The Unexplained Mystery Of The Alien Structure On The Far Side Of The Moon

Is there an extraterrestrial structure on the far side of the moon? That is the controversial question that many are now asking. This website, Mysteries Of The World, does not claim to have all the answers. But we are not afraid to ask the hard questions. The video posted below, if true, is quite shocking. But as always, we must temper our enthusiasm with the reality that it is just so easy to fake things these days. There are a whole lot of rumors and claims about the far side of the moon, but it just seems to difficult to substantiate them. With that being said, the video below is definitely eyebrow raising. If there is evidence of extraterrestrial architecture on the far side of the moon that would have huge implications for the history of the solar system.

So just what does the video posted below show?

It contains pictures of the far side of the Moon around the rim of the Zeeman Crater. Pictures from the 1960s taken by the Lunar Orbiter Program are compared to pictures from today.

The pictures from the 1960s appear to show a very unusual structure on the far side of the Moon, but the pictures from today show no trace of it.

So exactly what is going on here?

Is this evidence of a coverup?

Is the discrepancy the result of a technical glitch?

Is someone hoaxing us?

After watching the video please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion….

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