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The Mystery Of The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

The Great Mystery Of The Los Lunas Decalogue StoneMost people have never even heard of the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone, but it is truly one of the greatest historical mysteries of North America.  If you tried to tell most history teachers that the Ten Commandments arrived in North America long before Christopher Columbus did, most of them would tell you that you are absolutely nuts.  But that is apparently exactly what happened.   The existence of the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone suggests that there is a whole lot more to the history of North America than we have been told.  So just what is the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone?  It is is a huge flat stone on the side of a mountain in New Mexico.  The mountain is known as Hidden Mountain, and it is located near Los Lunas, New Mexico – approximately 35 miles south of Albuquerque.  It is what is written on this massive stone that is so remarkable.  This very large stone actually has the Ten Commandments inscribed on it in ancient paleo-Hebrew script with a few letters of ancient Greek mixed in.

Paleo-Hebrew (which the Phoenecians also used) is a language that nobody in the world speaks anymore.  It is substantially different from the modern Hebrew that the Jewish world uses today.

So where in the world did these Ten Commandments written in paleo-Hebrew come from?

Back in 1996, Professor James D. Tabor of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte was able to interview Professor Frank Hibben about the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone. Hibben, who passed away in 2002, was a retired University of New Mexico archaeologist. According to Tabor’s account, Hibben was absolutely “convinced that the inscription is ancient and thus authentic. He reports that he first saw the text in 1933. At the time it was covered with lichen and patination and was hardly visible. He was taken to the site by a guide who had seen it as a boy, back in the 1880s.”

Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

The scholars who have delved into this great mystery estimate that the stone is anywhere from 500 to 3000 years old. There are other native American inscriptions nearby that are estimated to be approximately 2000 years old.  Most who have studied the stone are almost certain that the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone pre-dates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in North America.

So how in the world is it possible that a copy of the Ten Commandments written in paleo-Hebrew showed up in North America long before Christopher Columbus “discovered” America?

One key to this great mystery may be the Phoenicians.

You see, the Phoenicians were the greatest seafaring people of the ancient world. The Phoenicians originally lived in what is known today as Lebanon, and they founded a vast array of settlements all around the Mediterranean during the course of their travels. In fact, they founded the great city of Carthage in North Africa and they also founded the great Etruscan civilization in Italy. It is historically documented that the Phoenicians got as far as Spain during their voyages, and many scholars now believe that the Phoenicians ultimately were able to cross the Atlantic and arrive in North America.

The reality is that if any ancient civilization would have been able to cross the Atlantic ocean, it would have been the great seafaring Phoenician people.

So who exactly were the Phoenicians? Well, the truth is that they were Israel’s next door neighbor to the north.  Israel tended to war with all of the other nations surrounding it, but history tells us that they had good relations with the Phoenicians.  The great ancient cities of Tyre and Sidon were Phoenician cities.  In fact, Phoenicians greatly helped in the building of Solomon’s Temple.  The relationship was so close that the Greek historian Herodotus (484-425 A.D.) actually referred to the Israelites as the “Phoenicians”. It is also a fact that the ancient paleo-Hebrew language and the ancient Phoenician language were virtually identical.

That is why the inscription on the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone is often referred to as a “Phoenician” inscription.

It is also documented that the Phoenicians carried their religions with them wherever they traveled.  In fact, one scholar discovered that the Phoenicians actually brought the worship of the Lord God of Israel with them to Italy….



Early 19th century noted antiquarian scholar, Sir William Betham, studied the Celtic origins of Europe, and his studies of early Italy were published in a two-volume work, “Etruria Celtica.” Betham reproduced ancient coins from the kingdom of Utruria, in Italy, known as the Etruscan civilization. Interestingly, several of the Utrurian coins discovered were minted in honor of their deity, which was none other than Yahweh, God of the Hebrews!


So did Phoenicians bring the Ten Commandments with them to North America?  Could it have been Israelites who were traveling with Phoenicians?  Nobody knows.  It is still a great mystery.  But it does appear that the most reasonable answer is that the greatest seafaring people by far of the ancient world, the Phoenicians, came to North America and brought the Ten Commandments with them.

When investigating this stone, many people begin to wonder if it has anything to do with Mormonism.  The truth is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Mormonism.  Instead it has everything to do with the scattering of the people of Israel – just like God said that He would do.

You see, the Los Lunas Decalogue stone is yet another clue about what happened to the ten lost tribes of Israel.  These ten lost tribes are known in the Scriptures as the northern kingdom of Israel or sometimes they are simply referred to as “Ephraim”.  Ephraim was one of the most dominant tribes in the northern kingdom, and just as God said in His Word, He scattered Ephraim (the northern kingdom) over the face of the entire earth. The Los Lunas Decalogue stone is evidence that they may have even been scattered as far as North America.

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

For even more information about the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone, check out the short YouTube video posted below….

