he thought that he had “truly missed it”.  And even though he had no previous track record of prophetic accuracy, he was able to recycle his failed prophecy for the 2016 election and he got incredibly lucky. (Read More.....)