Was The Solar Observatory In New Mexico Shut Down To Keep The Public From Seeing A Fleet Of Alien Spacecraft Near The Sun?

If it was suddenly revealed that extraterrestrial life existed and that alien spacecraft were here in our own solar system, social order in every nation on our planet would start breaking down.  So it makes sense why national governments would be very determined to keep any evidence of extraterrestrial life a deep, dark secret.  Back on September 6th, a team of FBI agents descended upon a small solar observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico and evacuated everyone inside.  It is now over a week later, and the facility remains closed and nobody will tell us why this has happened.  Well, in this article I am going to share with you why this may have happened. (Read More.....)

A Father In North Carolina Photographed A Giant Square UFO That Scared Him So Badly That He Didn’t Sleep That Night

A 35-year-old man named Javion Hill created quite a stir when he posted a photograph of a giant square UFO that he witnessed hovering near Charlotte, North Carolina on his Facebook profile.  Hill claims that he took his photograph on the night of August 18th, and another witness has chimed in and said that he spotted a UFO in that area that night as well.  If this photograph is legitimate, the UFO is absolutely enormous, so it is quite understandable why Hill was so shaken up by this incident.  Before taking this photo, Hill said that he didn’t “necessarily believe in UFOs”, but he sure does now.  And this story has already been picked up by several local media outlets, including the Charlotte Observer(Read More.....)

Bizarre UFO Sighting Causes Panic Along The California Coastline

An extremely strange UFO sighting off of the California coastline has created quite an uproar over the past several days.  This UFO (or fleet of UFOs as some are calling it) was filmed by numerous people in both the United States and across the border in Mexico.  So we have multiple confirmations that the UFO sighting is real, and so far nobody has been able to explain it away.  In the end, it could be some type of really bizarre secret military project, but why won’t the military admit that if that is the case?  One video on YouTube captured footage of this unidentified anomaly for six minutes, but unfortunately it was so far away that we weren’t able to get a really good look at it. (Read More.....)