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  • Kelly

    You never explained how this has nothing to do with Mormonism except we are all suppose to believe it because you said so.

  • Ellen

    The Mormons were not here 500 to 3000 years ago..in fact there were no Mormons before the 1840’s. Thus, this has nothing to do with Mormonism..People who say that do now know the history of that religion.

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  • Gabrielle

    Ha Ha- Ellen, of course the Mormons were not here then. However, the Book of Mormon is a record from the ancient Americas- check into that.

  • Robert

    I have spoken with two traditional Apache Indians in Colorado. One mentioned to me that they have a song they sing that is handed down from generation to generation. It mentions Nephi one of the Book Of Mormon prophets. It speaks about there beginnings. He sang it to me and shared his beliefs. The other Apache fella said he believes that the Book Of Mormon is the history of his people. Mormons are Christians nicknamed Mormons. The Book of Mormon is a record of the ancient inhabitants of America. It has everything to do with Mormonism or Christianity. It really comes down to one thing. Jesus Christ’s ministry and his visit to his lost sheep. Read Neither dog nor Wolf. It is a book by an Indian Elder who tells a story of when Jesus visited America. God Bless…

  • Truth, Liberty & Justice

    Not the Mormons of Joseph Smith, but rather Israel of The Lord Almighty!

    Lost Tribes of Israel


  • Franco

    It was not the Mormons, but rather the Jewish people from which the Native Americans are descended from, that were here first.

    Lost Tribes of Israel

    Texas Mexican Secret Spanish Jews Today
    Posted on Sunday, December 13th, 2009
    By: Anne DeSola Cardoza

  • Nate

    If you actually read the Book of Mormon you will see that it claims that there were Israelites that came across and settled the America’s. In fact the entire book is about the Israelites that came across. Which it seems this stone agrees with.

  • charlie

    nope your wrong about the book of Mormon, we the Native Americans we were the Hebrew people before that, we were living in Asia minor, the Holy Bible called us the Eastern Mountain people, read the old testament from the Holy Bible on “the tower of babel”, the people sinned when they tried to reach the Creator God his kingdom in the sky, so the Creator God change their skin color and language, and had the people move away from each other in different direction of the earth, so when the native Americans migrate to the new world (USA) they had the ten commandments with them, they practice the old testament believeth, we Native American people passed down the ten commandments by word of mouth to our children even today.

  • Greg Lewis

    I was up there at the Mountain aug 2011 at didnt have time to wander the whole Mt. but wish I had compass coordinates for the other stones.

  • Wifenmother

    Bless the Lord our God King of the universe! He blessed us as He showed us the way to the markers . It was an awesome experience as we were humbled at the site. Just to reflect that His Word is revealed. His Torah lives forever. May we each be in yirat (fear) of Adonai( the Lord). The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. May we each pray for the law of love to reign supreme in our hearts through Yeshua (Jesus) His Son , our Savior, Prince of Peace (sar shalom) May He bless us with the understanding that He does not delight when a wicked person perishes, but desires that they come to the saving knowledge of His son Yeshua; Who died for ALL mankind . That whoever believes in Him shall not be eternally separated from Him but have eternal life with Him forever! John 3: 16-21 Take the journey to see the stone of our brothers. Take water and food to replenish yourself upon arrival. And Bless the King of the universe. We must ask Him for His eyes, His heart , His love for eachother. A time is coming Ezekiel 38:18-23 Look up and praise Him, love Him, honor Him, Bless Him, seek Him . Amen

  • Sherri Schrier-Garcia


  • dee jay

    first all the reason why the stone was written in ancient hebrew because the native americans that came over and the indian tribes were the Northern kingdom of israel..they are israelites..they came over to the americas durning the time of the assayrian captivity..let me break it down to you stupid americans…the twelve tribes of israel are as followed… 1Judah- american negroes. 2 Simeon- so called dominicans..3 ephriam- so called puerto ricans..4
    issachar- so called mexicans…5 reuben- so called simonole indians..6 Gad- so called native americans..7 Levi- so called haitians..8 manasseh- so called cubans..9 Naphtali- so called argentina/ chile..10 benjamin- so called west indies or jamaicans..11 asher- so called colombians or uruguayans..12 zebulon..so called guatemala or panama..these people are twelve lost tribes of israel that were scattered threw out the four corners of the earth… the stone was written in hebrew because the indian tribes spoke hebrew..the real hebrew, not modern hebrew, in which those jewish people living in israel today are not the real jews they are khazars they come out of edom which is the so called white man today…edomites// signing off from south italy

  • dee jay

    The lord only died for Israel, Greg Lewis..You dont know the scriptures or history.. the lord died for his people which are israelites. you err not knowing the scriptures.

