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The Alien In Brazil: Does This Video Prove That Aliens Exist?

Amazing video footage of an alleged alien in Brazil is being touted as some of the best evidence ever that aliens exist.  The video posted below was reportedly taken by a couple of British tourists that were visiting the Mamaus region of Brazil.  It was later obtained by paranormal researcher Michael Cohen and it has been creating quite a stir all over the world.  The British tourists were filming a group of local children, but what was captured on video behind the children is absolutely mind blowing if it is real.  As you can see in the video below, a pudgy “grey alien” and a very small silver blinking orb can be seen along the edge of the tree line.  So is this video the real thing?

Well, there are certainly some things about it that point toward credibility.

For one thing, the look of the alien is very consistent with other “small grey aliens” that have been sighted in the past.

Secondly, at one point a little boy in a yellow shirt turns and looks at the alien, and he even motions for another little boy to turn and look at it.  That is something that would be hard to fake.

The alien appears to be moving away from the direction of the small silver blinking orb.  Could it be a portal of some sort?  Could it have been used for teleportation or for interdimensional travel?

Michael Cohen, the one who obtained this video from the British tourists, says that the region where this video was filmed is known to have a very high level of unusual activity….

“It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity.”

Unfortunately, we will probably never know for sure if this video of an “alien in Brazil” is a hoax or not.  While this is certainly one of the most compelling alien videos that have come out in recent years, the reality is that it is just way too easy to fake just about anything on video these days.

Watch the video posted below and decide for yourself.  Does this video prove that aliens exist?….

If there are “aliens” out there, then who are they and what do they want?

Are they friendly, or do they have an insidious agenda?

Can we trust them, or would they lie to us?

Those are some incredibly important questions, and unfortunately humanity may come face to face with these “aliens” before too many more years pass.

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • srikant choursia

    video isn’t sufficient to prove..in this technological era..

  • Andrew

    Agree with poster above. Video is not sufficient proof. While one may wonder what the children were looking at, it could be another object which were overwritten by video-editing. Unless there is some suggestion that the video is unedited.

  • dr.thompson

    this is real YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  • http://facebook nithish

    portals cooooooooooolllllllll

  • http://www.twitter.com/cultofunreality Johnny Cult

    So, he’s just hanging out by some kids, breathing oxygen and leaving his portal wide open for all kinds of insects to teleport back to his ship? He’s just standing there like he thinks no one can see him? He traveled millions of light years to think that if he stands still like a cockroach, he’ll go unnoticed? What’s he doing hanging out by all of those kids?

    Where is Chris Hansen?

    Chris: “Hello. Why don’t you have a seat right there? So, you traveled across the universe with a six pack of beer just to say hi to these kids?”

    Alien: “Uhh, yeah, I just wanted to tell them to watch out for bad people on the internet, and, uhh, can I go now?”

    Chris: “Sure. You can leave anytime you want.”

    Alien leaves and is tackled by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

  • Kiera

    Oh, please. This video has The Sun’s water mark at the top of the screen. The Sun is Renouned for falsifying stories to sell papers etc. A load of bollocks, this.

  • http://mostunbeleavableworldmysteries Dean

    Really?’really?,really?u mean after a short few minutes of filming they just happened to sea the so called Alien in the background, so why did’nt they just run to the alien to get a close up ,i mean every time these videos show up it’s always a far distance away .please this is not the twilight era it’s the web era the super info. highway ,maybe next week someone will show another hoax while just shooting a small documentry somewhere in chile or the amazon .grow up and stop these insideous madness

  • http://willowtown.com/promo/quotes.htm waypasthadenough

    Looks like one of those blow up aliens someone’s holding from behind a tree.

  • http://unexplainedmysteriesoftheworld.com/archives/the-alien-in-brazil-does-this-video-prove-that-aliens-exist Iz

    Ok, seriously peeps. I’ve been studying abnormal things for a project, I choose to do it on aliens.
    Aliens most DEFFENTENTLY exist. Think of the whole galaxy, then think of our plant compared to ever other planet out there. At least one must hold different life, if not more. But, the aliens have been recorded for years, the only aliens that has ever REALLY been seen looking like that is ET. I mean, come on people, get a life. Or be a loser and go to space aliens and by a blowup alien and pay a kid to notice it. Then edit it and at the light. I could do a better job than that. By the way, we areselfs (in my reserch opinions) are aliens. It’s a fact that the life on Earth had to be started somewhere, and that somewhere is Mars. Scientist found a fossil of life from Mars hit Earth. They now know that once there was water on Mars, and that creatures really lived there. An astoroid must have broke of Mars, bringing with it the first sign of civilization. This info has been completly exepted by the scientists of the world. If you doubt me, then look it up yourself if your not to lazy to.

  • http://n/a Tray

    Really? Com’onnn, is there even one person who can buy this third-rate hack job? A conscientious website would delete this crap. There is so little integrity left on the Net.

  • Oscar

    First why do people think that we are the only thing in the universethe universe is endless i mean are we the only planet that transformed there could be a planet that has everything we have but started 1,000,000 years before us and some how these aliens were formed

    Second why dosent that kid that “sees” the alien do anything if that was me I would have like completley over reacted and told everyone is this kid totaly not facinated like does this happen regularly like does he think “Its Tuesday again that means Big Foot is comming to visit and I hope that alien comes by again to show me his space ship”.

  • Atul

    it is not sufficent to prove it

  • Really???

    First of all what does the alien body tell you? Think about it. Small body, long arms,big head,grey skin and large eyes. If they really existed their bodies should tell you they would come an environment vastly different from ours. Different atmosphere, different level of gravity etc. So how can they show up here on earth without needing some form of protective gear that would allow them to breath oxygen from our earth and exist in the level of gravity here on earth? They simply don’t exist.

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