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The Kitchenuhmaykoosib Monster: Bizarre Unknown Creature Washes Up On A Canadian Beach

What is up with all of the bizarre creatures that have been washing up on beaches all over the world?  We all remember the “Montauk Monster” which became so famous so quickly.  Since then there have been a number of other unexplained sightings of weird creatures.  These sightings are quickly becoming one of the great unexplained mysteries of the world.  The latest bizarre creature to make global headlines comes to us from Canada.  In Ontario, Canada there is a town called Kitchenuhmaykoosib (yes, that is the real name of the town) a few hundred kilometers south of the Hudson Bay.  A couple of local nurses were hiking near a creek when they found that their dog Sam smelled something in the water.  The dog went over and pulled the creature (it was only about 30 centimeters long) from the water and the two nurses were able to take some pictures of it.  Later, when local residents of the area decided to go back and retrieve the body of this creature, it had disappeared.

Of course it is very frustrating for those of us trying to solve these unexplained mysteries that the bodies of these creatures seem to disappear so often.  But the truth is that is what happens to dead animal bodies in the wild.  Predators come and drag them away and have a meal.  This would be especially true in remote areas such as where Kitchenuhmaykoosib is located.

So what did this creature look like?

Well, experts say that the body of the creature is somewhat similar to an otter, while the face, complete with long fang-like teeth, could possibly be from a boar.

Some members of the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Indian tribe believe that they know what it is.  They believe that it is a mythical creature that their elders used to tell them about….

“The elders used to see it a long time ago… No one has seen one for 40 years or so. The elders have a word for it: oomajinakoos. In English, it means ‘the ugly one.”

Well, whatever it is, it sure is weird.

So what do you think that it is?

It is simply a decomposing animal?

Is it an example of genetic modification gone wrong?

It it a cross-species chimera?

Is it the result of alien experimentation?

Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

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  • Nev

    What a laugh. So much hipe over what is obviously the decomposed body of a sea otter which has lost hair on face and feet due to composition. If you do a web search for “sea otter teeth” then the teeth are the same as are the nose and ears. You can tell how far the body has decomposed by the milky state of the eyes.

  • http://www.turkpress.org video izle

    its like when we watch all those sci-fi movies and watch the human race acting drastically and trying to kill extra torrestrials, getting the army in, helicopters all kinds of stupid ‘primative” actions and reactions to ufo’s coming to earth.

  • http://myhealthmaster.blogspot.com/ pete jones

    you know how to do it kudos my friend

  • kelly

    we all know..well most of us know that there are underwater bases the government use for (extreme) animal testing, dna splicing etc it could be that or..like one of the guys mentioned a decomposed otter..one thing that grabs me about that though is ..since when have otters had snouts that resemble a pigs? hmm strange all the same

  • Is

    it’s an otter that I know. The I see this thing it’s a ground dwelling creature like a mole. Which it’s hardly seen or never seen before. And my guess is it tunneled it’s way to a lake or river and drowned.Which my mit was washed up on the shore.

  • anazon

    it is an otter and the reason it looks like it has a snout is because it’s face is smashed against the rocks!! lol you can see where the fur has come away from it’s face.

  • george

    next time take it home and cook it

  • anonymous

    i thought about take it home and cook it but thea i thought maybe it has a disease

  • jan

    All of you…. What are you doing on this site. Ge a live or buy a cat!!!!!!

  • sjie

    why is the decomposition acts slower on its body instead of its face? the fur makes me feel sick..

  • enriqca

    it looks fake in some way..

  • Susan

    The situation in Canada I don’t know if its a hairless decomposed otter or not, but something is going on in our oceans. Here in Barbados we have had two (2) large unidentified creatures washed up on our shores.

  • john john

    idiots…. there are no otters in sea…they live in rivers

  • http://http//www.love.com Bella

    This isnt an otter!!!! Its probably a bloated animal that grew losts of fur, I know its not an otter its mouth is like a horses

  • wishinonehand

    Hey john john, riverine otters are the small ones. Sea otters are fairly large, and they certainly do exist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_otter

    Oh, and Bella? That is most definitely an otter. Either decay or some prior disease caused the hair loss from its face, but that’s what an otter would look like if the fur was removed.

  • Octavious

    Nev,you are correct.But it still looks scary as hell.

  • Leaseramas

    It ise a very scaree thing

  • fgbvc

    they always wash up from a beach. i guess the most extraordinary creators are in the sea.

  • ImJustIce

    @ wishinonehand,

    I challenge your perspective, not only is the fur of this creature completely unlike the sea otter, the facial structure is nothing like that of any species on record. Not to say it isn’t a new species (we have only explored 2% of the Ocean). The sea otter has very short guard hairs (3/4″) and a very fine underhair, whereas the creature in the picture appears to have very long guard hair (in excess of 2″) almost like that of a dog. The bald face could very well be the result of disease or decay but the pattern of dehairing appears a bit odd.

  • mysticangel

    In no way is this a otter or sea otter…i have grew up with them all my life…otter’s teeth are different as well as the body and hair and paws even with the decomposition occuring…we will have alot of new breeds coming up out of the sea’s what with japan’s nuclear meltdown into the sea’s, waste, etc. Also evolution is occuring as it has for the last 40 years…

  • bigham

    I could care less about this creature, I have no doubt, some of the actual creatures that have been created by man would curl your spine. It’s the ones you’ll never see that creep me out!

  • damsmack

    poor dead shaved mammal…all that it is. that ‘myth’ has been debunked.

  • yeah right

    is elchupacabra

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