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Why Won't The Governments Of The World Disclose What They Know About UFOs?

One of the greatest unexplained mysteries of the world is why the major governments around the globe just will not come out and openly disclose what they know about UFOs. For decades it has seemed as though governments all around the world have been desperate to keep a lid on this thing, although a vast array of public officials have made comments on their own.  So how much longer can this charade last?  How many thousands of UFO sightings are needed before people admit that there is something going on out there.  Why all the fear and secrecy?  Many UFO enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the day when “official disclosure” will come.  As if the governments of the world announcing that UFOs are real and that they have been in contact with aliens will somehow validate what they have believed all this time.  But “official disclosure” will not make UFOs any more real.  They clearly do exist.  They clearly are out there.  But for some people they will not be completely real until they get that “official disclosure” from government. 

Posted below is a trailer for an extraordinary new documentary film entitled “The Day Before Disclosure”.  This documentary explores the evidence for UFOs and examines why the governments of the world have been holding back on these issues….  

But there are also some troubling questions for those who are UFO enthusiasts.  After all, if the “aliens” that are operating these UFOs have good intentions, then why not openly make themselves known? 

Why do they have to sneak around so much?

Why not make open contact with us?

Why abduct people and perform experiments on them?

Could it be that these “aliens” are not who they really say that they are?

Could it be that these “aliens” are actually a threat?

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts….

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  • daveco

    I really do not have any knowledge one way or the other but have a few just starter thoughts.

    1. Space travel is a time consuming thing. If you were going to be unfriendly communication would be the last thing aliens would do. The first thing you would do is establish an outpost and just watch and learn. So abductions would make sense. The next thing you would do is come with overwelming force which would probably take a long time due to the distances and amount of force needed.

    2. If there were friendly and unfriendly aliens the friendly aliens would probably give earth technology to be able to fight.

    3. If the aliens were much smarter than we are then they would think of us like ants and not really care one way or the other to communicate with us.

    But all the above is really hypothetical.

  • tricky

    First of all Daveco these aliens travel here in a very short period of time. We humans still tend to think of traveling thru space in the third dimension. Thats not how the aliens do it. They travel in a non physical dimension where travel is virtually instantaneous. The other thing is these aliens have a negative agenda. They use us for bad things that I won’t go into mainly because you wouldn’t be able to understand. It doesn’t really matter because we can’t do anything to stop them however I do believe the government owes us the truth.

  • Jeremy

    Well I agree, why cant the government just tell us the truth!! we all know about Roswell, JUST TELL US! Who are they to say we shouldnt know?!

  • lloyd campbell

    why wont the governments disclose what they know? simple! the unidentified flying objects that some see are not alien craft, but human special forces craft, and if america (using them as an example) come out and say, ‘yeah, its not aliens, its us in secrect crafts’ then other governments will see that as a threat, assuming they are using special planes to spy, which they probably are, and then war will break out!

  • Charmed

    I do not have personal knowledge or experience of extraterrestrial life exists and or if they’ve visited us. I do believe our universe is so vast that it would be very small minded of us to believe that we are the only intelligent life that exists. I also believe that as individuals many of us can accept the truth, however the human species as a whole is far too immature and insecure to accept such truth without causing panic and destruction amongst ourselves.. a real shame..

  • http://n/a Dr K

    basically major governments are not going to to comfirm this because of religion, it probs spark are serious war. Personally I believe religion is out dated and slowing the world from developing. Religion causes to much trouble, hopefully one day it can be removed from soceity

  • http://n/a Dr K

    RELIGION! think about it would start a whole lot of shit!!!!!!

  • S. K.

    Have any of you ever even considered that maybe the government DOESN’T KNOW what these UFOs are? Maybe they’re confused about these “UFOs” as much as everyone else is. I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this, but I don’t care.

  • moon

    i think aliens are exists…..they will try to contact humans…they will try to study the human organs as we have study animal organs at laboratory…. they are may be dangerous to us or may possible to friendly with us….

  • Caleb K.

    I think i know a bit more than you..i almost regret knowing what i know. but cannot discuss it freely on anything because im always shut down. aliens are real. it is human ignorance that rejects friendly alien. there ARE unfriendlies though, and the reason so many UFOs are seen in largely populated areas is because they are scouting for the major places to hit. eg: phoenix, oslo, moscow, washington DC, jerusalem, egypt, etc. as long as humanity is ignorant, we are destined to fall.

