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Zombie Apocalypse? Suddenly Criminals All Over America Are Chewing Flesh And Eating Brains

Okay, this is starting to get really weird.  In the past couple of weeks there have been reports all over the country of criminals chewing on human flesh and eating human brains.  So exactly what in the world is going on here?  Is this some kind of zombie apocalypse?  For the record, I certainly do not believe that zombies exist.  Let me be very clear on that.  However, zombies have become so prominent in popular culture in recent years that it was probably inevitable that people would try to mimic them.  In addition, I certainly do believe that demonic possession is real, and that could be a cause for some of this behavior as well.  And of course drugs can play a huge role in causing people to behave in absolutely crazy ways.  That certainly was the case with the “zombie attack” down in Miami recently.  It turns out that “bath salts” are being blamed for the bizarre cannibalism attack that made headlines all over the nation.  Police shot and killed 31-year-old Rudy Eugene as he was literally chewing the face off of another man.  According to authorities, the victim has “75 percent of his face missing, including an eye, his ears and lips.”  Unfortunately, this is not just an isolated incident.  In fact, there have been a whole bunch of other attacks like this in recent days.

For example, one mother down in Texas recently dismembered her baby boy and ate some of his brains.  The following is a description of this horrifying crime from a recent MSNBC article….

The scene was so gruesome investigators could barely speak: A 3 1/2-week-old boy lay dismembered in the bedroom of a single-story house, three of his tiny toes chewed off, his face torn away, his head severed and his brains ripped out.

“At this particular scene you could have heard a pin drop,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Monday. “No one was speaking. It was about as somber as it could have been.”

Officers called to the home early Sunday found the boy’s mother, Otty Sanchez, sitting on the couch with a self-inflicted wound to her chest and her throat partially slashed, screaming “I killed my baby! I killed my baby!” police said. She told officers the devil made her do it, police said.

Sanchez, 33, apparently ate the child’s brain and some other body parts before stabbing herself, McManus said.

Can you even imagine that?

What would cause a person to act like that?

A similar incident recently happened on the east coast.  Just check out what happened in Maryland recently….

Investigators say 21-year-old college student Alexander Kinyua killed his roommate and then ate his heart and parts of his brain. He cut off  his victim’s head and hands and stored them in his family’s townhouse on Terrapin Terrace in Joppatowne.

Can you ever remember so many reports of people eating human brains so close together?

Like I said, this is getting really weird.

There have been other reports of criminals chewing on human flesh as well.

For example, the following happened at a Lowe’s in Columbus, Georgia recently….

Police were called to the store just before 6 o’clock because a customer was fighting with two employees. When they got to Lowe’s they found Christopher Newman fighting with two men who worked at the store.

Witnesses tell police the suspect threatened to cut the victims with a knife and he also bit both of them on the arm during a fight, causing them to bleed. Police also found that Newman had two knives. Reports also state he caused $135 worth of property damage inside the store.

Is all of this just a coincidence?

Or are all of these stories somehow related?

Another really bizarre incident occurred in New Jersey on Sunday….

Wayne Carter, who has a history of psychiatric problems, had barricaded himself inside his Hackensack, N.J., home when the gruesome event took place late Sunday, The Record reported Tuesday.

Police were called to the house after the 43-year-old was spotted cutting himself with the knife.

When they arrived at the scene, Carter refused to drop the weapon and began waving it — along with a hammer — at the officers. He then repeatedly stabbed himself in the legs, abdomen and neck.

All of this has caused people all over the Internet to openly wonder if a “zombie apocalypse” is now upon us.

In particular, a lot of really weird things have been happening down in Florida in recent days.  The following is a post by “ihopericksantorum” on Tumblr that has gone absolutely viral….

Zombie apocalypse coming soon

5/16: McArthur High School HazMat Situation
Students, Teachers Decontaminated After Breaking Out In Rash

5/19: No confirmation on chemical at Fort Lauderdale International Airport

5/21: Police: Man bites woman in Westchester http://www.mysuburbanlife.com/westchester/newsnow/x639948018/Police-Man-bites-woman-in-Westchester

5/23: I-285 reopens after hazmat incident

5/23: Man Bites Cousin’s Nose Off

5/24: Second Broward school reports mystery rash http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/24/2815003/second-broward-school-reports.html

5/25: Hazmat Called After Kids Exposed To Pesticide On Bus: Hazmat, EMS Respond To Lake County, FL School

5/25: ‘Disoriented’ passenger subdued on flight in Miami http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/05/25/passenger-restrained-on-flight-to-miami-arrested/

5/26: Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police

5/26: Florida Doctor Spits Blood at Highway Patrolmen After DUI Arrest http://abcnews.go.com/US/florida-doctor-spits-blood-troopers-face-dui-arrest/story?id=16436402

All in same week and same state…. may God be with you Florida.

So is there some rational explanation for all of this?

Or is there truly something incredibly strange going on?

Amazingly, an article entitled “Zombie Preparedness” recently appeared on the official CDC website.

Were they trying to tell us something?

Or is all of this just one huge coincidence?

Once again, I do not believe that zombies exist.

