Was The Solar Observatory In New Mexico Shut Down To Keep The Public From Seeing A Fleet Of Alien Spacecraft Near The Sun?

If it was suddenly revealed that extraterrestrial life existed and that alien spacecraft were here in our own solar system, social order in every nation on our planet would start breaking down.  So it makes sense why national governments would be very determined to keep any evidence of extraterrestrial life a deep, dark secret.  Back on September 6th, a team of FBI agents descended upon a small solar observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico and evacuated everyone inside.  It is now over a week later, and the facility remains closed and nobody will tell us why this has happened.  Well, in this article I am going to share with you why this may have happened. (Read More.....)

Wild Theories Are Flying Regarding The FBI’s Sudden And Mysterious Closure Of The National Solar Observatory

Did they see something that they weren’t supposed to see?  On September 6th, a team of FBI agents backed up by Blackhawk choppers stormed into the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico and totally shut the place down.  Everyone inside was suddenly “evacuated”, and the observatory has not reopened since then.  So why are they being so secretive about this incident?  Why won’t the authorities tell us what is going on?  Terror threats are thwarted all the time, and normally authorities are very open about these sorts of things.  But in this case, the FBI has chosen to tell us absolutely nothing(Read More.....)