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The Unexplained Mystery Of The Alien Structure On The Far Side Of The Moon

Is there an extraterrestrial structure on the far side of the moon? That is the controversial question that many are now asking. This website, Mysteries Of The World, does not claim to have all the answers. But we are not afraid to ask the hard questions. The video posted below, if true, is quite shocking. But as always, we must temper our enthusiasm with the reality that it is just so easy to fake things these days. There are a whole lot of rumors and claims about the far side of the moon, but it just seems to difficult to substantiate them. With that being said, the video below is definitely eyebrow raising. If there is evidence of extraterrestrial architecture on the far side of the moon that would have huge implications for the history of the solar system.

So just what does the video posted below show?

It contains pictures of the far side of the Moon around the rim of the Zeeman Crater. Pictures from the 1960s taken by the Lunar Orbiter Program are compared to pictures from today.

The pictures from the 1960s appear to show a very unusual structure on the far side of the Moon, but the pictures from today show no trace of it.

So exactly what is going on here?

Is this evidence of a coverup?

Is the discrepancy the result of a technical glitch?

Is someone hoaxing us?

After watching the video please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

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  • ChicagoLee

    It would be easier to take this seriously if it didn’t have those 50s era “Science Fiction Theater” sound effects.

  • Sid

    Why even post if your going to remove it Bozo.

  • http://www.unsolved-mystery.com/ Nicky

    I Love The Unexplained Mystery too! I think it was a UFO.

  • Alien from galactic federation

    Where can I find this video? The link is not working.
    Thank you humans.

  • Lucyk6992

    I just saw a video on YT re. pyramids and a tower, shown on decades old NASA film, on the far side of the moon. It was very interesting. It is apparently famous footage. Check it out!


    No proves..

  • CanadianResearcher

    I’m unable to watch the video but I decided to put my two cents in anyways. You say that there is two pics covering the same area of the moon but at two very different times. The older picture revealing a structure/object whereas the more recent photo shows nothing…….. My coworker and I are very interested in ancient cultures, space exploration & ufos/ancient aliens. We have done quite a bit of research in all these fields. This story reminds of a theory we are working on. We have a theory that the government is hiding something in space or there is something else out there that they don’t want us to see. If your like me and you like to stare up at the stars then you obviously know there are hundreds of billions of stars. To many to count and growing. Then why is it every time we look in a book or online or where ever your source may be to look at a picture of a specific area or planet/moon why is it the picture is completely black around it? Or spots seem faded or blurred? Take a closer look when your observing the pictures…. So many stars out there but you may see one, two maybe in the background of the picture. So where did all the stars go? I know they aren’t camera shy! What star is?

  • josh

    What if this is all fake because its not like we could just go to the moon and see if its true. Its like saying if you go inside the sun theres a secret civilization. Its impossible to do that yet people would believe it

  • http://? Rob

    I have looked through tons and tons of video and images of the moon. ALL which come from NASA. It is obvious they sensor everything we get to see. But sometimes they make a mistake. The structure on the Zeeman crater. It’s found useing Google Earth. Moon feature, In layers-Global maps. Find the Zeeman crater zoom in. Now click back and forth between visable imagery and lunar orbiter mosaic. See for yourself and say their not covering up something. It also can be found in NASA moon maps.

  • thezombieyoda

    who let the secret out of the bag about the Sun? How did you know????? :-)

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