The Mystery Of The Montauk Monster

The Mystery Of The Montauk MonsterAfter all of this time, there is still no answer to the mystery of the Montauk Monster.  On July 12th, 2008 a very bizarre creature washed ashore on a beach near the Montauk, New York business district.  This incredibly strange creature was  photographed by a 26 year old woman named Jenna Hewitt who lives in the Montauk area.  The creature was apparently already dead at the time.  However, when people went back to look for the creature later it was gone. 

So what happened to it?

East Hampton animal control told the media that they did not cart it away and that they do not know what happened to the creature: “I can tell you we have nothing to do with it.”

In fact, nobody knows what happened to it.

For that matter, nobody knows what it is.

Some have suggested that the Montauk Monter was just a dead dog.  Others insist that it was a raccoon.  Some have postulated that it could be a sea turtle or a rodent.

However, some conspiracy theorists have pointed out the weaknesses in all of those arguments and have suggested another possibility.

They have suggested that the Montauk Monster is the result of bizarre genetic experiments at the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

In any event, the Montauk Monster was never found again, so this will probably forever remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern times.

Another picture of the Montauk Monster is posted below….

The Montauk Monster