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Mysteries Of The WorldWelcome to Mysteries Of The World!  Our goal is to explore the greatest unsolved and unexplained mysteries in the world.  The truth is that there are many great mysteries for which the current world system has no explanation.  We hope to examine subjects such as the pyramids found all over the earth, the UFO phenomenon, ancient monsters, “impossible” fossils, the Shroud of Turin, 2012, Stone Henge, Easter Island and many of the almost unbelievable legends and lost civilizations around the globe.  The reality is that there is much more to history than what you learned in school.  We plan to focus on many of the untold stories and ancient secrets that simply do not fit in with conventional notions of what history is supposed to look like.  We think that this website about the great mysteries of the world is going to be a blast to put together, and we hope that you will enjoy reading it. 

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