But I do believe that popular culture is obsessed with zombies, I do believe that demonic possession is real and I do believe that drugs can make people behave in ways that are almost unimaginable.

Hopefully there will be no more “zombie attacks” and all of this will just fade away.

But I wouldn’t relax just yet.

So what do you think?  Have you heard of any more stories like this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….


Down in Miami, 21-year-old Brandon De Leon threatened “to eat” two police officers that arrested him the other day….

Brandon DeLeon, 21, was high on drugs and drunk on Four Loko on June 2 when he tried to bite off a police officer’s hand after he was arrested for disturbing customers in a Miami fast food restaurant.

The homeless man repeatedly banged his head against the patrol car’s Plexiglas and yelled, ‘I’m going to eat you.’

At the police station, De Leon tried to bite the officer who was taking his blood pressure and tending to his self-inflicted wounds. The police report noted that he ‘growled and opened and closed his jaw slamming his teeth like an animal would.’

Another “zombie incident” happened just recently in Louisiana….

From the Zombie Apocalypse news desk comes word of the arrest of a Louisiana man who bit off a chunk of the face of a victim whom he allegedly battered during a bloody attack Saturday.

According to cops, Carl Jacquneaux, 42, attacked Todd Credeur outside the victim’s home in Scott, a city in Lafayette Parish. After punching Credeur in the face, Jacquneaux bit the 48-year-old victim in the face, “removing a large amount of flesh,” police reported.

An arrest warrant affidavit charges that Jacquneaux “began biting Mr. Credeur in the face, removing flesh the size of a quarter below the victim’s left eye.” A second affidavit accused Jacquneaux of “biting off half his cheek” and referenced “information” that Jacquneaux “had been up for several days on Meth.”

Strange times indeed!

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former attorney who now publishes Mysteries Of The World.  His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.


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  • http://www.escapethebeast.com Trey

    Yeah I agree this is very strange indeed. You can see vampires, werewolves, and zombies becoming much more prevalent and mainstreamed in society. Bill Schnoebelen, a highly reputable saved Christian, has talked about zombies and werewolves in high satanic circles. There’s definitely some truth to that. As far as zombies are concerned, I definitely don’t believe someone who’s dead already can come back to life, but you made a great point in the article that the drugs we have now just make people go crazy. Their mind control tactics are more enhanced now than they’ve ever been as well. There’s just something brewing that I believe could be rapidly increasing, seeing more and more of these cases in the coming years.

  • Cathlynne

    This is super disgusting. I don’t personally believe in zombies but I think that there might be a strange drug or disease that is causing people to do such disturbing things too one another… It’s scary to think that this is real and happening right this moment.

  • http://wethepeopleofvirginia.us Anna Yeisley

    I think these incidents are planned to create horror and trauma within the human psyche so the oppressor can enslave the human race through manipulation of fear and confusion that accompanies severe psychological trauma.

    Even a story about cannabalism is traumatizing due to our graphic imaginations, today highly tuned for gore and horror due to our addiction to horror movies.

    It’s called submission to authority after torture technique.

    Creating fear and manipulating fear is the name of the game in America’s ‘secret’ government that no one’s supposed to talk about.

    I think a little seeking of God’s face and repentance might be called for about now.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

  • http://antwrites.com Ant

    This is Russ Dizdar’s Black Awakening!

  • weird

    Speaking of flordia, I remember watching a documentary about a bioweapons lab in Cuba, which they were working on all sorts of stuff. Cuba is 90 miles from flordia. Just a thought.

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  • cal

    While dead zombies are not possible, alive ones such as the ones from 28 days later perhaps are quite possible to be true apocalypse. There are several rare deseases and viruses that make animals to act like zombies, specially in rats. In rats there is virus that makes it go out and seek suicide in order to spread to other animals. Same is very possible in humans except the virus probably have to cause the person to be extremely agressive and paranoid with hallucinations. If it can spread from a person to person such as being airborne or through contact then it might be possible.

  • Bama

    Americans are bloodthirsty killers, this comes as no surprise. The rest of the world already knew that.

  • Michael F

    It is not so hard to understand, people are mad, depressed and losing hope at an alarming rate. This aggression expresses itself through primal drives and the only satisfaction they get is derived from the tactile violence of rending the flesh of another.
    Taken with the high use drugs and alcohol to try and dull the psychological pain and unbearable stress of loss and self doubt, violence is almost inevitable.
    Media programming of the vulnerable mind with zombie themes also plays a role for those who still use the main stream media at all. I gave it up 10 years ago and I will never go back.
    Take a moment to also remember all the experimentation done on people who did not agree to be a part of it, by our government in the past. Is that really a flu shot you got? How would you know? The person giving it would not even know. Wake up and get ready it is getting worse.

  • Jonas

    Zombies do not exist, cannibals do – but when they belong to civilized societies, something is terribly wrong. However, if we’re capable of killing people legally and ilegally (wars, to mention one), we should not feel astonished when someone decides to act like a real savage.

  • psych warfare

    remember kids- the whole idea is to keep you pleasantly paranoid. not so much as you loose your marbles… but just enough to keep you in line.

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  • Rich

    Google man killed and eaten on Greyhound bus in Canada.

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