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Were UFOs Flying Around In The Ash Cloud Above Iceland's Erupting Volcano?

What in the world was flying around in the ash cloud above Iceland’s erupting volcano?  On April 18th, 2010 a formation of flying objects was captured on video hovering above Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano as it was erupting.  So what in the world were those flying objects?  Were they “birds” as many in the mainstream media are reporting?  Were they UFOs?  Will this be yet another of the unsolved and unexplained mysteries that we don’t have answers for?  Whatever the objects were, they obviously possessed intelligence as they were flying very deliberately in a “V-shaped” formation.  Unfortunately, we may never get the answers to the questions that we are asking.  But doesn’t it seem interesting that flying objects that look like UFOs keep showing up at so many important earth change events? 

The video posted below contains footage of these objects hovering near Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano as it is erupting – take a few minutes to watch it and judge for yourself whether or not those objects are UFOs….

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  • lloyd campbell

    why would any craft fly that close? the ash would just block up all parts of the engine, thus resulting in an engine failure, it is most probably a formation of birds

  • Garix

    They are real aliens, in every disaster, man made or not they are always there, monitoring and making assessment of this beautiful world, that may up very soon due to our neglect. The carbon we have dirtied the air causes ozone depletion affecting the entering our world and changing the present climate, and the balance the world needs.

  • swordsmasterxii

    obviously, the mystery there is what do birds in V formation doing there. They should have evacuated just before the eruption started.

  • damsmack

    those are birds. not aliens. aliens have with them the usual ‘strange’ lights category with them. i know there are some other unexplained event out there without the lights. these are called hoaxes.

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