  • Michail Angelo

    We have all our rights to believe what seems to be the truth. But let us be realistic or shall I say at least trust our 5 senses as human being. What are the existing facts? Till now there is no solid proof of extraterrestrial life. I would even believe that there is a ghost or the devil, rather than believing that there is such thing as UFO. The government cannot say anything because there is really nothing to say. They don’t have any sustainable proof about it & there will never be.

  • Jhiloan

    Aliens and Humanity have always been linked togheter for a unique reason:
    -Humanity is an hybrided offspring of aliens.

    That’s the real and unique reason why they don’t want to disclose anything about them.

  • http://www.picturesandwords.co.uk Indie

    England did release all the information it had on UFOS which didn’t amount to anything conclusive, which shows us that even if the governments did all release what they know then ufologists would say “release all the information!” and the governments would say “we did!” and they would get the reply “why don’t you tell us the truth” and it all boils down to the question that ufologists can’t ask themselves, “What if I am wrong”

  • Kayla

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. so here goes mine:

    You can be the person who says aliens exist, or you can say that aliens do not exist.. but the subject will always be aliens.

    But let me just say that the belief of aliens has been around for thousands of years. Even Egyptians have drawings of aliens inscribed in many hyroglifics. Myans have asociated aliens in their rituals. We have cartoons and movies about them. Is it just a coincidence that aliens have been a subject in our lives for years and years? There is not one person on this Earth that doesn’t wonder if anything is “out there” when they stare at the night sky.

    Bottom line, People are afraid of the unknown.

    If we only believed what was right infront of our eyes, then how did we ever believe in air? what about religion?

  • http://www.educatinghumanity.com Archer

    Most people think that UFOs are traveling in a manner that we are familiar with, nothing could be further from the truth. More than likely they are inter dimensional which would account for the very brief and somewhat unconventional sightings that people have had over the years.
    Also when the truth finally emerges (and it will eventually) we will likely find out that there are many species of aliens who have been visiting earth over time. Not all are benevolent or have mans best interest at heart.

  • John

    In response to Indie’s comment on the UK releasing all of their information……governments of the world, to some degree, are truthful with their citizens but I don’t know of any body of people that truly believes that their government is releasing all of the facts. Ask yourself this…..how much can we (ordinary citizens) really know about what is going on behind the scenes?

    I agree with many of you that religion would be a major factor in a governments decision to cover-up any knowledge or evidence of extraterrestrials. Billions of people believe in God and continue to because it is a way of coping with the unknown….what happens after death…..why do we exist…..what makes us special? If you acknowledge that there is intelligent life elsewhere, you take away this understanding of the unknown and disprove everything that so many of us have been socialized to believe….faith is a dangerous thing, especially blind faith. If factual evidence was presented on UFO’s, religious fanatics around the world would revolt!

  • damsmack

    my opinion. hence the creation of the super computers in china and japan. they will let the computer decipher hidden transmissions and sounds emitted by these aliens that will ultimately bring about communication between humans and the aliens. and will eventually understand why these aliens are here staring down on us and not speaking with us. the craziest thing just went through my mind. what if the earth is already surrounded by life forms not just from the proverbial annunaki and zeta reticulae. what if our planet is within the territory of a species of aliens and they consider the earth as a sort of terrarium where their master piece(us humans) has already gone out of control and is breeding like a plague on the earth. maybe the aliens are here as scouting parties waiting for the moment to cull and clean up the place of humans as were with past civilizations…

  • Payner

    either way anyone looks at it both religion and aliens is messed up in some way its just something to believe in and cope with the unknown as everyone else has said and plus we cant be the ONLY living organisms in the entire universe i mean what would be the sense in that? Also here is a thought for you all ever thought that just maybe the aliens may be our god? They created us therefor we worship them for our lives just a thought I’m not here to judge anyone just stipulating things of possibility. Who is also to say that even if they are friendly what would make our government think of them that way the human race is a destructive and hostile race we probably wouldnt show sympathy for them it would all be cation and hatred to the unknown

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