  • dee jay

    thats correct Nate, but also its says it in the holy bible and in the apocrapha.. THe Southern Kingdom of Israel came to the americas on slave ships, and was sold into slavery for bond man and bond women.. America is the second egypt and shes also known as babylon the great in the bible, The real israelites lost their language and culture and customs threw slavery. The real jews fled jeresulam into west africa and up in europe in 70 AD…europe was ruled by black jews durning the dark ages and the bezentine empire was ruled by black people, thats why the bulk of the slaves that came to america were from spain and europe, because black jews ruled europe from 193 AD to about mid 14 century.. before the renessance period when so called white man came out of the caves and started taking over thrones and having a rebirth out in europe. all the earlier images in europe in russia , germany were all black people..the so called white man white washed everything he is a liar and a deciever. europe dont belong to you it belongs to the israelites!!! signing off from south italy

  • scott

    DEJAY,You are a clanging bell. How does the white man come out of the caves to dominate society? And do you also dispute current DNA results? It’s easy to see that you have a biased view of the “white man” Did you learn that in the Apocrypha also? What happened to the gentiles that recieve Messiah and become spiritual Israel along side the jew to make one new man? Err? By the way Israel has been testing Cherokee DNA for some time now and consider them part of the dipersion as well. Have a good day and try to relax.

  • http://noneyet Blinky

    Funny reading some of these remarks considering Hebrews of yesterday and today think all others in the world are “Goyim,” meaning two legged beasts of the field and only here to serve gods chosen which are not Jews. There are too many things that don’t add up and should be investigated but in many places it is forbidden to even discuss this issue or try to obtain banned books that are relevant to the many questions that need thorough investigation and not just expected to be believed by dumb faith or force. Christ himself said those Jews, Pharisees and such were liars ‘from the beginning’ and were from their father the devil.’ John 8.

    I think the stone is a plant like other artifacts have been discovered to be. Other things can also be deceived, that included labs, doctors, experts, labs and etc. just depends on who is doing the testing and what agenda they have. And don’t tell me scientist and academics have no side agendas.

  • Joe

    It’s possible Phoenicians came to North America but New Mexico seems out of the way for a seafaring culture.

  • ekenthor

    G. E. Morehouse, (his collegue is the amateur epigrapher Barry Fell) estimated the age of the Los Lunas inscription by comparing its weathering with a nearby 1930 inscription and with a pinnochios’s long nose claimed the stone is anywhere from 500 to 3000 years old.
    The stone was discovered in 1993 by the eminent known fraudster, Mr Frank Hibben.(Hibbens fabricated some or all of his archaeological data).
    he was led to the stone by an UNNAMED guide who CLAIMED to have found it as a boy in the 1880s.
    You can guess the conclusion.

  • JBur

    I still haven’t seen anything that brings the Book of Mormon out of this. In fact, people’s posts on here seem to coincide with the Book of Mormon’s account of where the original people came from to America. One group from the tower of babel, and other groups from the israelites of various countries and times. Someone read what the book of Mormon says and then post again. Has nothing to do with the 1800s or Joseph Smith

  • Admin

    Yes, people from ancient Israel came to North America. You can see this documented in the books by Stephen M. Collins.

    But the Book of Mormon is not true. In fact, it has been shown to be a fraud over and over.


  • Rev. Dr. Delane John Chapman

    Charlie, your story about the Apache indians is interesting where they believe they were from the Tower of Babel. But their story is terribly flawed. For one, the Tower of Babel was about 2210. The 10 Commandments were not given to us until Moses’ time somewhere around 700 years later. Consequently they could not even know about the 10 Commandments if they were from the Tower of Babel. Sorry. The Nephi are a completly different story. They are the fallen angels who captured the Indians.

  • Reweti KOHU

    Decendants of the native americans, also people the islands of polynesia,they have a part of the missing puzzle. These trace oral geneology to Joseph who was the 11th son of Jacob who’s name was changed to Israel.

  • אוסטין מור

    The whole purpose of Israel was a nation who would offer their lives as sacrifices (just like the Messiah). Most of the people today would rather get in debates about the color of skin rather than seeing humanity as a whole. It started out as genealogy but all that changed once you mix Israel (disperse). The colors were various. Also, the purpose of a ransom is to cover sin (hence why Israel dies for the rest of the world). Why then would the Messiah die for the people who were supposed to be the most righteous? Wouldn’t the others need a ransom even more so?

    Also, consider the criminal on the torture stake. I know its too easy to blame people because of race, gender, age or some other distinguishing mark but in reality we are all part of God’s creation and he does not make mistakes. If he does, then really what kind of God is that? We are all here for a reason…

  • Jürgen Rahf

    Ellen is absolutely right. Anyhow the Book of Mormons is just a Fake of a crazy guy, mentally sick. Telling here even story that Mormons came to the US 3000 years ago is just a joke.

  • Popeye Thesailorman

    it also doesn’t have anything to do with the roman false messiah ‘christ’. ‘zeus’ was their ancient god, small ‘g'; ‘Jay-Zeus’ was their last false, small ‘g’ god.

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