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The Mystery Of The London Artifact

The London Hammer ArtifactThe mystery of the London Artifact always creates heated debates between creationists and Darwinists.  So what is it?  The London Artifact is an iron hammer that is surrounded by a solid mass of “cretaceous” rock. The handle of the hammer is made of wood and it is partially petrified. It was discovered in London, Texas.  In June 1936, Max and Emma Hahn were walking along Red Creek, near their home in London, Texas when they spotted a rock nodule with a piece of wood sticking out of it. Some time later their son George broke it open, and this revealed a metal hammer in the center of the rock nodule to which the wooden handle was attached.  The Hahns filed the hammer to see if it was really metal, and the spot that they filed has not rusted since that time, even though it is about fifty years later.  So what are we to make of this extraordinary fossil? 

Well, tests have shown that the hammer is actually iron.  The hammer contains 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine, and 0.74% sulfur. There are no bubbles in the metal of the hammer at all.

In fact, the quality of the iron equals or exceeds the quality of any iron found in the modern world.

Now how in the world is THAT possible?

The truth is that evolutionists and creationists will continue to fight about this artifact until Jesus comes back. 

But for those who choose to take an objective look at things, the reality is that this is a really extraordinary “out of place” fossil. 

Could this actually be a hammer from the world that existed before Noah’s flood?

Nobody knows for certain.  It remains one of the world’s great mysteries….

The London Artifact

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  • isaiah Rubio

    it is a possibility that this could be the legendary hammer of Thor. the fact that it is embedded in the rock shows that this could not have occurred naturally.

  • hakan

    this is the hammer of Thor

  • Martin

    Yeah it is the hammer of Thor???
    I don’t know if the legend of that hammer of Thor is known , but it couldn’t be moved by a human!
    So this can’t be the hammer of Thor!

  • Perry Boneco, o rei do xaxala

    incridible! Once i read about a artefact crossing a fossil too… i dont remember the year i guess it was the 50’s. A father of mine was coveingi with oil and turned back and see a rock with something wrong. A rock-doc said that it was a Caralho crossing the rock, but Caralho is a actual artefact for university ladies use… inexpicabletylly wowowow!

  • http://www.jeffpearsonblog.com jeff pearson

    This is a post worthy of bookmarking this site, which I have done. This isn’t the first artifact that defies description found in North America.
    Have a look at Michael Cremo’s ‘Forbidden Archaelogy’ – it’s 1000 pages full of strange stuff.
    Thanks again for posting this, it’s a great share.

  • John Steel

    Interesting, but why are there two different hammers in rocks, just compare the two pictures, they are clearly different. One real and one fake ? I think two fakes actually !

  • Ricardo Castro

    My sugestion is, that someone, about about one or two hundred years ago, dipped their hummer in some kind of lava. why is everything got to be so misterious.there you got it, simple.

  • beaniebop

    It takes longer than a few hundred years to petrify wood. It also states that the rock is of the cretaceous period. Then, the earth that swallowed that hammer was liguid mud and then 144 to 65 millions years later it becomes a fossil. Wahla. Another unexplanied mystery to give to us thinker’s. I think our creator has a great sense of humor! :o)

  • Theresa Braddock

    i think that the broken hammer was lost in some mud. later exposed to extreme heat and other conditions being buried over a couple hundred years and wa-la. the second photo looks like a painted replica of the first. all of the rocks on the earth have been exposed to extremes and even the sand on the beach is billions of years old for goodness sakes

  • Theresa Braddock

    I found a piece of cut bone and a piece of cut wood buried within inches of each other about 10 inches in the ground under a small tree I removed. The area was close to our brick fireplace outside the house. Both pieces appeared semi petrified. The house was built in 1959 and the tree planted somewhere around the late 1990’s. Our pool built in the 70’s with plenty of chlorine draining out during rainy days overflowing sometimes with overfilling. I think conditions are everything when you find anomalies like these.

  • Theresa Braddock

    I still have those two pieces cuz theyre interesting to me.

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